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Oct 2022 · 103
Bella-Lee Oct 2022
He is spicy with his words
Sharp sense of wit
Soft like the taste of capsicum
He when to buy jalapeños
But the shiny thing he came back with
Im sure is not a jalapeño
For a jalapeño
Is not something you get on one knee for
Oct 2022 · 74
The bug and the flower
Bella-Lee Oct 2022
The flower stood weary,
Sheltering a small bug.
But the bug grew hungry,
And said to the flower...
"Dont you ever leave me,
For I will surely die!"
He started to eat her petals,
And she pleaded him to stop.
"That hurts? Your mental..."
In her stem she felt,
That she knew she had to help.
For he would surely die,
That he could not find another.
So she let him eat her petals,
Watched him eat at her being.
When it was her time to leave,
He swore he would come with her.
But left her torn up,
I wish I had left and that bug had died.
Tell me how you perceive my metaphoric poem? What context do you think its from?
Its not pleasent but there is a moral to the bad things that happen.
Sep 2022 · 102
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
im sorry your life couldnt turn out like a fairytale. that instead of being loved and cared for, you were neglected and abused. im sorry that love wasnt what you wanted. im sorry that you read through poetry every night to try and make sense of this world. but i do wish you the best. i wish you happiness and peace. may poetry be your solitude.
Sep 2022 · 66
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
sometimes i forget im nineteen,
still young but lost track of my dream.
all my friends are getting married,
and having kids and it seems my dream has already ended.
i feel rushed and pushed to have a good career,
to start my own family and be a good caretaker.
im scared cause ive always wanted this,
but time keeps seeming to slip away and i thought i has more to finish the lists.
sometimes i forget im nineteen,
i feel more like im closer to twenty...
Sep 2022 · 83
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
i'm not sure why I am sad?...
but every tear that graces my cheek,
has the meaning im lacking words for...
Sep 2022 · 212
F You
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
I was meant to be in-love with you,
But you made me more depressed.
Yes, its true,
You left me broken and bruised.
Traumatised by your abuse,
Trying not to think negative.
It's not hard to believe,
I wasn't ever in-love with you.
Sep 2022 · 87
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
You said I cheated...
I didn't,
I didn't cheat on you.
It is not my fault your abuse,
Caused my emotions to flow into other palms.
I didn't ever physically cheat on you,
No I didn't have s*x with another.
But I did thinking of whether,
I would be better with someone else.
I thought of breaking up with you,
Everytime you held me after screaming at me.
I thought of a life without you,
I thought of kissing him too.
I regret that with all my mind,
But Im glad I am rid of you.
Life is better without you,
Im glad I never loved you.
So I am sorry for wasting my time,
And with this writing I leave you from my mind.
I hate you,
But I am free now.
Aug 2022 · 189
Bella-Lee Aug 2022
You are the pumpkin to my pie,
My cherry on top of a sunday.
You are the light to my eye,
And I will love you everyday...
For as long as I am alive,
You complete me!
Jun 2022 · 159
My poetry
Bella-Lee Jun 2022
And everytime he sees me,
He asks "have you written anymore poetry?"
I smile and reply with a no,
But there is little that he knows.

Every kiss that mets his lips,
Is a love song unwritten on page.
The way we sway at the hips,
A pen dancing softly across paper.

His soul calms me like poetry,
I write poetry when Im with him.
It may not be written or spoken,
But poetry none-the-less.
May 2022 · 74
Twin Flame
Bella-Lee May 2022
How do you know you have found your twin flame?
Is it random and unknowing,
Or is it something thats always existed?
Oh how the first time I heard his voice,
My heart felt like the serenity - in the crashing waves amongst themselves.
And how when I first saw his eyes,
My eyes wished to fixate upon him - at every waking chance they had open.
How when he holds me and touches me,
My soul dances within me - feeling the flame of his igniting mine.
How do I know if he is my twin flame?
For Im not sure of the existance of one or even the origin of its name.
It certainly feels like it could be <3
May 2022 · 82
Bella-Lee May 2022
If I fall for him...
I hope that everytime I feel his touch on my skin,
That it has the same passion and feeling as though the first time.
May 2022 · 81
Bella-Lee May 2022
To feel lyrics and music,
Like a soundwave carressing your soul.
To remember memories,
Like a wash of water over your skin.
How one key can make you regret,
And that another can make you wish.
Melodies of memories.
May 2022 · 186
Bella-Lee May 2022
why is it that when i start to write poetry about someone... it always goes south...
Apr 2022 · 208
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
a puddle of love is what you gave me
and i drowned in it
while you avoided my crashing ocean
and didnt even help me up
Apr 2022 · 475
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
And i said,
At this point I wish I never met you.
You had told me you were emotionless,
But I hoped my words hurt you like you hurt me.
Apr 2022 · 1.1k
Talking stage
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
Talking isn't dating
Dating isn't committing
Commitment isn't contentment
Contentment isn't forever
Forever isn't love
Forever is until they get bored...
Apr 2022 · 89
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
"Are you drinking water?"
I'm drowning in it.
Apr 2022 · 75
Want to be touched
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
I want to be touched,
I want you hands on my skin to erase every persons that placed their hands upon my skin,
Rubbing me up and down until the smudges that were left by those who did me wrong are taken off my canvase.
I want to be touched,
I want to be touched by your love and warmth and to be engolfed in the flames of passion,
Melting the ice and coldness from my flesh that froze over from neglect and feeling cold alone in the wilderness of life.
I want to be touched,
I want not only that but to be held in your arms and to feel safe, to feel at home,
Protecting me from those who hurt me or held me down from my goals and my ambitions and from being myself.
I want to be touched,
I want to be felt,
I want to be heard,
I want to be loved.
Apr 2022 · 85
My boi-sen-berry
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
Mr green-eyed, boisen-berry.
Please don't, poison-me <3
Mar 2022 · 109
Bella-Lee Mar 2022
He told me he loved me,
Then he left me.
He said he would never leave me,

