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Even a blind man sits and says,
Ay I see
And the deaf man says,
Oh I was told by a little birdy.
For they understand more,
About the torment of life and love.
Yet the dead still live,
In the darkness of the light above.
Still dead in love,
And living in hate.
All the time in the world;
End it now?...
I think it's too late.
Everything's fine.
Bella-Lee 16h
Blame me,
I don't mind.
Capture the smile,
I hope you will find.
Blame me, I am the problem... I'll never be enough
Bella-Lee 16h
If you will.
Do not go away,
For I will not move; I will stand still.
The demons slowly killing you I will slay,
Stop listening to their thoughts eering,
The thoughts they whisper.
Stop fearing;
That the blade in your heart,
Will keep going deeper.
Do not fade,
For I would Trade;
Anything just for a glisp.
Even if just like the wind you wisp,
Away from me.
My heart will not whither away,
Just stay.
Please... Just stay...
Cheat on Fate,
Escape Destiny.
Write your own right,
Across and Among the Stars.
For thy Romeo and Juliet,
Might be a woe story.
None such as that,
Exist in reality.

For yes life is full of woe,
And tribulations and terror.
But live for what you know,
One thing can't stay in stone forever.
I want to hold you heart,
In the palm of my hands.
Midnight drives in your car,
Discovering unknown lands.
Hold me in close tonight,
And never let go.
Let our hearts take flight,
To the love we both show.
Cause you oh know,
I ain't ever letting go.
I love how your hair cascades down from your head,
How the brown contrasts your pale skin.
I love how your eye are the window to my soul,
How it shows the pain and scars through its crevaces.
I love how your clothes hang off you like bags,
How you could wear anything else but you don't.
It's taken me years to start loving myself again,
Just a start but it's something.
I love how I'm not scared to say it anymore,
I love myself.
What do you guys love about yourselves??
Bella-Lee Sep 8
I'm sixteen,
Im a teenage poet.
I don't have any words to say,
But the words I wrote.
Cause from out of mouth they fray,
The meaning of words as we know it.
The things written,
Are things that stay.
And the rest?
The things we say,
Will just wither away.
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