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Bella-Lee Oct 2022
He is spicy with his words
Sharp sense of wit
Soft like the taste of capsicum
He when to buy jalapeños
But the shiny thing he came back with
Im sure is not a jalapeño
For a jalapeño
Is not something you get on one knee for
Bella-Lee Oct 2022
The flower stood weary,
Sheltering a small bug.
But the bug grew hungry,
And said to the flower...
"Dont you ever leave me,
For I will surely die!"
He started to eat her petals,
And she pleaded him to stop.
"That hurts? Your mental..."
In her stem she felt,
That she knew she had to help.
For he would surely die,
That he could not find another.
So she let him eat her petals,
Watched him eat at her being.
When it was her time to leave,
He swore he would come with her.
But left her torn up,
I wish I had left and that bug had died.
Tell me how you perceive my metaphoric poem? What context do you think its from?
Its not pleasent but there is a moral to the bad things that happen.
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
im sorry your life couldnt turn out like a fairytale. that instead of being loved and cared for, you were neglected and abused. im sorry that love wasnt what you wanted. im sorry that you read through poetry every night to try and make sense of this world. but i do wish you the best. i wish you happiness and peace. may poetry be your solitude.
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
sometimes i forget im nineteen,
still young but lost track of my dream.
all my friends are getting married,
and having kids and it seems my dream has already ended.
i feel rushed and pushed to have a good career,
to start my own family and be a good caretaker.
im scared cause ive always wanted this,
but time keeps seeming to slip away and i thought i has more to finish the lists.
sometimes i forget im nineteen,
i feel more like im closer to twenty...
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
i'm not sure why I am sad?...
but every tear that graces my cheek,
has the meaning im lacking words for...
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
I was meant to be in-love with you,
But you made me more depressed.
Yes, its true,
You left me broken and bruised.
Traumatised by your abuse,
Trying not to think negative.
It's not hard to believe,
I wasn't ever in-love with you.
Bella-Lee Sep 2022
You said I cheated...
I didn't,
I didn't cheat on you.
It is not my fault your abuse,
Caused my emotions to flow into other palms.
I didn't ever physically cheat on you,
No I didn't have s*x with another.
But I did thinking of whether,
I would be better with someone else.
I thought of breaking up with you,
Everytime you held me after screaming at me.
I thought of a life without you,
I thought of kissing him too.
I regret that with all my mind,
But Im glad I am rid of you.
Life is better without you,
Im glad I never loved you.
So I am sorry for wasting my time,
And with this writing I leave you from my mind.
I hate you,
But I am free now.
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