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2.8k · Oct 2018
Amaris Oct 2018
when the day begins i taste salt
dreams turned into nightmares
can't tell between reality and sleep
at this point it's hard to care

misery is my loyal companion but
there's worry it's all in my mind
to feel all this but chaotic and wrong
don't want to accept that maybe i'm fine

saying i'm okay doesn't help
cause and effect can't be traced
so many variables of what could be bad
my own self is hard to face

the girl in the mirror is me but not
i barely recognize details
what if this is all my fault
how did i become so frail
2.7k · Oct 2018
white lies
Amaris Oct 2018
A childish accusation, "You promised"
Before fear's taught kids are bolder
Denied the right, who can I trust
And I can't say, now that I'm older

Growing up we all learn how to lie
Despite all our parents' trying
It's become my second nature, why?
I've found it's easier than fighting

When the world demands a lot of you
You learn to adjust or fall apart
Rarely is the desired answer true
Tangled in lies, where do I start

I know I can do better and I should
A refrain throughout our heads
Binding words, be a kid that's "good"
Follow through all that's been said

My master is fear, I've learned my lesson
Lying seems to be an act that's kind
We tend to try to have good intentions
"How are you today?" "I'm doing fine."
1.8k · Dec 2018
confession pt1
Amaris Dec 2018
When I was a kid I thought I fell in love
Worshiped the ground he walked on and the sky above
Giving everything I had was all I'd ever known
He was supposed to be my heart and my home
I'm not much older now but I often remember
The child that I had been; God how I hate her
I can't hurt anyone but I can inflict the pain on myself
And I guess I do that too often to be good for my health
The question that always comes up for me is "why"
The search for an answer continues as the years go by
I wish I could reach across time and destroy your life
Instead I sit here and watch red run down the knife
1.4k · Sep 2018
Amaris Sep 2018
i'm back here again, **** it
incarcerated by silk and steel
i've made it livable to an extent
and the exterior is covered still
i have my own space, just mine
decorated with black and grays
sometimes i can see the light
and i try to hide away for days
cocooned inside here i cower
can't go out, i'm too terrified
i ignore the knocks on the door
there's persistent voices outside
"the key is in there with you
move around and explore
you alone can set yourself free
use your matches to find the door"
strike, watch a blossoming flame
it flickers, shadows shift around
the glow encourages another call
now extinguished, i don't make a sound
loneliness and fear is all I know
heavy chains hold me from the lock
those voices again, encouraging me
we're here for you always, let's talk
1.3k · Aug 2018
her lullaby
Amaris Aug 2018
turn off the lights
climb into bed
pull over the blankets
rest your head

close your eyes
quiet your mind
relax and sleep
leave worries behind

i'll be there soon
watching the starlight
but until then
my love, goodnight
1.2k · Sep 2018
can't understand
Amaris Sep 2018
Mom and Dad, I really have to thank you
After all, I did learn a lot over the years
Like how nothing you told me was true
And that you caused all of my fears

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words should never hurt me
I wasn't hit, nothing was thrown
You just made me feel like I was crazy

Do you know what you did was wrong?
Your expectations, consequences, all flawed
I try to channel my resentment into song
But you miss the point and just applaud
1.2k · Nov 2018
Amaris Nov 2018
I used to view my life like a bird in a cage
That you had the key, so I'd fly in a rage
Scream at you when things got rough
Bite when I never thought you did enough

When the bars broke and I was finally free
Distance and time gave me the chance to see
The vivid silks that served as your bonds
So pretty you missed the chains beyond

Mother and I used to discuss the fabric and style
Father and I would talk about patterns for a while
All you had was this and you gave it all to me
I wish you'd realize this wasn't who I wanted to be

A year underwater and I've been torn clear
Now an invisible wall lies between us, I fear

So I light a candle for the two of you instead
Hold the thought of you close when I go to bed
Press a hand to the window and feel the cold
Remember warmer days and then feel old

