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Adam May 1
If we were happily in love,
and then I began to stray a little farther-

I’m sorry, love,
but you can blame my father.
Adam Apr 2018
“Just pick a path,
and pick a vice”

Is what the old man said
when I asked for advice
Adam Apr 2018
It has never been clearer,
that I’m lost when I stray too far from You.

I really wished I said this earlier,
I hope it’s not too long overdue.

I suppose it’s better late than never, so:

God, how do you do?
Adam Feb 2017
The distance is apparent,
but you cannot see the wall.

Nothing matters
Should I even care at all?

Everybody knew I was coming down,
but nobody thought I’d fall

Days are getting vapid

I need something to call

A purpose

A reason to live
until I’m in a hearse

And when that day comes

On my behalf,
   please recite a holy verse.
Adam Nov 2016
Morning arrived
earlier than I expected;
while I was reflecting
on the minutes I neglected

why do you elude me?
Everybody else is in peaceful world of slumber;
but my insomnia excludes me

The Sun lights up the morning
And I light up my cigarette
But the night makes day look boring
Or is my normalcy just illiterate?
  Nov 2016 Adam
Charles Bukowski
the house next door makes me
both man and wife rise early and
go to work.
they arrive home in early evening.
they have a young boy and a girl.
by 9 p.m. all the lights in the house
are out.
the next morning both man and
wife rise early again and go to
they return in early evening.
By 9 p.m. all the lights are

the house next door makes me
the people are nice people, I
like them.

but I feel them drowning.
and I can't save them.

they are surviving.
they are not

but the price is

sometimes during the day
I will look at the house
and the house will look at
and the house will
weep, yes, it does, I
feel it.
Adam Nov 2016
Seeking solace
in the impenetrable fortress that I built
Only for the walls to be pierced
by the arrows of my own guilt

Can anybody really differentiate
between the truth and the lies?
Is our failure to do so
the reason we resort to temporary highs?

Deep down I know, my true Love
looks down upon me from the skies
I just hope in my silence
He could hear my prayers and my cries.

If you awake to news
that I have died in the morn
Be still
Don't cry, don't mourn

No need for you to get down on two knees,
all I ask for is a little prayer
And remember me for my good deeds
so I can be prepared to meet my Maker
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