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2.0k · Aug 2019
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
Do I get seen by this world around me,
Or am I invisible to every person.
Only for boys to examine my frail body,
Just like another fish within the ocean.
Am I invisible to everyone around me,
For every one around to flaunt.
My body is invisible for all to see,
And this world it will not haunt.
For you will only find the reminiscences,
Of my despair and destruction of my mind.
Something that is unknown to science,
But somewhere I hope I'm still here to find.
Sorry for another poem again... It is really my only release of emotional distress.
1.6k · Sep 2019
I love
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
I love how your hair cascades down from your head,
How the brown contrasts your pale skin.
I love how your eye are the window to my soul,
How it shows the pain and scars through its crevaces.
I love how your clothes hang off you like bags,
How you could wear anything else but you don't.
It's taken me years to start loving myself again,
Just a start but it's something.
I love how I'm not scared to say it anymore,
I love myself.
What do you guys love about yourselves??
1.2k · Sep 2019
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
So tell me why I feel so alone
In a world full of 8 billion people,
And why music is the only thing
That rests my soul
1.1k · Aug 2019
I need to talk to you
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
That's it,
There is nothing more to say.
I'm just going to leave,
Just like you did... The exact same way.

Oh wait...
That wasn't you!
Don't you just love love? :/
798 · Apr 2022
Talking stage
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
Talking isn't dating
Dating isn't committing
Commitment isn't contentment
Contentment isn't forever
Forever isn't love
Forever is until they get bored...
612 · Nov 2019
Fundamentals of Math
Bella-Lee Nov 2019
1 + 1 = 2
But what if,
2 + 2 = 5
We are subject to belief,
That one way is the only...
2 + 2 = 4
But what if,
2 + 2 = 5
534 · Feb 2020
Famous Poets
Bella-Lee Feb 2020
And if you look,
Hard enough.
Poets never get famous,
Unless they die...
Commit suicide.
531 · Aug 2019
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
We use filters to cover up our faces,
I use them to cover up my tears.
After a long night of crying and trying,
Trying to battle again all of my fears.
My insecurities and anxiety,
The feeling that I will never be enough.
No one cares in this society,
About how you're life is really going.
You put on your smile again,
The only filter that you see showing.
When we aren't glued to our phones,
Trying to get attention from another.
When we aren't constantly up at night,
And our heads in pillows trying to smother
Our lives and the cries of help.
Trying to silence ourselves,
Hiding the blades on the top shelves
Cause we know that's were we can reach them.
I wish I was like that...
The one with the filter,
That covered her face for photos
For the next camera shutter.
The one with a filter,
On her mouth so I wouldn't talk out of line.
The one that can smile,
And not have to pretend that she's fine.
Not sure if it will get better,
Oh, I hope I didn't upset her.
488 · Aug 2019
Judging Eyes...
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
Judging eyes,
On how I dress.
Little do you know,
The feelings I repress...
Oh I can use my body,
In anyway to express.
Cause in my head,
My life's a f**king mess...
461 · Aug 2019
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
You stand and wear your crown,
Up high.
You're always looking down,
From your castle in the sky.
You are on cloud nine,
Stuck in your little fantasy.
You are doing just fine.

Followed around by your heels,
By each one of your loyal servants.
Each hair flip reels,
One more person subservient.
You put others down,
"Sure your life's so hard."
To scared to take of the crown,
And let down your guard.

There's a queen behind,
Every princess.
There voice tyrant,
But that doesn't make anyone less.
Being above you can push,
Them all down, shove and shove.
But you are going to fall,
Like the rest of us.
I wrote this about my little sister. She's so perfect and gets given everything and never realises other people. She constantly shoves me down below her cause I'm not as athletic or smart or popular. Her words hurt and she doesn't notice... I hope when I leave she'll realise.
443 · Apr 2022
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
And i said,
At this point I wish I never met you.
You had told me you were emotionless,
But I hoped my words hurt you like you hurt me.
442 · Sep 2019
Signing off...
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
Just signing off for today,
My feelings yet again got in the way.
Made life **** again,
So going before my day begins.

