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Apr 19 · 217
Aaina khan Apr 19
So many hopes tied to just this one line.
Its all gonna be alright.
Mar 9 · 502
Aaina khan Mar 9
That moment in life,
When you feel like, You are losing everything.
And all you can do is,
Just Stand there and watch.
Jul 2020 · 333
Aaina khan Jul 2020
I know you love me,
Not in a way,i want.
Jun 2020 · 303
Aaina khan Jun 2020
Why Do i Feel Guilty about
deleting my drafts or my hidden poems,
It feels like deleting a part of me
that i will never find again.

And even more Guilty bout calling my writings as poems,
because they don't rhyme or have any pattern,
They are not wrapped in the most beautiful way.
Just raw untouched thoughts.
Dec 2019 · 448
Aaina khan Dec 2019
You just Know,
Its time to Leave.
When they start Noticing,
Everything thats not good about you
and cannot see
Everything thats good about you..
Did you notice the things i have done foryou,
The eyeliner in my eyes,
or my new lipstick,
My hair,the way you like it,
or the dress,last time you said i looked beautiful.
i wore it again,just for you.

But all you noticed was,
My comfortable shoes which i dnt like to change,
and my blue nailpaint which maybe doest suited but that color makes me happy.
Oct 2019 · 327
Me without You
Aaina khan Oct 2019
I Choose to be without you.
Because I choose,
To be sad without you,
Rather than ,  not happy with you.
#happy #sad #you #me #choose
Sep 2019 · 607
So Done
Aaina khan Sep 2019
I am just so done with temporary things in life
Temporary people
Temporary Emotions
Temporary Efforts
Just do not want anything anymore,
Selfish people who thinks about you right after done thinking about themselves,
Situational care,only done when it's so easy to do.
Sticking together when it's all good to be with.
Being understanding when they are in a good mood enough.
Saying we are not two people,"we are one" just for the sake of saying.

In such a selfish world.
There is only one person you can have completely is Yourself.
And I dnt want incomplete anything.
Aug 2019 · 347
Aaina khan Aug 2019
Whenever I say goodbye to someone,
It takes me back to all the memories,
Where people left me,
Where i left someone,
And every single time it hurts so much more than it actually is.
Jul 2019 · 536
Aaina khan Jul 2019
That moment where you stop feeling Everything,
Songs are just words,
Music is just sound,
you just listen without feeling it,
and it no more syncs with your heartbeats.
That point in life when you are numb.
Jul 2019 · 595
Aaina khan Jul 2019
Every Single day feels like a struggle to get through,
and Every Single day I am just surviving and not living.
Jul 2019 · 491
Aaina khan Jul 2019
The light makes everything visible outside,
And the Darkness makes everything visible within.
Jun 2019 · 144
Aaina khan Jun 2019
I am just Tired,
Not Because My body Hurts,
or i dnt have any energy left inside me.

I am tired of Keeping up with everyones expectations,
I am tired of this questions inside me with no answers,
I am tired of calling my friends everytime with they not doing the same,
I am tired of taking all the efforts all alone,
I am tired of being the only one who does everything,
I am just tired of trying to keep everyone happy and failing,
I am tired of thinking that every one is so important in my life and giving them that importance,
I am tired of trying to be happy and all excited all the time,when there are just people around you, who dont let you be that way.
I am tired of starting all over again everytime it ends.

I am just tired of being tired.
Tiredness is not when you are physically exhausted,its the mental exhausation and just absence of happiness. you never feel tired when you are at your peak of happiness,you only feel it when you are low.
Jun 2019 · 348
Aaina khan Jun 2019
Not all questions are meant to be answered,
Some are left unanswerd forever.
Jun 2019 · 114
Aaina khan Jun 2019
Every night,
Eliminating all the thoughts for a peaceful sleep,
But you are the only thought i never quit
So i Sleep with It.

Every morning,
waking up with your thoughts
And the smile you brought,
Struggling throughout the day,hoping to meet you soon,
When in the sky lies the moon,
Just Like salt dissolves in the sea,
Lost in you, its Me.
Apr 2019 · 125
This is not a poetry
Aaina khan Apr 2019
One word but like so many feelings attached
So what exactly is love?
Don't expect any answes in here
Bcoz I myself is for searching for answers.

