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Autumn Whipple Oct 2015
i sat in the mirror
watched you all day
say the way the silver called for you to stay
to stare deep into those empty eyes
and waste away
as my narcissist
dead lover you'll stay
leaning down to the waters in quay
to press a kiss on my brow
even knowing i'll soon fade away
i love the story of echo and narcissus. what a basic, basic boy
Autumn Whipple Oct 2015
i dreamed of a blanket
a park
sunlight dappled your face.
i dreamed of me and you
sharing the same space.
i dreamed of leaning in
a sweet second kiss
and laughing and turning
to the children i'd wished
i dreamed of touching the stubble
the glasses
and say
i love you
i love.. you
but i  woke up
and the dream faded away
uuggh im sorry back to love poetry
Autumn Whipple Oct 2015
sometimes asking is the hardest part
the shimmery tremors almost art
opening my mouth with no sound but silence
an act in itself of straight defiance
sometimes asking's the hardest part
as my wondering comes straight from the heart
god this is bad. please dont hate me
Autumn Whipple Sep 2015
i feel the water pulling me down
drowning drowning in the lack of sound
i can see the moonlight shimmer
reflecting the weight of his voice’s timbre
i smile the water gushing between my teeth
never again will  i have to hear him speak
I see the halls and the turrets of the father
finding me finding me other places to wander
i see him talking to a crown of stone
the teeth eyes and lips mine alone
Pulling me down in the lack of sound
as in my love i start to drown
i love hamlet. and ophelia is the saddest character to me
Autumn Whipple Jun 2015
Anger doesn't come
Sadness doesn't linger
Fear fades
         with each passing day
As I hollow out
    the poisonous pieces
leaving a empty shell  of happiness
ugh nor good I apologize
Autumn Whipple Jun 2015
In my younger
and more vulnerable years
I was lonely
        no longer
I was a guide
            a pathfinder
I had that familiar
                         that life
was beginning over
promising to unfold
that shining secret
that only
               and Morgan
                              and Maecenas knew,
that the wingless
had been overlooked
in a fashion
that rather
I was fragilely bound into
a murmured apology
of moths
            the whispers
                                  and the champagne
                               and the stars
Bantering inconsequence
that was made of
I repeated blankly
a surprising
shill metallic urgency
Bloomed with light
it sort of crept in on us
that I
               had truly
heard nothing at all
In the unquiet darkness
continually smoldering
with disappointment
in the solemn echoing
green light.
a dim hazy cast
lay upon my love
your love
             to me
                 She insisted
its too late now
           he scowled
I could only stare
she cried
            A terrible
you ask too much
she told me
I love you now.
you cant repeat the past
he said
                        you can!
I paid a
high price
for living too long
with a
great Gatsby found poem I wrote in class. I got an a on it, but I need some improvement suggestions.
Autumn Whipple May 2015
i never think of death
well no, that's a lie
i do
but i think of small deaths
not sickness, not tragedy
like, breaking my neck or not watching my step
but if only the good die young
ill be around for a long  while yet
stuart sutcliffe... the feels are so strong
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