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Baylee Aug 2016
Like that old sweater
In the back of your closet,
You know the one I'm talking about;
It was your favorite,
You wore it all the time,
And it may not fit right anymore,
But you can't get rid of it,
Well, because it was your favorite
For all these years,
There are so many memories
Tied to that sweater.
And maybe not all of them are happy,
Or make you smile when you wear it,
But it hold the secrets and scars of your past,
So you have to keep it, naturally.
But every time you take that sweater
From the back of your closet to see
If it matches your outfit,
And you decide,
Maybe not today,
You see the faded color,
You see the memories,
And you know, just like your sweater,
You're wearing thin.
Baylee Aug 2016
I never learned how to swim,
And now I'm drowning in my thoughts.

My ears are full of water,
My side is cramping up.
The goggles you gave me are foggy
And my lungs are shriveling up.

I feel the water in my brain,
Swirling around my thoughts.
One moment I think you love me,
The next, you love me not.

And maybe if I learned to swim,
Maybe things would've worked out.
But I guess we'll never know,
My mind is now full of doubt.

But even great swimmers
Sometimes need help.
That's why there's lifeguards at the Olympics
Alongside Michael Phelps.

But I never learned how to swim,
And I'm drowning in my own thoughts.
But you said you would teach me,
It's too late, I'm seeing dark spots.

So let me sink to the bottom of the pool,
Where swimmings not important anyhow.
Baylee Aug 2016
For my birthday
You got me
A razor blade
Baylee Jul 2016
Good night kisses,
Watching a movie,
Wrapped in a blanket,
Two straws in a smoothie,
Four legs intertwined,
Two glasses of wine,
Her head on your shoulder,
She's just a year older,
Holding her close,
You cuddle all night,
Keeping her warm,
Holding her tight.

Wake her up with a kiss,
On the forehead and lips,
Look into her eyes
And thank God she's your prize,
Treat her like royalty,
As if she were a queen,
Open her doors
And buy her nice things.

But more importantly
Than any of that,
Love her unconditionally
And she will love back.
Baylee Apr 2016
I miss how your skin feels
When it's pushed up against mine.
With your fingers running
Through my hair
And your lips on my lips.

One hand on my neck,
One of my hands on your hips.
Pulling you closer for one more kiss.

Falling asleep with our
Legs intertwined.
My head on your chest
With a heart that's blind.

The goosebumps you give me
Run down my spine.
As you tell me you love me,
Our hearts align.
Although, it's momentary.

I wish we could stay here,
Forever and always.
In this moment of love
And comfortable daze.
Baylee Apr 2016
What if every time a person yawned,
It was actually the silent scream of a
Demon wishing to be set free?

What if every time someone cried,
It was a demon clawing it's way
Through their brain?

What if every time I went to bed,
I thought of you and how you're
Probably doing these days?

Would you think of me too?
Probably not.
And that's what I've got to accept.
Baylee Mar 2016
When you hold a flame to an unlit wick
It takes an unbearably long time to catch.
The wick is pretty and new,
Covered from top to bottom
In a waxy coating of armour
That keeps it safe longer.

When you hold a flame to a previously lit wick
It catches fire within a few seconds of exposure.
The wick isn't so new anymore,
It's walls have been burned down
It's armour is gone and the
Beaten up wick is vulnerable.
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