Signing off again for a second time,
Cause I can't sit here and pretend I'm fine.
Too many people spreading s**t,
Too much time... space on my wrist to slit.

Signing off,
To sum it up... It's alot of stuff.
Hopefully this is the last,
And hopefully I'm out fast.
[This contact is not avalible in your area, please check the number and dial again]
351 · Nov 2019
Bella-Lee Nov 2019
I can feel my heart,
But sometimes I wish it was beating,
A little faster.
And other times I wish,
There was no beat at all.
337 · Aug 2019
Why People Confuse Me...
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
They just do sometimes.
Whether its not telling me whats wrong,
to just acting so stupid.
The constant feeling of hate,
Then saying that they love me.
Or just in general...
Why? I Don't know...

Sometimes peoples words hums,
A nice little song.
And paints something vivid,
Shows me life's fate.
So people don't you see,
Being not confused is a struggle...
But it helps my words flow...
Let's see how far this goes with one tag
331 · Nov 2019
Bella-Lee Nov 2019
So many connect to pain,
Than they do to happiness.
Can't say I don't feel the same,
But I don't like people feeling less.
I know is hard but please be happy,
If not for me
For you.
Please smile,
And spread it.
Like the disease it is. :))
321 · Jan 2020
What is love?
Bella-Lee Jan 2020
And I asked you what is love?
          Is what I feel, the thing I wish it is?
But when love is just,

Let downs                   and
Verified            with over bearing

                                   How can I say this is love?
          When love has only been torment?
And so I ask you, what is love?
Bella-Lee Feb 2020
What if I never get over,
Your touch?
Or your smile,
And your laugh?

What if I never get over,
My happiness?
Feeling whole,
And complete with you?

What if I never get over,

No, I will never get over you.

I love you till my hearts content,
I will love you till we reach our end.
And to death do us part,
Be extended till forever we will stay!
Happy Valentine's Day people!! Being the first year no prank has been pulled on me and I finally have a proper Valentine!!! Ohhh I love my boyfriend
298 · Jun 2020
Bella-Lee Jun 2020
I never longed so much,
For someone's touch.
Until I met you,
And feel in love with you.

In the darkest times,
You are with me.
No matter what may arise,
You are always with me.
296 · Aug 2019
Never Again
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
Never again...
Will I let anyone in.
Never again...
Will I begin
To bring myself closer,
To being happier.
I will never move on,
For I've been done.
I will not wait,
No not in this state.
Nor even if someone
Was to find me,
And I start to be.
Never again...
Will I be sad
Or be mad.
Never again...
Will I let anyone in.
Cause when I've been
There is no use for
Never again...
Will I make the same mistake.
And let someone in,
For my heart to break.
There is so much going on in my mind, again and again...
287 · Sep 2019
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
Even a blind man sits and says,
Ay I see
And the deaf man says,
Oh I was told by a little birdy.
For they understand more,
About the torment of life and love.
Yet the dead still live,
In the darkness of the light above.
Still dead in love,
And living in hate.
All the time in the world;
End it now?...
I think it's too late.
Everything's fine.
278 · Sep 2019
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
Black and White,
That's all you had to be.
You gave yourself to someone else,
And I got left with the darker
50 shades of your grey.
275 · Aug 2019
Don't you dare
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
Don't you dare do it,
You better not go through with it;
Not one little slit.

Don't you dare leave me,
I know it hurts so so much;
I care for you please see.

Suicide is not an option,
I know you have depression;
Just let me help alittle.

