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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

These standing stones have stood the test of time
but who are you
                             and what are you
                                                             and why?
As brief as mist, as transient, as pale ...
Inconsequential mayfly!

Perhaps the thought of love inspired hope?
Do midges love? Do stars bend down to see?
Do gods commend the kindnesses of ants
to aphids? Does one eel impress the sea?

Are mayflies missed by mountains? Do the stars
regret the glowworm’s stellar mimicry
the day it dies? Does not the world go on
as if it’s no great matter, not to be?

Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose.
And yet somehow you’re everything to me.

Originally published by Clementine Unbound. Keywords/Tags: mayfly, mayflies, time, mist, transient, transience, pale, inconsequential, stars, sea, everything, A. E. Housman quote
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When I feel
I remind myself
Destiny does not happen without me
and all my actions
have consequences:
for example,
when I eat, my body gains nutrition,
when I exercise, my body becomes healthier,
when I’m kind to myself, I become happier,
when I’m kind to others, they become happier,
when I turn off the light in the room when I leave
I help save the planet from climate change,
and so on.
Then I realise
I am consequential!
Noah Dec 2018
Have you ever thought about how inconsequential we are
Less than single grains of sand in the hourglass of time
If any of us were to die the stars would still shine and the Earth would still spin
Anyone who says we matter because we impact the people around us are the biggest liars of all
Even everyone you've ever know still equal nothing in the grand scheme of things
We are just shapes
xmxrgxncy May 2017
You flatter yourself by thinking those harsh words were about you.
You don't mean enough to me for me to set aside time to write about you, let alone think about you.
Seán Mac Falls Oct 2015
Such fleeting and hollow wins
Spoonfuls of nothings
Phil Lindsey May 2015
A Hundred years is nothing to an oak.
A Thousand to a mountain is a joke.
A Million to a solar system just exceeds its birth.
And we expect to make a difference in roughly eighty years on Earth?
PwL  5/5/15
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
everyone is burning
in our superficialities
if we could just be sincere
and stop with this *******
maybe things would be alright
but we’ll climb into these shells
and continue to lie to ourselves
about the world we are living
because the controversial
is too inconsequential
we’d rather just have ‘fun’
instead of learning bout the place we live in
what are we doing
i have no idea
if someone has an answer
that is pure
you are just a liar
because nobody got it figured out
but i haven’t lost all hope
because ive got me
and I’m alright
everything’s good
i think
Ankush Samant May 2014
The useless,
Inconsequential moments,
Are adding grace,
To my life.

— The End —