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Feb 2018 · 955
Unti-unti nang pinapalitan ng kadiliman ang langit na kanina'y kay liwa-liwanag pa.

Nakaupo ka sa aking tabi, tumitingala sa langit habang ang puso ko'y bumibilis ang pagtibok habang lumilipas ang mga sekundo. Kasabay ng pagpintig sa kalalim-laliman ng aking sarili, ay ang pagbaba ng mainit na araw na sumisikat sa atin at ginagawang mala-ginto ang iyong kutis; kapalit nito ang maluwalhati na buwan na kasing hugis ng iyong nakakaginhawa na mga mata kapag ika'y tumatawa. Ang sansinukob ay napakalaki at maraming mailalaman; at hindi ko papalapgpasin ang pagkakataon, kahit kailan, na ipaghambing ka roon. Maaaring napakaliit ng iyong katawan, ngunit ang puso **** pagkalaki-laki ay punong puno ng pagmamahal.

Ikaw. Ikaw ang aking sansinukob at ang pagmamahal ko ay para sa iyo lamang.

Kinuha mo ang aking kamay at hinalikan, ako'y iyong tinanong kung ano nga ba ang nasa isip ko; kaunti nalang ay hindi ko na mapipigilan ang sarili ko at isisigaw ko ang iyong pangalan ng paulit-ulit upang sagutin ng diretso.

Ang aking pagkahaling sayo'y katulad ng kalangitan; maaari mang magkaroon ng kadiliman ay babalik parin sa dating anyo na kay ningning. Ikaw ang nagsasabit ng buwan sa langit bawat gabi at ako naman ang tagawilig ng kumikinang na mga bituin sa iyo. Hindi tayo makukumpleto kung wala ang isa't isa, kaya ako'y humihiling bawat gabi na tayo'y hindi magwawalay sa isa't isa.

Ninanais ko na ang iyong puso ay habang-buhay na titibok para sa akin, dahil alam ko na ang akin ay titibok para lamang din sa iyo.
something i've kept in my notes for months already, written for somebody that i used to love. salamat sa lahat.
Jul 2017 · 469
half moon
It's the subtle touches— ones that resemble the lightning striking the unaware— that make my heart bleed more and more. My lovesick mind whispers to my equally lovesick soul, telling my own self in a hushed lullaby to hold onto you for dear life. Words slip out of my mouth like how you let the hearty chuckles escape out of yours; and I ask you if you wanted the sun, the moon, or the stars. You have it all, I think, you have the whole night sky, and you are just as heavenly.

The ink I guide spreads on your skin, and it faintly resembles the darkness painting the sky once the sun sets. A half moon then appears on your left hand. A voice inside my head, yet again, tells me that the only thing missing is an array of stars; but fear not, my love, you have all of the galaxies in this ****** universe within you.

As you sit back and admire the work my shaky hands did on your skin, my vision goes hazy and my thoughts that were once filled with you suddenly are replaced by melancholic reflections instead. As much as I love these celestial attractions of the macrocosm we live in, I can't help but think that maybe the universe and my lucky stars aren't with me on this. And maybe our paths don't cross, but I'll always hold these small moments close to my heart; and I'll always think of you when I look up at the moon on cold evenings that make me tremble because of the lack of warmth, whether it be figuratively, or in a literal manner.
i'd like to hold your hand again, my better half.
Oct 2016 · 899
You, my dear, are a mystery.

I often leave deep crescents on the palm of my hand— leaving them throbbing a shade of crimson— whenever i get frustrated. And, well, I would be lying if I said that you didn't ever frustrate me. Hell, you frustrate me all the time.

You're a mystery not craving to be solved, but nonetheless still leaves everyone wanting to be able to find the answer to a question—unexplainable by any thing besides you.

You're a mystery and I'm just someone who wants to unravel you.
Oct 2016 · 528
unspoken confession
I still have hopes.

You stare at your book through your circular spectacles— carob eyes hinted with specks of caramel hidden within the fragile glass as your fingers daintily flip through the parchment-colored pages. Your pearly teeth sinks mildly onto your bottom lip, lightly chewing on the soft flesh as your eyes trace every word. With your nose crinkling, your cheeks rubicund, and your messy hair slightly falling just before your eyes; I realized that you were such a wonderful thing to observe so thoroughly, and I realized that maybe, just maybe, I was falling for you harder than I intended to.

I still have hopes that I may be able to tell you how beautiful you are; how you seem so oblivious of my admiration for you— but for now, I could only stare at you and drown in the thoughts of not being able to call you mine.
one day i'd be able to tell you how much i love you. i still have regrets for not taking the chance.
Oct 2016 · 1.3k
if you ever feel empty
i would gladly burn out
myriads of stars in the sky
and sprinkle the ashes
on your beautiful soul
until the only thing
flowing through your veins
are stardust and meteors
and shooting stars and rockets
and i'd just hope that
you don't feel
*as empty anymore
but don't you already contain the whole universe?

is this even poetry la u gh S NERvous l y
Oct 2016 · 956
cream skin glistening, hit by the lights
screams echoing throughout the whole night
dedication and enthusiasm, clear on your face
if only you knew how frantically
my heart is picking up its pace
filling the air were cheers of your name
my soul felt like
it has been ignited with flames
and no matter how hard i try,
i could never
extinguish it, now i know that it will burn forever
i thanked the stars from afar
for bringing me to you
for just one time our fates collided
and we did not get misguided
every trial i've been put through,
my love, i overcame it all for you
everything is worth it if
the reward is meeting you
to jww. i miss you so much. can you smile at me one more time and hold my hand again?
Oct 2016 · 1.5k
to the cosmos (haiku)
it feels like i have
explored the whole universe
when i look at you
to the boy who made me see every single star, who made the sun brighter, who made the moon shine more radiantly. to the boy who hung up the moon.
unfeigned love letters
conflagrant desires
newfound treasures
affection beyond measures

indestructible barriers
fearful fighters
"we should have done better"s
star-crossed lovers
short list poetry i wrote in five minutes. 10:11PM.
Jul 2016 · 822
sweet symphonies
i will always be
the song you always skip
on your playlist
if only you played the song
enough number of times
then the symphony might have
been stuck in your head
how sad it is for you
to not have listened to
an unravelled, beautiful mystery
i just remembered, i was never
a song in your music library.

to the melophile.
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
the marmalade sun will set just before
the blanket of stars pull through the night sky
the clock will strike twelve whilst everyone's dozing off
and to the previous day we'd wave goodbye
a short, unedited poem written
on a very rainy day
no emotions at all,
just connecting the letters and words.
Jul 2016 · 945
slowly submerging
you are the rain
pouring down during the drought,
wash me over with surges of relief,
chase away my doubts

but be reminded, my love,*
don't shower me too much, for i'm about to drown
if ever, would you save me if the water elevates
and i suddenly sink down?
jww, i'm drowning in your love.

— The End —