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  Jul 2016 ryan
raine cooper
you'll find her writing poems on cemetery flowers, and reading them to ghosts who aren't ready for goodbye
ryan Jan 2016
Time ticks on
But somehow I stand still
Paralyzed by your beauty
Broken at how briefly I was able to touch it
Heaven has you now,
Or so I'm told,
And if she does,
I need a conversation with God
Because this pain is timeless
I pray for it to end
Because without you
There is nothing,
But wasted time
ryan Dec 2015
Everything I touch,
Feels like a memory,
Of when you touched me,

Can I ask why you're still here,
Cluttering my mind,
Dominating my thoughts,
And making my body ache with longing,

Touch me,
Or walk away,

The choice is yours,

But I have no choice,

You have burrowed yourself under my skin,
And I can't find a knife sharp enough to,
Ryan J. Soares
One can never persuade already persuaded.

*You've got to fight your own battles beneath your mind's capacity to always win the self-righteous 'believed' ethics imposed unto others and wisely remain silent for awhile.

Let your life style, active philosophy and true deeds speak for themselves!
  Dec 2015 ryan
she slides her slender
white fingers down the
branches of his spine

her eyes melted like
glaciers and lips as soft
as freshly fallen snow

skin lustful, but heart
unforgiving, exhaling
his every intention

she is autumn in his
palms, her trees bare,
the leaves rust fallen

flashing indifference,
thoughts plucked in
shades of violent rose
© copyright
  Dec 2015 ryan
raine cooper
you cannot burn down history
it's not made of wood,
but hearts, skin,
and that empty feeling in your chest
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