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I have a nephew who's full of life
Makes me happy in this **** life .
He is the rising sun
Breaking light on every one
Helping me smile
Helping me be free
Colors just burst for he
He can not talk
He is special needs
But in his silence
I no his needs
He also smart
He understands me
He make me laugh
He so full of glee
So happy
So insightful
So misunderstood
He walks in a room
A bomb of energy
Oh dear sweet boy
I do love thee
Thankyou for trusting me
Thankyou for showing me
How to be free
You are the fastest river I ever see run
The strongest boy
So full of joy
Heart so pure
Colours dance around you when you sleep
He is the kindest wee boy you will ever meet x
My nephew is 6 he is special needs I spend a lot of time with him x we have a close bond . He such a sweetie x but he is ill in hospital so this is a poem dedicate to him xxxx I want him to be ok x
Take it to the bridge,
That's where it's meant to be,
It's meant to be remembered,
By lowly lock and key.

It's meant to stay forever,
It should never be forgotten,
It was there the entire time,
Yourself, not nearly so often.

It stayed there through the cold,
It stayed there through the rain,
It meant to stay with you,
Yet you never walked that bridge again.
You cling to the bars
And hold tight to your chains
Your mind blinded by stars
made by marketing brains

Working and slaving
Never sated, wanting more
Respecting, behaving
Raising your spiritual score

Right now, I am stating
You’re lost on earth at high noon
I shall be watching, and waiting,
from the far side of the moon
It's all a paradigm.
Very close you are i see
But I wander exactly who you may be
I do not authorise the duplication of this poem.
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