Just know if the sun
Sets again today, you always know;
The moon will rise again...
Just like tomorrow...
My friends go through tough times and it hurts to see them even tell me they are considering giving up because there is nothing left to live for and that no one will care. One of my good long distance friends told me they were considering it and I broke down in tears... I never want this to have anything like this happen to anyone... And I definitely don't want to lay up at night feeling like I didn't do enough to stop it from happening... there will always be someone for you and if not, I will always be here for everyone and anyone... Please spread love and positivity, a wise man I met once told me that if the sun still sets, the moon will still rise so live for tomorrow... Don't leave, don't you dare give up. Just like the sun you will come down but you will always rise again tomorrow. You are you, tomorrow you will be new.
274 · Sep 2019
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
Life is full of high and low,
Ups in down.
Sometimes things just flow,
Others, my smile is a constant frown.
And these emotions that I show,
Help me find, myself to be found.
266 · Feb 2020
Bella-Lee Feb 2020
10 hours and still no text,
But I'll wait for you.
7 days and I still can't see you,
But I'll wait for you.
I'm ready for forever,
But still I'll wait for you.

I will wait for you,
In rain or shine.
I will wait for you,
To say that you're mine.
258 · Feb 2020
Roll off
Bella-Lee Feb 2020
Words roll off,
My sweetened lips.
Like water off,
My finger tips.

Tears roll off,
My pale cheeks.
Like memories off,
My troubled mind.
258 · Aug 2019
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
When I'm awake,
                                                          ­              All of my body shakes.
     When ever I'm in your wake,
                                                      My body will quiver and quake.
             Oh... how your smile would make,
                                          Words shift from that violent snake.
      Everything I knew you said was fake,
                        Plunge into my body that wooden stake.
                                   And I bleed from my skin like red on a snowflake,
Drown my body in my hearts tears that form thy lake.
I got really bad anxiety yesterday... My body started to shake and I felt as though i was going to *****. All cause of a cute guy who served me coffee... He walked into my work after and I literally stopped right still and couldn't breathe... I don't know why, just I felt so ill and i still feel bad. I only thought he was cute like f**k!
257 · Dec 2019
Bella-Lee Dec 2019
Explosions of colour and light,
And I look into your eyes.
Those fireworks lit up inside me,
Just like the ones over the seas.
When the clock striked twelve,
You kissed my lips stroking my face.
Arms cradled me, hearing your heartbeat,
I finally knew then that you're my place.
Have a very happy New year/decade to everyone!! May 2020 bring all the joy and love you deserve!! I know I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man I have rn, his arms and soul are my home!
248 · Nov 2019
Bella-Lee Nov 2019
Can I say I love you?
I'm not very sure.
I've been hurt before,
That much is true.
I really love you,
But I'm not sure too.
246 · Sep 2019
Be happy
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
Be happy,
You got through today.
Be happy,
I'll tell myself everyday.
Be happy,
Even when you're ******.
242 · Dec 2019
His helping soul
Bella-Lee Dec 2019
He knows my scars,
My battle wounds with myself.
He understands their story,
My broken body fixed by his self.
241 · Mar 2022
Poetry with no soul
Bella-Lee Mar 2022
I dont think you realised what poetry is,
It's words spilled out that couldnt be just said.
Its just not as simple as copy and paste,
Someone elses words will never show what you want.
But I wrote you the prettiest words,
Straight from my heart.
You copied someone else words,
Just to play your part.
And I knew at that moment,
That you never gave me your head or heart.
236 · Nov 2019
Star wishes
Bella-Lee Nov 2019
Star light,
Star bright.
The first star I see tonight.
I wish I may,
I wish I might.
Have the wish I wish tonight.
Just the common thing I was taught as a kid
234 · Aug 2019
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
In the moment
Days are long,
And they seem
To Just drag on.
But when you look
At each day,
Time seems to be,
Slipping away.
But when I'm with you
Seconds, minutes, hours, days stop still.
And my heart and time
And my devotion you fill.
Bored and lonely... What fills my day? Poetry...
230 · Aug 2019
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
It started burning,
Flames buried the ground in ashes.
Our hearts are churning,
Susceptible to the new heat flashes.

Earth's lungs dying,
It's dire dying last breath.
Wind is no longer flying,
Through the tree tops - Because there is nothing left...