Before I go home, there are a few things I have to do
Like run a waterfall to a page instead of to you
Polish the mask I must wear without shame
Else without it, you'd never know my name
1.1k · Oct 2018
Amaris Oct 2018
there's a raging flame
contained to a wick in glass
the wax keeps it company
but it's melting too fast

i extinguish the fire
my hands start to burn
i don't mind this time
it's my turn
1.1k · Nov 2018
waiting room
Amaris Nov 2018
It's a fist clenched around my heart
Waiting for the doctor to show
Alone in the gray monotonous room
Sitting here til they tell me it's closed
Home is welcome but empty
And I'm back the very next day
Passing the time and hoping maybe
Tomorrow I can be on my way
1.0k · Jan 19
Amaris Jan 19
I had a dream about a memory
So vivid I recall conversations
My subconscious made up a story
And turned it into nightmarish creations
Mimicked the past, I got lost for too long
Paralyzed, I'm no longer strong
907 · Sep 2018
Amaris Sep 2018
I feel the world drag me down
Then it sends me flying
I cycle between the highs and lows
And can't fall asleep without crying

Sometimes I am fire
Other times my mind is dark gray
Hope is a match I can't hold onto
I'm begging the light to stay
737 · Oct 2018
Amaris Oct 2018
if i can act like i'm okay, am i?
everything i say can turn into a lie
of course i'm good, it's all fine
where do i have to draw the line
well if i'm really being honest:
(after all i made that promise)
i really want to get better but i'm so tired
i don't want to be awake but my mind's on fire
736 · Jun 2018
Amaris Jun 2018
You're my gold-crowned prince
My knight in shining armor
My hero and savior
Guide and companion.
Storybook romances come alive
With you.
679 · Aug 2018
Amaris Aug 2018
I can't remember exactly what you look like
But the memories of what you did remain
The scars you gave me may have faded
But I still remember the pain

I can't give words to clear the chaos
Facts from emotions are hard to define
I live in fear that you'll be in my life again
You're out of sight but not out of mind

People tell me that time heals most anything
So give it time, they insist, and it'll be okay
I've been waiting but it's been nearly three years
I just want all these thoughts to go away
652 · Nov 2018
Amaris Nov 2018
Sitting here talking about myself
It all feels almost, well, silly
Like why would this person care?
I'm just talking about me
Sure these things happened
And maybe I feel odd once in a while
I never really thought it mattered
Just hid it all behind a smile
There are lots of people like me
(Or I guess; that's what I've heard)
I've always just wanted to be average
Disguise wrong feelings in written word
Even years after I still ask the question:
How much of it all is in my head?
I think I need this help, and it's working
Though it's so terrifying, I hide in bed

Bound securely, affixed professionally
I admit the bandages feel really nice
But they're in response to waking the past
I'm not sure I'm willing to pay this price
When I hesitate, I say I want to get better
Who doesn't want their broken leg to mend?
Somehow being honest is physically painful
I almost prefer when I had to pretend
647 · Sep 2018
Amaris Sep 2018
i fell in love with her smile
her laugh and childlike wonder
but now it's always raining
with lightning flashes and thunder

i want to shatter her bedroom mirror
the reflection that always lies
whispers of not good enough
while she sits there and cries

i hold her back from drowning
to play the hero i go under
it's cold and dark down here
but i'm scared to return without her

