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Amaris Feb 20
I know two siblings; I'm closer to one
The younger is more forgiving
You can't have your cake and eat it too
So I chose the older; seems more loving
She comes by at least three times a day
Sometimes stays for hours or more
I love and admire her, she gives me control
Myself I despise down to the core
People tell me she's not one to call friend
But I thrive on every time she checks in
She urges me to surrender at every turn
I'm fighting a battle I don't want to win
Amaris Feb 18
to live without hate in your heart
with nothing inside to tear you apart
to speak thoughts aloud, not bound by fear
not wishing all the time you'd just disappear
Amaris Feb 14
I wanted to sit down, write you a love letter
But how does one word colors and melodies
Your beautiful smile makes every day better
I treasure every single shared memory
We've been through so many ups and downs
Over years we laugh and talk and argue
But when all has been said and done
You know I really love you

"Valentine" means worthy, strong, and powerful
I mean every word written above
I'll never deserve you but I hope you'll be mine
From my heart to yours, my love
Amaris Feb 5
Take my hand and hold me up
I need you by my side
I made you, dear, so by default
There's nothing you can hide
Amaris Jan 19
I had a dream about a memory
So vivid I recall conversations
My subconscious made up a story
And turned it into nightmarish creations
Mimicked the past, I got lost for too long
Paralyzed, I'm no longer strong
Amaris Jan 1
Count down the clock to the new year
Four, three, two, one, it's finally here
Kiss your loved ones to celebrate at midnight
A toast, raise your glass to new heights
Write down your resolutions to remember
Believe in yourself, this year will be better
Amaris Dec 2018
I pick these fights, with flint and force
To try to spark a fire
Fight me, tell me, I want to hear it
Scream back and tell me I'm a liar
Instead you sit there calmly
Absorbing every blow
Can't you say just how you feel?
God, I've never felt so low
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