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Oct 2018
The square
keep inside or be cast aside
your now afloat on lost tides
for daring to seek outside the weak minds of people trapped inside a box of the majority.
Fighting for a voice amongst the singular "bah" of all the sheep.
A new view a different crew, opinions changed looking out for yourself instead being another parrot on the shelf.
We looked outside the box
only to be thrown away like rocks
fit the the four walls or don't fit at all
a world with so much potential yet we cant stop fighting and destroying each other and mother nature
maybe we need to have a look at the view
The square
First poem in months, reflecting on the inability for our "advanced" race to solve simple issues that have continued for ever. War, hate and misuse, individually we all know what is right and wrong but when the majority follow each other as we do, we appear to loose that moral compass and just agree with the bigger agenda.
The Boy With The Blue Umbrella
Written by
The Boy With The Blue Umbrella  21/M/Citizen of earth
(21/M/Citizen of earth)   
     JaxSpade and English Jam
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