And we'll be left standing,
Moping around doing absolutely nothing.
Thinking everything's everlasting,
When everything around - is disintegrating...
229 · Jan 2020
Bella-Lee Jan 2020
I love you,

3 months seems like,
This forever.
{3 = forever}

But with eternity left,
I can't wait.
{Forever + 1}

Aw ****, I'm all love struck... haha, hope everyone's holiday's have been well. Hope you guys are all doing well... Who and where ever you are :)
223 · Sep 2019
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
You didn't see,
But I did a little flip.
The words lit up me,
And now I'm just smiling...
219 · Oct 2020
Bella-Lee Oct 2020
Putting miles on the dash,
Or maybe I wanna be on it.
My life's in front of my eyes, flash
Maybe I just need you in it?
215 · Sep 2019
Happy one
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
I'm the happy one,
Even when I'm sad.
When a friend looks glum,
I'll pick them up no matter.
Because I am the happy one,
That's it.
I can't be sad,
Because there is none to fix me.
And my friends just get mad,
Such friends they are to me.
212 · Aug 2019
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
Maybe it's me,
Maybe it is.
It is me,
I'm to blame.
I make you sad,
And now I'm ashamed...
212 · Dec 2019
Bella-Lee Dec 2019
In your own tears,
Swimming with a frown.
Becareful not to drown,
Swim you're heart out.
208 · Mar 2022
Bella-Lee Mar 2022
And when he left,
He said he loved me and still loves me...
I wish he didnt.

But when she left,
She didnt even say goodbye or I love you...
And by the gods I wish she did.

I knew he might have left me,
I was ready.
But my sister never would have,
Well I thought she wouldnt have...
205 · Aug 2019
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
Your dull but bright light blinds me.
Your smile inhibiting my vision, don't you see?
I don't know where to being,
But my heart deep within.
Unlock my happiness, you are the key.
205 · Sep 2019
Stay but go
Bella-Lee Sep 2019
I want you to stay but my words won't let me say so.
I don't want you here cause I just wanna try and let go.
I don't know why my heart burns.
I'm sorry for how my emotions turn.
203 · Nov 2019
No Longer Exists
Bella-Lee Nov 2019
What if I call you?
The number you dialled is no longer available,
The number you dialled no longer exists.
What if I call your name?
The person you are calling is no longer available,
What if I walk up to you?
The person you see no longer exists.
I'm sorry...
The person you are trying to reach no longer wants to exist,
The person you are trying to reach no longer exists.
But what if I yell to the stars?
Heaven nor Hell can receive your request.
When you want someone back - Oh why can life take things from you - Please don't be taken from me...
Bella-Lee Jan 2020
The first time my world stopped,
Was the first time I saw you.
Moments only last so long,
And soon you'll be gone too.

I'll live hours while the world's stopped,
For this moment not to be taken away.
And before we end up six feet under,
I will live like I'm going to die each day.
193 · Dec 2019
Bella-Lee Dec 2019
When we kiss,
He smiles and looks at me with adoration.
Oh and his lips?
I don't know what they taste like.
Of course I've kissed them,
I just pay attention to the softness.
And yes I let him,
Kiss me.
Yes he promised me forever,
I'll love him for ever and ever,
But Idk if he meant it...
I could have said yes, no or maybe,
But we're only sixteen.
I want to marry him,
Maybe it's all a dream.
I love him, he knows it. We have a future planned, all planned out him and I. We have promised eachother forever... but we're only sixteen... is that wrong?
190 · Sep 2020
Bella-Lee Sep 2020
Let me dig my head into your neck,
To cry on your shoulder.
Let go of my pain,
Sleep safely in your arms.

In a prison called life,
You're my freedom.
Dont let me go,
Or i will certainly be doomed.
181 · Apr 2022
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
a puddle of love is what you gave me
and i drowned in it
while you avoided my crashing ocean
and didnt even help me up
180 · Sep 2022
F You
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
I was meant to be in-love with you,
But you made me more depressed.
Yes, its true,
You left me broken and bruised.
Traumatised by your abuse,
Trying not to think negative.
It's not hard to believe,
I wasn't ever in-love with you.
180 · Feb 2020
Bella-Lee Feb 2020
In this feature,
Are taken,
Up a level.
Wish to install,

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