she casts long shadows, not light
but i can see her trying to hold on
i love her more than anything
don't tell me she's already gone
646 · Dec 2018
Amaris Dec 2018
Scream and shout, kick the ground, fall apart crying
I hate the world, it isn't fair, hold my heart from breaking
My life stretches way too far into a fog I can't see through
No one's fault you don't understand but you don't have a clue
Stop thinking stop thinking my mind keeps on racing
Not words it's all emotions like I just can't stop feeling
Endless accusations left unformed drive me insane
I'll be alright but this moment now all I think about is pain
583 · Nov 2018
Amaris Nov 2018
i'm a victim, no, a demon
poisoned by my own hand
can't rest from the voices
and high are their demands
so i live in ups and downs
guided by the whispers
i know i do this to myself
but i can't always remember
571 · Nov 2018
Amaris Nov 2018
just keep trying
it's not enough
who cares if you're crying
this comes from love
376 · Apr 24
Amaris Apr 24
My love, I see you walk in rays of light
Crowned in gold, a wondrous sight
You hold me close and my heart takes flight
374 · May 3
Amaris May 3
It’s a fact that I love him to pieces
And I’ve fallen apart many times before
Every day I fear I’m going to lose him
It’s a terror that strikes me to the core
I feel like there’s no time to be upset
If something’s wrong I actively ignore it
For if I were to lose him tomorrow
God, well, honestly, I’d feel like ****
But all this anger has nowhere to go
And any irritation further fans the flames
I hate this, I never wanted to feel this way
All these thoughts make me feel ashamed
328 · Dec 2018
Amaris Dec 2018
Life goes on, scars fade
They can't hurt me now
They're out of my reach
And that's worse, somehow
319 · Oct 2018
Amaris Oct 2018
you carried me through the forest
i pulled you through the waves
we held each other when we fell
i thought we were both so brave

i don't know what i'm supposed to think
i feel like we've fallen out of sync
i wake up thrown into the past
i'm watching this slow motion crash

i love you, i know you love me too
"life is hell but it's better with you"
more than anything i want you to stay
we're not fireproof; you're burning away

somehow we've become so confused
i don't know anymore which words to use
being with you always felt so right
remember when we counted stars at night?
319 · Mar 8
if you can understand
Amaris Mar 8
I’m holding a beautiful kitten
I’ve wanted her for countless years
Multiple times I’ve already been bitten
Keep telling myself it’s just her fears
I put food and water out for her
A reminder she’s the one I choose
Whenever I can, I stroke her fur
So she knows, this fight? She won’t lose
We’ll only be together a short while
Every day I offer the best of my smiles
Communication feels only one way
I hope I’ll get through to her someday
282 · Oct 2018
Amaris Oct 2018
reflecting back, yesterday was all gray
like the three days before
when you fall, the trick is in getting back up
even when you don't know what for
when you wake, bruised, bleeding and feeling
the weight of every haunting thought
fight through them and emerge on the other side
don't surrender and let yourself be caught
260 · Aug 2018
Amaris Aug 2018
there were no broken dishes
and i could still sing
but if i could use one of my three wishes,
i'd change everything.
257 · May 13
Amaris May 13
Walk a tightrope as thin as a wire
Practice until your feet are on fire
Perform amazing feats, hear the applause
Smile and feel proud your life has a cause
Everyday I reach for the same thrill
Without it I just can’t feel fulfilled
If I’m not making people around me happy
Then what’s the point? My heart is empty
256 · Sep 2018
Amaris Sep 2018
light is beautiful but it tricks you
there's nothing to hold onto
250 · Dec 2018
Amaris Dec 2018
I like to play diplomat; it's hard to say no
Never the one who decides where we go
Affixed in place by the roots in the past
I hide behind everyone and choose to be last
So I also play victim more than I care to admit
Enough is enough, I've decided, that's it
I've wasted too much time on worry and fear
I think it's time to show the world that I'm here
223 · Jun 2018
little things
Amaris Jun 2018
A little kindness that goes a long way
A smile to light everyone’s day
Warmth of love to make you whole
Content of heart to quell the soul
Loss of death, not loss of life
The end of everlasting strife
Time to heal and mend the hurt
Erase the pain of cuts and burns
Strength to lend those falling down
A hand to lift you from the ground
Gratefulness for all you own
Appreciation distinctly shown
The world would vast improve, you’ll see
If all these little things came to be.
222 · Jun 2018
Amaris Jun 2018
Daisy he desired, and of Daisy he thought
His eyes only for her, and to hold her he sought
Riches and Daisy, perfection, together
He wanted it all, flawlessly, forever
Longtime dreamer, believer, hopeful and true
Desperate for an illusion, with absolutely no clue
That his flowering dreams were wilting away
To become nothing but memories that hold little sway
Over what his life has become from before
And the dream he had once envisioned, they tore
To pieces that lay, shattered and broken
Shards of a past come future, only tokens
Of Nick Carraway's memoir writ after two years
No mourners at the funeral, goodbye without tears.
His lasting imprint, whether worst or best
Tells us that hopeless dreamers can never rest
For the elusive green light that stretches far
We go faster, faster, towards that fixed star
Boats against the current, waves beating high
Despite it all we trudge forward, and always we try.
Inspired by The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
213 · Jun 2018
Amaris Jun 2018
She ran from them, but they were relentless.
She tried to escape.

