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Aaina khan Jul 2018
To All those Heart Broken lovers

You Spend your Entire life,trying to hate that one person,who doesn't even care.
Why don't you just use that energy to love all those people who care.

You get Depressed and start hating your life just bcoz of a person who doesn't even love you.
Why don't you just start loving your life for the people who love you so much.

We always Waste our Efforts in the Wrong Direction.
The Ratio is one:many. And that one person isn't worth it .
Aaina khan Jun 2018
There are Footprints on the Sand as we Walk,
The Waves will come and wash them Away,
But, with the Ocean, Our Memories will Stay.
And then till Eternity,
The Ocean will have, A Story to Say.
#stories- the ocean knows
Aaina khan Jun 2018
Always I unliked the Taste of Coffee.
Due to the Bitterness that comes with It
Until,I added more Sugar to it,to Override the bitterness,
And now it was Sweet Enough for Me.

LIfe, Well life is like a Cup of Coffee.
With lot of Problems in it, making it bitter
So Dont Hate your Life or Lose Hope.
Just Add some Sugar in your Life in the form of Love from the people who love you,
In the form of those laughs with your friends,
In the form of things that make you smile.
And no matter What,Always Stay Positive.
It won't make the Problems Disappear.
But It will definitely give you the Strength To
"Walk the extra Mile with a Smile:)"
I still don't love coffee so much but yess i dont hate it anymore.
Aaina khan May 2018
With every wave that flows,
With the wind that blows,
With every movement of the clouds in the sky
I realise,i m so much in love with you.

With every heartbeat,
With everytime the eyelids meet,
With every breath i take
I realise,I m so much in love with you.
Aaina khan May 2018
Sitting here alone at the beach,
Actually not alone,with so memories accompaning me.
Earphones plugged in and loud music,want to feel isolated around so many people.
With calm breeze of air,brushing through skin and hair.
As if trying to tell me,everything will be fine.
Raging waves hitting the rocks,just as reality strucks sometimes.
Waves moving up and down,mirroring the ups and downs of life.
Everytime it goes backward,it comes with even more force than before.
As if telling me to do the same,to go back in my past,dive deep into it and emerge back even stronger.
To never give up and keep moving.
Aaina khan May 2018
What if
Its the last sunrise you are watching,

What if
Its the last time,you are watching your mom do all those things for you.

What if
Its the last time you are leaving your home and never coming back.

What if
Its the last time you are walking on that road.

What if
Its the last time you are coming across all those strange faces.

What if
Its the last conversation you are having with someone.

What if
Its the last time you are looking at that one face that means so much to you.

What if
Its the last time you are laughing with your friends.

What if
Its the last sunset,the last breeze of air,the last rain.

What if
This moment is, all we have got.

Would you still look at all those things the normal way?
What if,we know that we are doing all those things for the last time ...would it still be the same way as we do it everyday.Not taking that moment seriously because we think we have so much time left.  And we keep wasting that time crying over things which we dnt even know would exist tomorrow or not.we will exist or not.  Do everything in your life,the way you would do,if it was your last. So you won't regret it actually being your last.
Aaina khan Apr 2018
This statement is so over-rated.
Nobody dies for someone
Either they live in misery or accept the  fact and move on.
Life doesn't stop for anyone,It goes on.

So stop saying this,as its so hard to believe nowadays..
Instead say                                
" I WANT TO LIVE WITH YOU and Mean it"
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