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Ankush Samant Nov 2014
I was dreaming,
That I was a bird.
I was a bird,
Flying higher and higher.
And I reached so high,
That I couldn't breathe any more.
I tried to turn back,
Back to the ground,
And suddenly the earth's gravity,
Pulled me hard;
I came crashing down!
I closed my eyes with my wings,
And woke up with a jolt,
I had my hands on my eyes,
And I was crying.
I cried so much,
The my tears flooded the room.
I opened the room,
And ran out,
But my tears flooded the whole place;
I started drowning in my own tears,
I could hardly breathe!
I tried hard to swim to the top,
There was no stopping,
The only way was to fly off,
From this flood of tears.
I flapped my hands,
With all my might,
But the tears entered me,
And filled in my lungs.
I woke up with a shock,
Flapping my fins,
As hard as I could.

Alas, I don't know,
Whom am I,
A bird, a man or a fish?
Or is this all a dream?

Whose dream am I dreaming?
Ankush Samant Jul 2014
An old soul,
Curled up on the street.
Marks of burn,
Peeling skin,
Silent cry from the parched throat,
Agony on every turn,
Howl for food,
A sob in between,
Or was it the muscles' twist and turn?
Why did the burn,
Take just the skin,
Why didn't the heat,
Make some food,
Or give some heat,
On this cold street?!
And just then,
A passing gentleman,
In a black suit,
But without a boot,
Dropped me a drop of food,
And said, 'Look at that tree,
Burned in fire, jealousy and heat,
Soaked in rain, vain and pain,
Gnarled beyond the shadow's recognition,
Death has found him no definition,
So, you just rest in peace,
I will drop you daily,
Life in bits and pieces.'
Ankush Samant Jun 2014
Hiding under the colorful umbrellas,
We are all gloomy cindrellas.
Staring at the pools of water,
One splash, and we are ready to slaughter!
***** laces,
Scornful faces,
Such a wonderful rain,
But, we are all dashing for the train.
"What's the matter?
Let's take a stop for some chatter."
"Come on! I don't wanna get late!
You should rush too, my mate!
Look what the rain has done,
Ruined my beautiful jacket, my one and the only one!"
"Ah! Such a delightful weather,
And all you care about is your leather?!
Here take my umbrella,
I want to drench like a mad fellah!"
Then, I let my head out,
Popped out like a new sprout,
Rain sprayed, some sugar and salt,
Rush hour came to a halt.
One tiny drop flowed down my brow,
And heard me take a whispered vow,
"Never will I take another umbrella,
Every time it rains it will be a new novella!!"
One day I went out in the rain and saw an array of brilliantly colored umbrellas. The umbrellas were saving the people from the rain but they were also hiding them from the joy of the rains....I went back home and created this image and poem...
Ankush Samant Jun 2014
Your dark hair,
Fell on my face,
And covered my eyes,
I wondered,
If death would be,
Such a pleasant experience.

You pulled back your hair,
And let the smile shine on me,
I thought,
No matter how pleasant death is,
Life is,
Always more beautiful.
playing with dark hair falling on me...
Ankush Samant May 2014
Lonely thorns,
Have caressed me,
And pierced me.

With extended arms,
They reached out,
Felt me beneath the skin,
And felt the agony.

Then they bloomed,
Sparkling flowers,
Gifting me,
A bouquet of joy.

Watching me smile,
They rejoiced,
Danced around,
And I danced along.

The million arms,
Dug into me;
And my heart soared,
Reaching out,
Every pore,
Till I was,
A loving being,
And they,
Were the thorny me.
Ankush Samant May 2014
The useless,
Inconsequential moments,
Are adding grace,
To my life.
Ankush Samant May 2014
The curve of her body was a poem in itself!
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