She tried to evade them, attack after attack. Still they overwhelmed her, betraying sanctuaries.
Her chest constricted.
She tried to appease them, offering after offering. Still they plagued her, negating the euphoria.
Her lungs ached.
She tried to stop them, parley after parley. Still they terrorized her, tormenting with whispers.
Her mind caved.
She tried to drown them, night after night. Still they pursued her, shaking off the burning fluid.
Her head pounded.
She tried to harm them, day after day. Still they haunted her, disregarding the blood that flowed.
Her wrists stung.
She tried to expel them, time after time. Still they clung to her, refusing to surrender their hold.
Her throat burned.
She tried to poison them, when nothing else worked. Still they survived, oblivious to damage.
Her body weakened.
Succumbing to the darkness, she tried a final resort.
She tried to eradicate them, using chains of rope. Still they remained, seeking the ****.
Her breaths ceased.

Her demons died with her.
189 · Feb 14
Amaris Feb 14
I wanted to sit down, write you a love letter
But how does one word colors and melodies
Your beautiful smile makes every day better
I treasure every single shared memory
We've been through so many ups and downs
Over years we laugh and talk and argue
But when all has been said and done
You know I really love you

"Valentine" means worthy, strong, and powerful
I mean every word written above
I'll never deserve you but I hope you'll be mine
From my heart to yours, my love
177 · Apr 23
Amaris Apr 23
My moods shift like today's weather
The sun tries to shine between the clouds
When bright, it's beautiful and I feel better
If I do anything, I can feel proud
When the day goes on and gray takes over
My outlook grows darker again
I have to remind myself it won't last forever
Eventually the storm will reach its end
167 · May 1
Amaris May 1
A slow burning fuse
Watch the spark move up the rope
I could interrupt any time I wish
Or maybe I'm just flattering myself in hopes
That I won't lose control
That in this I have a choice
So many thoughts and emotions
But I can't seem to find my voice
160 · Dec 2018
Amaris Dec 2018
all i see ahead
is shattered glass
dense gray fog
ice cold stares
scars upon scars
colorless sights
empty sidewalks
forever and always
146 · May 10
Amaris May 10
I forget that the sun shines every day
In a part of the world somewhere
I’ve lived in the gray for so ******* long
The nothingness is more than I can bear
It’s rained so much I wonder if I’m drowning
I can’t seem to climb out and save myself
Every breath takes more effort than I have
All I’m good for is gathering dust on a shelf
But when the skies clear and the day glows
I can blossom and flourish like a flower
I will be bright and beautiful
I can be my own power
In favor of the sunny days of incoming summer
139 · May 12
mother’s day
Amaris May 12
I’m not sure how to say this after 20+ years
But thank you for trying to remove all my fears
For arguing with me when you think I’m wrong
For supporting me through every silly song
We’ve often clashed but I wouldn’t have it any other way
And I mean it when I write “Happy Mother’s Day”
139 · Feb 20
Amaris Feb 20
I know two siblings; I'm closer to one
The younger is more forgiving
You can't have your cake and eat it too
So I chose the older; seems more loving
She comes by at least three times a day
Sometimes stays for hours or more
I love and admire her, she gives me control
Myself I despise down to the core
People tell me she's not one to call friend
But I thrive on every time she checks in
She urges me to surrender at every turn
I'm fighting a battle I don't want to win
133 · Jan 1
Amaris Jan 1
Count down the clock to the new year
Four, three, two, one, it's finally here
Kiss your loved ones to celebrate at midnight
A toast, raise your glass to new heights
Write down your resolutions to remember
Believe in yourself, this year will be better
130 · Jun 3
Amaris Jun 3
Hush, little one, and get some rest
Don’t lie awake thinking you failed some test
Let me wipe away your tears, don’t be distressed
All who matter know you tried your best
129 · May 31
Amaris May 31
I’m barely an adult but already I’ve felt jaded
Romantics of childhood had all but faded
I thought I loved, didn’t know how it looked
Your presence in my life was what it took
For me to - slowly - realize it’s not that hard
Only a few experiences had left me scarred
Underneath your care, my flaws disappear
Every day gets better with you right here
Somewhere along the way, I’d lost my heart
Yet now I want to sing again, and start
Writing stories that are too good to be true
But I’m still so terrified of losing you
If I could just let go, and trust that when I fall
You’ll catch me, and come running when I call
Then together, the world can call us naive
And I won’t even care, ‘cause now I believe
108 · May 24
in his mind
Amaris May 24
I love her more than anything, I think
Although right now I can’t really tell
I’ve been with her for what feels like forever
Down here in this never ending hell
I face a coin toss every day with her
Call heads or tails, happy or sad
Wait with bated breath as the coin soars
Curse as it lands “tails”, now she’s mad
I can’t live with fifty-fifty chances
Every second of every day of my life
But if I push her any further
I’m terrified she’ll seek comfort with a knife
It’s so frustrating to love someone
Who thinks the world is always against her
Who can’t seem to love herself
And no matter what I say, she’s insecure

