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Oct 2018 · 460
The lake
skipping stone
smooth, flat the darkest tone
of grey
one skip
        two skip
the water ripples at the touch of stone
like cold lips touching for the first time
seemingly sliding over the liquid mirror
reflecting the ever slowing stone
A unexpected crash
sinking, falling through the cold water
darkness in the depths
coming to rest on a bed of stones
cold, wet, lost to the world at the bottom of a lake.
Oct 2018 · 327
In the square, Trapped
The square
keep inside or be cast aside
your now afloat on lost tides
for daring to seek outside the weak minds of people trapped inside a box of the majority.
Fighting for a voice amongst the singular "bah" of all the sheep.
A new view a different crew, opinions changed looking out for yourself instead being another parrot on the shelf.
We looked outside the box
only to be thrown away like rocks
fit the the four walls or don't fit at all
a world with so much potential yet we cant stop fighting and destroying each other and mother nature
maybe we need to have a look at the view
The square
First poem in months, reflecting on the inability for our "advanced" race to solve simple issues that have continued for ever. War, hate and misuse, individually we all know what is right and wrong but when the majority follow each other as we do, we appear to loose that moral compass and just agree with the bigger agenda.
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
Flickering lights, an unusual fright
Sitting alone
Scrolling through my phone

A curtain shifts in the moonlight
A door creaks closed, a breath of wind
I suppose
Window left open, I'll go close

Wham! the door slams open seemingly on its own
Shattering lights, pitch black
A scream so loud, my mind about to crack
I scamper for a door, futile in my attempt to escape
Black eyes impossibly stand out in a already black house
Fear holds me from releasing a tear
A dark figure, claws twisted, rippling muscle
pure white teeth glistening
Run screams my mind, legs a failing
One step, two steps, three
Looming above me a crooked smile forms on rotten lips
It has me in its grip

Open my eyes, heart rate raised
I feel completely dazed
A nightmare of the crazed
Gripping story of a nightmare similar to one I frequently have, I enjoy narrative poems and I hope you can enjoy these also.
Aug 2018 · 371
Time will tell
I miss...

The stroke of soft finger tips
The buzz from touching lips

Like lightning in a jar
I miss the hairs in my car

I long to find a soul again
Break free of all my chains

Not a moment forgotten
Memory's weave like Egyptian cotton

Hairs stand, soldiers on a neck
I've become a ship wreck

Love left me bearing all
I will fight to stand tall

Time will heal this void
My heart far from destroyed

Miss her, I do though.
A couplet poem about a love I have had and all though time has healed the void left from it all, I do find myself missing her at times.
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
Waiting on my web
Morning sun rises, here he comes
All night I have waited
Waiting for him to wake from his slumber

He is old, frail in need of company
She left him for a place in the clouds
Never a smile only a frown

I long to say good day
Its lonely on the web
Waiting to snare a bug
On the silken strands I call home

He shuffles his feet along the rug
I watch it all high upon the ceiling
Wishing for a glance upon my web

He never see's me
I see him with all eight eyes
Mr Mccoy, That's what I call him

He makes a cup of tea
I stretch a few legs hoping he will notice
The kettle boils, steam burns my feet
I scuttle to the top as beads form
Like raindrops on silver strings

His tender eyes peer out glass panes
Watching his crop, Old Mr Mccoy
Deep lines mark his face, thoughts of her mark his mind

Eight legs, no way to hug
If only he would see a friend in me

A picture of her, a tear shed
I spin my web, lowering
Closer and closer to his head

"Mr Mccoy ill be your friend!"
No words can I make to fall on death ears
He takes his tea and leaves me be

Tomorrow he might look up
Ill be ready, waiting on my web.
A little story of a spider who just wants a friend.
Aug 2018 · 325
Locus Amoenus
Blades of deadly green grass
Flowing through the mountain pass
Cut by streams like flowing glass
Icy cold to the touch
Reflecting luminous golden rays
Gifted from heavens above

A modest man tends his cattle
Watching closely with one eye
The other capturing a picture so sublime
A life of duty he would never decline

Tree's sway to the breath of the wind
Testing the strength of their limbs
Birds dance , singing hyms's
Flowers stretch their petals high
Towards the light so bright

All the while a man tends his cattle
In a mountain pass
Full of beautiful green grass.
Locus amoenus is Latin for "beautiful place" I hoped to capture a scene of a beautiful place in a pastoral way. I hope you all enjoy.
Aug 2018 · 269
Butterfly a Haiku
Flitter flutter up high
Wings of art Picasso, inspired
Humble butterfly
A Haiku about the butterflies i see in my garden. beautiful creatures, natures artwork at its finest.
Aug 2018 · 200
All day I have stayed sitting in the rays
Not stirring or diverting my gaze
On the outside a boring, motionless shell

Inside though...                                  
That is another story I know to well
My brain is starting to swell
Bigger and BIGGER feeling it might explode!
I am going to implode!
A inner struggle, a constant day dream
Onlookers walk by unaware of my nightmare
Inside my brain
I feel the pain.
Struggling with overwhelming thoughts is a daily problem with Bi-polar and
one I have become all to familiar too.
Aug 2018 · 239
No thank's Doc.
They called me in to a room unfamiliar
air smelling of guilt
A vase of roses left to die on the table
"take a seat" there voices distant

I know why I am here
They do not approve of my actions
heart pounding
"we just want to ask you some questions"
I do not have your answers my mind screams out

They believe I am guilty of a crime
I believe i was helping my melting mind

"your test was positive, your actions could hurt someone"
They can't understand my actions saved someone
No one notice's when your saving yourself
One puff to ease my thoughts
One puff to them causes death
Little do they know it prevented mine

Take this pill and that pill, "It will fix you"
No thank you doc i'll stick to natures crop

Synthetics are safe says the man with a certificate on his wall
Corruption is everywhere, lies upon lies

I am in trouble for smoking a plant
He's a business man for creating addiction
I pay a fine for feeling fine for the first time tonight
He receives money for causing another to suffer a helpless plight

"Are you sorry for what you did?"
Can they hear what they just said?

