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Terry Collett Apr 2018
The sun shines above
the bridge in Hamburg.

He stands beside her
taking in the scene
of sun and bridge.

She has her camera
and takes a few snaps.

He watches the sunlight
play on the water's skin.

They walk the City
taking photos
now and then.

Her camera
is better than his
and so she
takes the most.

They stop for coffee
and cake at a cafe.

"That Polish girl told me
her mother hates
the Germans"
Dalya says.

"I suspect she does"
he says.

Dalya explains
what the Polish girl had said
about her mother
and the Germans.

Benny listens
sipping his coffee.

The young German waitess
has beautiful eyes
and a slim figure he decides
as she passes the table.

Dalya relates
that her uncle and aunt
died in Auschwitz.

Her mother's brother
who had stayed behind
hoping things
would get better
but they never.

Benny listens
to the waitress
talk to a customer.

That sparkle in her eyes.

Dalya lights up a cigarette
and offers one to him.

They smoke and talk.
She about the photograph
of her uncle and aunt
in a frame in the hall
at home.

He listens
bringing to mind
the night before
them making out in the tent
at the camp base.

Body against body
and face against face.
Terry Collett Sep 2016
We are each of us
the center of the universe,
Dalya said,
our universe.

I watched her sitting
on the bar stool
at base camp
outside Hamburg,
her dark hair
tied back
in a bun,
her eyes on me.

How are we
the center
of the universe?
I said.

We each perceive
the universe
through our senses
and conceive
with our minds,
we cannot know this
without our senses
and our mind,
she said.

She crossed her legs,
her tight skirt
showing thigh.

I think I read something
like that
in the Solzhenitsyn book
I'm reading,
I said,
turning my eyes
from her thigh
to meet her
dark eyes.

What book's that?
She said.

She lit up a cigarette
and offered one to me
which I took
and she lit mine
with her cigarette.

The Gulag Archipelago,
I said,
it's back in my bag
in my tent,
I'll show you later.

Show me what
in your tent?
She said smiling.

The book,
I said,
unless you want
to see anything else.

She smiled:
have to see
how it goes
won't we,
she said.

It's a depressing book,
I said.

What's it about?
she said.

About Russian
labour camps
between 1918 until 1958,
I said.

Light reading, then,
she said,
why read that it
if it's so depressing?

Sometimes you
have to read
depressing things
to get at the truth,
I said.

Want a beer?
She said.

I nodded,
she ordered two
German beers.

we sat
and talked of other things,
and I eyed her thigh
whenever I could,
wondering if she'd
come to my tent
later that night,
if things were quiet
and all was all right.
Terry Collett Aug 2016
Dalya and I went
to some watering holes
in Hamburg
beer bars or cafés
selling all kind of *****

we'd left the base camp
after burgers and fries
and few warm beers
and walked
into the city

she had put on
a denim skirt
and white tee-shirt
and her dark hair
was neat and tidy
she looked good

that Yorkshire *****
is going off
to some other's tent
and I have that
Yank dame
we picked up on route
Dalya said
why can't I share a tent
with you
and be done with?

there you go
I said
I have the Aussie guy
he's ok but he
boozes too much
and likes the girls
when we were in Belgium
he wanted to bring
some girl in the tent
while I was lying
in my sleeping bag
you can turn
the other way mate
he said
we don't mind as long
as you don't peek at us

what happened?
Dalya said

the girl wasn't keen
and walked off
in a huff
and he went after her
I said

wouldn't fancy
that myself
she said
not with any onlooker
not that I'd fancy
the Aussie anyway
she said

we supped some beer
and smoked

who's your brother
sleeping with?
I asked

he's with
the school teacher prat
she said
but he don't mind
as long the the part
don't yak about
education too much

if we can match
the Yorkshire *****
with the Aussie
Dalya said
we could
become an item

can't see it
coming about
I said

Dalya said
fed up with having
to share a tent
with Yank girl
yakking about her lovers
and what she's done
and where and who with

we supped more beer
then walked
back to camp
and our tents
each to our own
she with the Yank girl
me all alone.
Terry Collett Jul 2016
At Hamburg
at base camp
young Dalya

says to me
what a dump
have to put

up our tents
that Yorkshire
***** couldn't

find her ****
with both hands
let alone

put up tents
but it's done
mostly by

me not her
standing there
mouth open

this or that
I watch her

taking out
a ciggie
and light it

with my blue
cheap lighter
then lit my

thanks she says
how'd you get

on with that
Aussie guy?
He was good

knew the ropes
had it up
in no time

I tell her
let's go for
a large beer

and burger
at some bar
she tells me

so we go
to some joint
in a field

order beers
and burgers
and French fries

I like her
she's sassy
and up front

and has nice
soft melons
pushing through

her tee shirt
she talks on
I listen

to her voice
and music
from high up

some rock stuff
and wonder

if we might
at some time
in some way

nestle down
in some place
she talks on

my hazel
eyes and brown

bearded face.
Terry Collett Mar 2016
Dalya walked
from her tent
to the block

of showers
and went in
the place smelt

of bodies
of hot skin
of damp hair

she showered
dried herself
and came out

I came out
of the men's
shower block

all refreshed
where are you
going to?

she asked me
in the town
I replied

can I come?
I don't want
to be stuck

in my tent
with the Yank
***** whom we've

just picked up
in Hamburg
Dalya said

she's started
about men

who she wants
in her bed
(sleeping bag)

where I am
going then?
I asked her

find some place
she replied
saucy cow

you can share
with young me
I told her

the Aussie
is sharing
the tent with

the Yorkshire
school teacher
you want me

to share a
tent with you?
Dalya said

just to sleep
I replied
and of course

will believe
I just sleep

in your tent?
I'm leaving
about 12

if you want
to come see
all the sights

of Hamburg
I told her
she nodded

and we met
dead on 12
and made love

in my tent
that's as far
as we went.
Carl Halling Jul 2015
In Hamburg I loved
A strange girl,
She put my whole being
In a whirl,

She spurned everybody
But me,
I made her happy,
In Hamburg.

But if she had
Spurned me,
I'd have looked her in the eye,
And run away,

And in my room,
I would have cried,
I might even have died,
In Hamburg.
In Hamburg I Loved a Strange Girl was recently quite faithfully adapted from a song written when I was ca. 18 years old.
Autumn Whipple May 2015
i never think of death
well no, that's a lie
i do
but i think of small deaths
not sickness, not tragedy
like, breaking my neck or not watching my step
but if only the good die young
ill be around for a long  while yet
stuart sutcliffe... the feels are so strong

— The End —