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Ankush Samant May 2014
All that remains are...
Ashes that you blew away.
Promises that you once made.
Memories that you left behind.
And me...

Like the burnt up candle in a flooded abandoned room....
Ankush Samant May 2014
You hit me,
When I am the most vulnerable!
I cringe.
Every time,
I get ready,
To cherish the pain.
Ankush Samant May 2014
My words,
Sit on the edge of,
Silence and Noise.
Walking by the road....stopping at a tea stall on the roadside...everyone is rushing to some place....I am trying to tell them that it is OK to stop for a while and breathe...
Ankush Samant May 2014
As I trace your lips,
I find the lifeline of my life...
tracing her lips right now....
Ankush Samant May 2014
Ankush Samant May 2014
I pour myself in my words,
Leaving behind black stains.
Ankush Samant May 2014
I swam across oceans,
I crawled across deserts,
I trekked the highest peaks,
I crossed great rivers,
I ran bare on fire,
I walked naked on ice,
I have been a king,
I have been a *******,
I killed many,
I killed myself,
I created my gods,
I wore my religion,
I was a great friend,
I was a bitter enemy,
I lived for ages,
I died million times,
I followed the sun,
I was outrun by the nights,
I stopped....
I let the darkness to prevail....
I thought....
I meditated...
I introspected....
I stopped fighting the lies....
I was in the darkest of the nights...
Faint light within, then shone on the mighty me,
I now knew, why stars are not visible in the electrified city,
Truth was again facing me,
But, I fear the cycle to repeat.....
My will power suppresses the fear,
I wipe away my dry tear,
Hope has kept me alive,
So I know, hope will again show me the light....
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