When we were small, innocent and with not so much of brains
The concept of love was so simple,
Two People meeting each other, falling in love and staying together forever.

But as we grow up,we find out that it's not so simple,
And it just gets complicated as we keep growing.
The more we try to understand it,the more complicated it gets.
The day we think we have figured it out and this is what exactly love is supposed to be,it just changes completely.

So what exactly love is,
I know we do love our parents and our family,
That is what,we compulsorily have to do.
These are the people we didn't choose for loving.
They are there with you and no matter what, you know they love you and you love them.

But what about the people we get to choose in our life's.
How would we know that we finally love someone enough to spend our lives with them.
How would we know that, that someone is made for you.
Or do we have to go through the process of taking chances with people and see if it works out or not and then keep doing that until we find the right one or get tired and settle for less.

So is Der a new and better process to find and know that if someone loves you and you actually love that someone?
Or we still need to follow the same old method .
The process feed into our minds through these movies and books and songs.
That if we think about someone all day long and smile and want to be with someone all the time, and just care about someone a little more than usual.
And yayy u r in love.
But this things, they are just so temporary and can be shifted to different people.

What if this concept of love fed into our minds doesn't exist.
Just forget it for a second
And then think how love would have been for you.
What would be your concept of it.
And then how would you know that you finally love someone.
Just like a hell lot of a confusion. Just help me if anyone of you have the answers. A different answer maybe. Those which I haven't heard before in movies or songs. Something real. Okay and ignore the mistakes if any. This I just wrote in one go. Whatever came in my mind and did not even read it twice before posting it.and thank you.
This is the place I can express anything I want to without thinking twice.
Jul 2018 · 648
Aaina khan Jul 2018
To All those Heart Broken lovers

You Spend your Entire life,trying to hate that one person,who doesn't even care.
Why don't you just use that energy to love all those people who care.

You get Depressed and start hating your life just bcoz of a person who doesn't even love you.
Why don't you just start loving your life for the people who love you so much.

We always Waste our Efforts in the Wrong Direction.
The Ratio is one:many. And that one person isn't worth it .
Jun 2018 · 607
Aaina khan Jun 2018
There are Footprints on the Sand as we Walk,
The Waves will come and wash them Away,
But, with the Ocean, Our Memories will Stay.
And then till Eternity,
The Ocean will have, A Story to Say.
#stories- the ocean knows
Jun 2018 · 1.1k
Aaina khan Jun 2018
Always I unliked the Taste of Coffee.
Due to the Bitterness that comes with It
Until,I added more Sugar to it,to Override the bitterness,
And now it was Sweet Enough for Me.

LIfe, Well life is like a Cup of Coffee.
With lot of Problems in it, making it bitter
So Dont Hate your Life or Lose Hope.
Just Add some Sugar in your Life in the form of Love from the people who love you,
In the form of those laughs with your friends,
In the form of things that make you smile.
And no matter What,Always Stay Positive.
It won't make the Problems Disappear.
But It will definitely give you the Strength To
"Walk the extra Mile with a Smile:)"
I still don't love coffee so much but yess i dont hate it anymore.
May 2018 · 199
Time is just a number
Aaina khan May 2018
With every wave that flows,
With the wind that blows,
With every movement of the clouds in the sky
I realise,i m so much in love with you.

With every heartbeat,
With everytime the eyelids meet,
With every breath i take
I realise,I m so much in love with you.
May 2018 · 337
Aaina khan May 2018
Sitting here alone at the beach,
Actually not alone,with so memories accompaning me.
Earphones plugged in and loud music,want to feel isolated around so many people.
With calm breeze of air,brushing through skin and hair.
As if trying to tell me,everything will be fine.
Raging waves hitting the rocks,just as reality strucks sometimes.
Waves moving up and down,mirroring the ups and downs of life.
Everytime it goes backward,it comes with even more force than before.
As if telling me to do the same,to go back in my past,dive deep into it and emerge back even stronger.
To never give up and keep moving.
May 2018 · 200
What if
Aaina khan May 2018
What if
Its the last sunrise you are watching,

What if
Its the last time,you are watching your mom do all those things for you.

