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Chloe Goulding May 2020
I'll live with arms wide open...

So you won't have too.

I'll talk without stuttering...

Just to please you.

I'll smile with best intentions...

To save everyone else.

Except for myself.

So, this is how the story begins;

Who saves her?
I'm still standing-
Chloe Goulding May 2020
Who is she anyway?

Crying at any movie whether it's sad or happy...

Sharing her passion for music, whether or not she has anything to do with it...

Doesn't complain because she always wants to put others first.

Goes through pain like a bullet goes through flesh.

This is who she is at her best.

Don't try to underestimate her or put her to the test.

Always know she'll win because she not only follows instinct, but her heart.

Her heart that aches was replaced with glass a while ago.

Not only did it shatter, but it turned to cold hard stone.

She was accused of being a hard-headed human.

She was told that she was selfish, arrogant, and a liar.

How could you know behind her closed doors?

When you finally let go and get the chance to pull them open;

Then you'll see...

It had absolutely nothing to do with me.
Then you'll see, it had nothing to do with me..
Chloe Goulding May 2020
Do you know how it feels?

What it feels like to be more than 6 feet under?

Being so far under, you would think that thunder would never occur.

A feeling so bad, that it suffocates you.

Shocks you, completely liberates you.

Your screams never fill the air, only your mind to keep you occupied.

People think you're to quiet, when really everything irritates you.

Everything becomes heightened for someone so far down.

The voices you hear, the random smells, people walking and you think they have their eyes upon you.

But they don't...

Remember; you're more than 6 feet under?

Believing the dirt surrounding you is the only friend you have.

It keeps you warm and absorbs your tears.

It has been keeping you alive...

You can't see it, except for others.

There are flowers sitting right on top of your grave.

No one put them there, except for you.

Because the ground absorbed you and your tears.

This is its way of showing gratitude.

No one can pick them up, except for you.
At the end of the day, you are the only person who can make yourself change and build yourself back up.
  May 2020 Chloe Goulding
You said you loved me
and I believed you
You said we can talk
Then took no notice of me.
You said you cared
I was convinced.

And I thought I could treat your pain
But it turned out to just be attention
and depravity
and manipulation
and deceit

Maybe I’m just naïve,
Because I trusted you.
I’ve let people ***** me over all the time. I never realise because I’ve always looked for the good in other people.
  May 2020 Chloe Goulding
Thomas W Case
In a dream,
I see the raven
fly into the night;
his dark song beckoning
from his beak.
Shiny black wings promise
but to where?

I watch as the
pair of doves bellow
their songs of love
and with a rush of
angels wings
fly heavenward.

I hear the
bluebirds and
sparrows little hum of
hope fade softly into
the afternoon sun,
and I wonder,
what does it all mean?

Then I see them, and
many other kinds of
birds, with beautiful bright
Parakeets and parrots,
eagles and herons...even
a dodo and they are
all rotting in cages.
Some of the cages are
others are closed,
but all the birds are
lying on their sides,
sad dead eyes,
staring blankly,
finished and flightless.
and I get it.
Chloe Goulding May 2020
The horizon meeting the sky...

The sea of mysterious creatures...

The forest calling out to others...

Oh, how I wonder?

It's beautiful;

It's scary.

I'm so very wary.

The world is known to be cruel,

It has so much to do.

Know that you're not the only one to fall apart...

I know everyone gets lost with no spark.

However, there is something else...

Look out for our footprints, it can be anyone or anything.

Wanderlust is what will make us sing.

Sing with the birds and hear their plea's.

It's truly such a wondrous thing.
I love to wander.
Chloe Goulding May 2020
I have no little row boat to find you.

I have no link or connection to escape you.

I have no pain or happiness without you.

My life seems to steer itself in circles.

Leaving a trail of salty water...

No anchor is strong enough to keep me down.

The ride is never to relax, it's a thrill.

Is this the way?

Is this my will?

Wave by wave hits me...

I stand my ground.

The ground, falling out.

Is this North or South?

Goodbye forever;

Forever I will be...

The one who is known to never sink.
I got a boat.
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