Why did he promise me?
Why didnt he do what he said?
Why am I not good enough for the simple things?
Why cant he feel these things?
Mar 2022 · 232
Bella-Lee Mar 2022
And when he left,
He said he loved me and still loves me...
I wish he didnt.

But when she left,
She didnt even say goodbye or I love you...
And by the gods I wish she did.

I knew he might have left me,
I was ready.
But my sister never would have,
Well I thought she wouldnt have...
Mar 2022 · 56
Bella-Lee Mar 2022
He takes my breath away from my lungs,
And fills my life with temporary happiness.
Then he leaves and fades out like all beautiful songs,
I go back to a feeling of hopelessness.
Mar 2022 · 263
Poetry with no soul
Bella-Lee Mar 2022
I dont think you realised what poetry is,
It's words spilled out that couldnt be just said.
Its just not as simple as copy and paste,
Someone elses words will never show what you want.
But I wrote you the prettiest words,
Straight from my heart.
You copied someone else words,
Just to play your part.
And I knew at that moment,
That you never gave me your head or heart.
Mar 2022 · 67
Now you are gone
Bella-Lee Mar 2022
I dont know if im more sad that you left,
Or sad in the way that you left me.
I dont know if you actually loved,
Or you just said you did just to not be lonely.
I think to some extent you left,
Cause you knew either way you were on your own.
I dont know why you said you loved me then left,
But I know I need to restart now you are gone.
Aug 2021 · 65
Bella-Lee Aug 2021
Life *****,
At least tattoos are better than cuts...
Jul 2021 · 98
Bella-Lee Jul 2021
Tens of thousands of words,
Yet never enough to describe what you mean to me.
Jun 2021 · 151
And I wonder...
Bella-Lee Jun 2021
Will I ever be missed if I just
Disappear ?
May 2021 · 60
Back at it again
Bella-Lee May 2021
And just like that I'm falling again
Dont wanna see this one end
With a smile sweet as honey
Giggling "Please stop baby"
But boy your lips are my drug
Always safe embraced in your hug
If I die in your arms
Its the place Im supposed to be.
Nov 2020 · 59
Bella-Lee Nov 2020
The devil gave me wings,
And taught me how to fly.
Cause the angels let me down,
And left me here to die.

There's darkness all around,
I only see one light.
Who knew it was him,
Goodnight. xo
Oct 2020 · 109
Bella-Lee Oct 2020
Putting miles on the dash,
Or maybe I wanna be on it.
My life's in front of my eyes, flash
Maybe I just need you in it?
Oct 2020 · 69
Bella-Lee Oct 2020
Our hearts are the same,
How does that work?
Trying not to fall in love,
But what is trying worth?

Absolve me,
And take me away...
Oct 2020 · 52
Bella-Lee Oct 2020
I still wish to hold you the same way,
Hoping maybe one day you'll feel it too.
But do you even care about me?
I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.
Oct 2020 · 70
Bella-Lee Oct 2020
Trailing down shopping lists,
Flicking through the shelves.
I want to be seen by them,
But I dont want to be an item.
Boys like me, are attracted to me... and as much as I want it... why do I just feel like an item
Oct 2020 · 48
Bella-Lee Oct 2020
I wish i could look up at the skys,
And just see the stars.
Instead of devils eyes,
Looking back at me.
Oct 2020 · 57
Elements of lost love
Bella-Lee Oct 2020
The air was howling out your name
It scared me.
Natures going insane
Cause if you're not you might
Fall down.
Fall down to your knees.
Its not just the wolves howling now.

Let me go
Like the wind lets go of the leaves.
Let me flow
Through and in the autumn breeze.
Let me go
I dont need you any more
Cause you didn't need me.

Let me go.

I wish you begged me to stay,
But you let me go.
Just like the ocean,
Does to its waves.
As they crash down on the shores.
Tumbling upside down just like my life.

I crashed down,
But you only saw the surface.
Drowning in a rip curl,
Just under the surf.

Let me go
Like the ocean does to the waves.
Let me flow
Round and round like the water to shores.
Let me go
I dont need you any more
Cause you waved goodbye on our love.

It didn't go out with the bang you thought.
You burnt me
Kept on the heat till the light died out
Passion and hope
Couldn't keep this thing from going now.

