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Jun 2014
Hiding under the colorful umbrellas,
We are all gloomy cindrellas.
Staring at the pools of water,
One splash, and we are ready to slaughter!
***** laces,
Scornful faces,
Such a wonderful rain,
But, we are all dashing for the train.
"What's the matter?
Let's take a stop for some chatter."
"Come on! I don't wanna get late!
You should rush too, my mate!
Look what the rain has done,
Ruined my beautiful jacket, my one and the only one!"
"Ah! Such a delightful weather,
And all you care about is your leather?!
Here take my umbrella,
I want to drench like a mad fellah!"
Then, I let my head out,
Popped out like a new sprout,
Rain sprayed, some sugar and salt,
Rush hour came to a halt.
One tiny drop flowed down my brow,
And heard me take a whispered vow,
"Never will I take another umbrella,
Every time it rains it will be a new novella!!"
One day I went out in the rain and saw an array of brilliantly colored umbrellas. The umbrellas were saving the people from the rain but they were also hiding them from the joy of the rains....I went back home and created this image and poem...
Ankush Samant
Written by
Ankush Samant
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