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Nook Apr 2019
Who art thou?
I am me of course.
But what does that mean?
I don't know.
Facets or Facade?
I don't want to know.

Should I run and hide in fright?
Or perhaps be filled with delight
for I do not know
how much darkness is within.
Nook Mar 2019
Hours spent waiting
For new names to appear
Hours spent looking
At my ever growing list

Sitting in silence

Awaiting the cold metal
To strike warm flesh
Awaiting blood to stain
The lifeless earth

Sitting in chaos

War is boring
For most are ready
To leave this hellhole
In one way or another

Sitting in darkness

I am sought after
As reprieve
from this suffering
As means to go
from one hell to another

For I am death
War, specifically a battle in a war from the perspective of death
Nook Mar 2019
It’s Alurad’s turn to speak

Humans are cruel
Humans are a abomination
A problem to be dealt with

It’s Matches’ turn to speak

Humans are curious
Humans are in need
A species to be saved

It’s Nook’s turn to speak

Humans are mysterious
Humans are the fluttering in my chest
A source of warmth that eludes me

It’s your turn to speak dear reader
Nook Jul 2018
sleepless nights are my blight
stuck awake beyond first light
there is no fight

within the darkness and shadows
I hope to find the peace I picture in meadows
yet turmoil is all there is when my head hits the pillows

I run and hide
try as I might
still filled with fright

trapped in my head
feel like I’m being played
an annoyance that doesn’t fade

anxiety grips me
yet I’m not sure I want to be free
whisper to the world: "don’t just leave me be"
Nook Jan 2018
All the strangers that I’ve met
Tell me things I can’t forget

Khalid says we’re all young dumb and broke
And yea I agree, hopes and dreams gone up in smoke

Yea, I get that I am blessed
That much I confess

But can’t they see the mess?

Economy so bad
How can I not fret

University so expensive
Just looking at it makes me apprehensive

Don’t even bother looking at HDB
Too expensive for me

Do they not see?

People tell me to go find some comfort in god
But I find it kinda odd

To seek help from something not in sight
How can something like that understand our plight

Why do we pray in a church
To someone who leaves others in the lurch

What do they see? [purge]

They say the future is ours
They say we got the power

Sorry can’t afford that
Maybe I’ll ask dad

Oh wait he’s never home
Hell, he’s even less useful than a garden gnome

Guess they can’t see

Things people plant in my mind’s interior
Makes me feel so inferior

With all the doom and gloom
How can we be expected to bloom

With the future looking so bleak and uncertain
Maybe it’s time to bring down the curtains

Guess they’ll never see
Anyone has any idea how to style the text?
Nook Oct 2017
A sorrowful gust of wind blew in-between you and me,
I shivered in the cold yet you remain untouched.
For a long time, I chased your shadow.
Afraid of losing sight of you.
afraid of forgetting how you looked like.

But as time rolled on, so did we.
Drifted apart from one another.
The fear of being left behind gone.
Replaced by the fear of hearing your voice,
the fear of seeing you,
the fear of missing you again.
For D.
Nook Sep 2017
7 billion on this earth
Each one beautiful from birth
But so many concerned about their girth
Focused on getting the curves
They forget to give themselves love

Everyone is beautiful and unique
Or as the French say; magnifique
We’re all the same, no one’s a freak
If someone says otherwise, don’t give them a kick
Instead, give them a kiss on the cheek

For violence only adds to the animosity
Use love to generate positivity
Pave the way using generosity
Think before you say, have some sensitivity
Toss out all the negativity

And just love yourself.
inspired by Angelica Yeo, Logic and the Black Eyed Peas.
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