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Get going while the going is good
'cause the good get goings are getting hard to come by.
Breath that collective sigh
The grass is greener
that ain't no lie.
Things may look a lot meaner
but they're not
Media play ups with the big lay ups
difference ain't that different
Same most people are
helpful and kind too
we can't be divied
I know that's true.
Wonderful times have a hard time with nice rhymes.
I've tried to reach the sky and push the limit,
but I can't seem to quite those things that keep me down.
so I surround and ground and proud and sound out
my frustrations and reservations.
Her eyes will **** you
like a futuristic sound

I'm warning you
she will spin you around
and you, much like Troy
will fall to the ground

Your legs may be strong
but knees become weak
with her poison

Control is lost
Off the ground
One last look
I Love You now.
Play future sounds in the background or have live music. Think of the ones you love and sip a hot drink when preforming this poem live. Sweater and Scarf; seasonal.
Hello it's me again
the one with the crooked grin
hear to take your money
and steal your honey
so sweet now on your feet
don't even think about calling the beat
cause I got you
and you
know what
to do
wallets and jewelry
this is a robbery.
Learn to walk child!
Stand up!
Learn to spend money
and learn to corrupt.

Take, Borrow and Steal

And there is this and there is that
but what is this to that in relation to us
can the dots be

Tell me is it safe to be in the human race?
Who is to set the pace
for this who mess

To Whom This May Address,

The Waiter came to the table and said, "What would you like Sir?"
And to him I politely said, "I'll take an Order of Chaos"
He replies, "Sir that's quite contradictory as there is no


It's like sitting there and explaining how to you everything works
painting this picture in reverse I have to rehearse
and practice and rehearse and practice


imperfections affections towards perfection
in the one thing, reason, I can't sing freely
Just let me be. I have to practice
because that's, that is, what is, what's make perfection


I know you know he knows they know
just know that knowing is knowledge
passable shareable keepable loseable  
be responsible
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