I wont apologise for helping myself
I wont give in to money and decpetion
you have all be led into inception!
   layer under
         layer under
              layer of wrongful perception
Stop fighting natural progression
Let me be me, I'll let you be you.
This is a opinion piece on cannabis if you greatly disagree i respect that and me no offence. I have seen it used and used it myself for medical reasons with great results. I would never push its use on someone else but i do not believe it should be illegal for it has such good benefits with the right knowledge and careful use. I am aware it has had negative impacts on others and I do not wish to cause any harm only to express how it has effected me and how the medical system is often corrupt, prescribing all manner of synthetic drugs causing more harm then good.
Aug 2018 · 218
Bumble bee
Bumble bee away
A flower full of pollen
Buzzing bee flying
Bumble bee haiku, remember to look after the bee's there ever so important.
Aug 2018 · 211
Broken, A thank you poem
Twisted mind's, curiously seeking for acceptance
Looking for guidance in a world of seclusion
Seeking a connection to communicate their progression
Scribbling words on vacant pages
Who could interpret the message within?
A small community in the far reaches
Thank you poets, For accepting
A broken mind.
Thank you to the community on hello poetry for being welcoming and being a place to share all my poems and thoughts.
Aug 2018 · 129
Buisness Escapade
Lost in thought
Ideas blossom
Action required

Not so quick
Change required
To quick again
A lesson learnt
For its never over

Another go
Always changing
Tweak here
      Tweak there
A forever journey.
The constant update and changing nature of running a business, also i think it could relate to our lives.
Aug 2018 · 828
Happy a Haiku
Happy today, Yes
Happy tomorrow, I hope
Sunshine, Golden rays
My first haiku, hope it brings a smile to your face.
Aug 2018 · 193
Why did love doom us?
Emotions a raging torrent
Fear, anger, hate, jealousy
Washing away the truth

Love fails no one
The absence of love brings the flood
Awash with sadness, darkened thoughts
Love was the light not the abyss
The light will return to guide your journey through the rapids
To open ocean, calm seas
Love never doomed us
Only our outlook
I hear to often that love is "evil" or "mean". I believe love is the greatest only our perception of love after it has been severed and stirred all the emotions we avoid do we think it is cruel.
Aug 2018 · 144
I Read
One, two, three... books
Stacked next to were I rest
This one, that one, there all the best
Reach for a cup of tea
Adventure awaits on the next page
A story of love, death and mystery
A change of mind, A change of genre
Knowledge, skills and ideas
A new book, new life.
Reading is one of my favourite past times, I hoped to capture fiction and non fiction, the escape a book offers or the information it can give you.
Aug 2018 · 4.9k
Country Kitchen
Sun light streams through the picturesque windows
   Cut to streaks through white cloth curtains
Birds chirp, cows graze, horses nay
   Fresh cut grass surfs the wind
Flowers bloom and fill the senses
   Breakfast feast a organised chaos
Coffee, tea and toast
   Stained jeans, warm shirts, big boots
   Country kitchen.
Trying to capture a morning in my house the way I remember it when I was growing up.
Aug 2018 · 561
The high cycle
Heavy are my thoughts
Hope to slow them down
Try this try that, never does it work
Now to try what I should not
Floating, flying through the clouds
Could this be the answer to my hopes and dreams
Crash, down comes the high
Thunderstorms in my mind, thoughts of pain
Give me more, end it all.
I wanted to portray the way drugs have felt in the past. using them to fix issues only to find new and worse issues.
Aug 2018 · 124
Same Mistake
Peace doesn’t come to those who ask
Clouded by their inner task
Twisted, Constricted and conflicted
Pouring hearts are cast aside for those who drown her thoughts in a web of lies.
Aug 2018 · 122
Flight of Thoughts
Never not moving
Aching, Longing, Constant
Overlapping, Intelligent, Breakdown unbearable
Comprehending everything, Impossible
Fail, Start again, Losing
Why wont you end.
Aug 2018 · 124
Emotions formed from fantasy
Unable to be conveyed
Longing to share the demons within
To unlock the passion and desire
Two sides to every mind
A chance to cry might be a laugh
A helping hand would make it last
To end the past and find love at last.
Aug 2018 · 990
Yellow Flower out of season
All alone but happy still
Vibrant, Full, Delighted
Outwards stretched rays of yellow
Holding strong, foundation grounded
Moving with the ebb and flow of forces uncontrolled
Smiling to whoever stares
Hoping maybe they do care.
My first poem and one of my favourites, laying in the garden a lone yellow flower when i was feeling down brought a smile to my face.

— The End —