Is this love? What am I doing here?
I can’t keep fighting her endless fear
99 · Feb 18
what is it like
Amaris Feb 18
to live without hate in your heart
with nothing inside to tear you apart
to speak thoughts aloud, not bound by fear
not wishing all the time you'd just disappear
98 · Feb 5
Amaris Feb 5
Take my hand and hold me up
I need you by my side
I made you, dear, so by default
There's nothing you can hide
97 · Dec 2018
Amaris Dec 2018
I pick these fights, with flint and force
To try to spark a fire
Fight me, tell me, I want to hear it
Scream back and tell me I'm a liar
Instead you sit there calmly
Absorbing every blow
Can't you say just how you feel?
God, I've never felt so low
81 · Jun 17
father’s day
Amaris Jun 17
Dad, you’re a classic
I can predict a lot of your jokes
But I know to make me happy
You’d happily go broke
I’ve caused a lot of stress
And for that I’m truly sorry
Thank you for everything
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!
79 · Apr 29
Amaris Apr 29
When you’re on top of the world
The high is unlike anything that exists
But the fall is a long, long way down
A motivation for those above to persist
Word of warning to those still climbing
Hold your desires close and don’t let go
All of us fall eventually, inevitably, but
Distance is so much worse when it’s slow
78 · Apr 26
on my mind
Amaris Apr 26
You sit or you stand there, not moving
While I’m shaking with the effort to stay
You laugh when I try to tell you something
Already you know what I’m trying to say
It’s selfish, I’m being entirely unfair
But I want to cause an effect
I live for you, all I own I share
And I resent it sometimes when I reflect
I spiral over events I forget within hours
Throw words like tangible objects at you
Forget that you’ve brought me flowers
Forget how you smile at “Love you too”s
I move everything in your direction
Where you are is where I want to be
My thought process needs a bit of correction
I know even when you’re far, you still love me
72 · May 16
Amaris May 16
I can fake a smile to the unconcerned
But feel myself break down when asked
I’m so angry I’m driving myself insane
I try to distract myself with lists of tasks
I watch life progress without me
Can’t seem to match the pace
No matter how my speed increases
There’s no way I’m winning this race
I’m treading water, head barely afloat
While I watch everyone else coast by
Why does nothing I do seem to matter
I’m losing my motivation to even try
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