Let me go
The flames burnt down to ashes.
Let me cremate
I dont mind, everyone dies.
Let me go
My hearts gone cold
And your fire won't put it back

If all our elements
Together made something dangerous.
How could we keep going
When its inevitable
The end is here
Sep 2020 · 54
Ocean Heartbreak
Bella-Lee Sep 2020
I wish you begged me to stay,
But you let me go.
Just like the ocean,
Does to its waves.

I crashed down,
You only saw the surface.
Drowning in a rip,
Just under the surf.
Sep 2020 · 44
Bella-Lee Sep 2020
Why can't we love,
Whom or who we love?
Without fear of abandonment,
Or resentment.
Why can't my mother trust?
I just want to figure it out myself.
I know what's best,
For me and I just want MY love.
Sep 2020 · 50
Will it get better...?
Bella-Lee Sep 2020
Life will get better,
Oh they tell me over and over again.
When will life get better?
But my life has only just begun.
You will get better,
But when will all I feel be something but pain.
When will I get better?
I don't feel the same, as happy as I was young.
Sep 2020 · 63
Bella-Lee Sep 2020
Let me dig my head into your neck,
To cry on your shoulder.
Let go of my pain,
Sleep safely in your arms.

In a prison called life,
You're my freedom.
Dont let me go,
Or i will certainly be doomed.
Sep 2020 · 52
come with me
Bella-Lee Sep 2020
I dont wanna have to go,
Be a thousand miles away.
You love me, yes, I know,
I wish that I could stay.
But I've got to move forward,
I have no where left.
If only this was better timed,
One last cherry lipped kiss.
Or come run away with me,
Please come along with me...
I dont want to be alone,
One year is too long
To be without you...
Aug 2020 · 47
Bella-Lee Aug 2020
I remember,
Running my fingers down the rounded frail page edges.
Searing with pain yet,
Somehow red wasn’t found seeped in the book.
The must of it,
Smelled of grandmothers, dust and home.
How do words,
Twisted into fairy tales take you home?
It really is amazing,
The imaginary feeling just as real as real life.

I don’t read,
Much any more than poetry on my screen.
Or if I do,
It’s chapter long textbooks filled with mind numbing facts.
I crack open my brain and a book.
Just to feel,
As though I am at home and free.
Aug 2020 · 42
Set us free
Bella-Lee Aug 2020
Somethings set us free,
Things we need to be

But do we really need,
Such drugs and infidelities
To be free.

We're kept trapped by ourselves,
Until it all runs out of us
And sets our bodies free...

Walk into the light,
And there stay
Aug 2020 · 56
Bella-Lee Aug 2020
Driving on the road,
Free and unbounded.
Uprooting the seeds sowed,
Of dependency.
One thing that makes us,
Or can take all of our,
Aug 2020 · 41
Bella-Lee Aug 2020
Their songs play,
Allure me to sweet melodies.
Anticipating words they say,
Obscure obscenities?
Their words of love,
Participating premeditated thoughts.
Rhyming about things we crave,
Writing in knots.

Let me create a sound,
No one's heard before.
Scream it out loud,
I need more...
Than just songs...
Jul 2020 · 51
Bella-Lee Jul 2020
Such a light name and personality,
With a dark and violent past.
We see what we want to see,
The broken is what comes last.

All we see and express is violence,
Yet happy in our broken world.
We're just like the colour violet,
Mistaken for purple as just another word.
Jun 2020 · 47
Bella-Lee Jun 2020
What is wrong with you?
Why can't you seem to understand this?
How many times do i have to go through, this?
Is there something wrong with you?
I know you aren't stupid, but are you?

What is wrong with you?

'I don't know...
I can't think like this...
What is wrong with me?'
Jun 2020 · 59
Bella-Lee Jun 2020
I found myself craving,
Attention of those I've never liked
Love from those who seemed to not show
Company when surrounded by people
Sadness and to take it from others lows

I found myself craving,
Not just food like I do when I'm stressed.
But all the reasons that make someone,
like me...
Jun 2020 · 65
Bella-Lee Jun 2020
I never longed so much,
For someone's touch.
Until I met you,
And feel in love with you.

In the darkest times,
You are with me.
No matter what may arise,
You are always with me.
Jun 2020 · 37
What am I to you?
Bella-Lee Jun 2020
What am I to you?
But a,
horrible daughter.
I can't see through,
My tears right now.

What am I to you?
But a,
Nasty sister.
However all my secrets,
Are spilled by you.

What am I to you?
But a,
Where am I supposed to go,
If out of this house I am sent?
Jun 2020 · 39
Bella-Lee Jun 2020
Absolve my sins,
Let me free.
Don't hold me captive,
For I long to be me.

Though my heart,
May belong to someone else.
There is still a spot,
For yourself.

Please don't torment me,
And force me to hide.
For when I'm out,
All I get is your snide.

Sometimes I feel as though,
Nothing's ever enough for you.
I think you don't love me,
When you say that I don't love you.

Maybe you want it,
To be true...
My heart breaking,
At the sight if you.
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