What if
Its the last time you are leaving your home and never coming back.

What if
Its the last time you are walking on that road.

What if
Its the last time you are coming across all those strange faces.

What if
Its the last conversation you are having with someone.

What if
Its the last time you are looking at that one face that means so much to you.

What if
Its the last time you are laughing with your friends.

What if
Its the last sunset,the last breeze of air,the last rain.

What if
This moment is, all we have got.

Would you still look at all those things the normal way?
What if,we know that we are doing all those things for the last time ...would it still be the same way as we do it everyday.Not taking that moment seriously because we think we have so much time left.  And we keep wasting that time crying over things which we dnt even know would exist tomorrow or not.we will exist or not.  Do everything in your life,the way you would do,if it was your last. So you won't regret it actually being your last.
Apr 2018 · 161
Can't live without you
Aaina khan Apr 2018
This statement is so over-rated.
Nobody dies for someone
Either they live in misery or accept the  fact and move on.
Life doesn't stop for anyone,It goes on.

So stop saying this,as its so hard to believe nowadays..
Instead say                                
" I WANT TO LIVE WITH YOU and Mean it"
Mar 2018 · 209
Things that make me happy
Aaina khan Mar 2018
An Empty Beach
Just walking with nowhere to reach
Choclates crave
The Sound of Waves.
Shopping the latest trends,
Friendship that never ends
Starry Nights
Kids that smile so Bright
Talks that are Deep
Dressing up in style
My mamma's smile
Nature's tricks
Music that you feel
Good books that heal

The Colour Blue,
And YOU..
Feb 2018 · 139
Aaina khan Feb 2018
Your Memories make my Heart beat faster,
And the Smile just Stays,
Your Mind is in Sync with Mine,
Even when We are Away..
Feb 2018 · 942
Aaina khan Feb 2018
Beauty is skin deep
The Definitions of Beauty has Evolved. NowaDays..

Sensitivity is ****,
Sense of Humour is Hot,
Caring is Cute,
Being graceful is Gorgeous,
Positivity is Pretty,
Smartness is Stunning
Confidence in your Attire is Attractive.

Beauty is not about,Being Flawless,
Its about Being Full Of Yourself.
Feb 2018 · 280
Aaina khan Feb 2018
I find Peace in your Arms
The peace it feels ,
When in a silent night,
the Ocean Calms.
Jan 2018 · 218
Aaina khan Jan 2018
Seeing a Smile is INEFABLE,
But Hearing a Smile is Something NEW,
For that,Listen to Me Carefully,
While I am Talking to YOU.
Dec 2017 · 268
Love Redefined
Aaina khan Dec 2017
They say,
Love is not Attachment
   Attachment leads to Expectations.

They say,
Love is not Attraction
Attractions are Temporary.

They say,
Love is beyond the Emotions of Happiness and Pain.

But I say,
LoVe Is ..
An Extreme Feeling of Attraction Towards the Attached one with an Ocean of Emotions.
Dec 2017 · 217
I love you
Aaina khan Dec 2017
Don't say I Love You,
Say something more comforting like
I Won't Give Up On You..
Nov 2017 · 162
Aaina khan Nov 2017
I know its a mistake
But sometimes in life you have to make the mistake,
To know ,it was a mistake.
Because not doing anything is a bigger mistake,
As you will never know if it was a mistake or not. .

So its okay,Life is not about always Playing Safe.
Nov 2017 · 164
One sided love
Aaina khan Nov 2017
Love is the most beautiful Emotion
Just Love Someone without Expecting them to Love you back.
You will feel Powerful.
You will feel Independent.
And most importantly..
        You will feel Free.
Nov 2017 · 265
Don't Expect
Aaina khan Nov 2017
Don't Expect Happiness, be the happiness.
Don't Expect Love, be the love you want.
Don't Expect Loyalty, be loyal.

Don't Expect from Others to make you smile, you smile at everyone.
Don't Expect Others to not hurt you, you be kind to everyone.
Don't Expect Others to Support you all the time , you be there for everyone.

Don't Expect Forever,be Forever..

If each one of us do their part properly,the world will be such a better place to live..

— The End —