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Aaina khan Jul 2020
I know you love me,
Not in a way,i want.
Aaina khan Jun 2020
Why Do i Feel Guilty about
deleting my drafts or my hidden poems,
It feels like deleting a part of me
that i will never find again.

And even more Guilty bout calling my writings as poems,
because they don't rhyme or have any pattern,
They are not wrapped in the most beautiful way.
Just raw untouched thoughts.
Aaina khan Dec 2019
You just Know,
Its time to Leave.
When they start Noticing,
Everything thats not good about you
and cannot see
Everything thats good about you..
Did you notice the things i have done foryou,
The eyeliner in my eyes,
or my new lipstick,
My hair,the way you like it,
or the dress,last time you said i looked beautiful.
i wore it again,just for you.

But all you noticed was,
My comfortable shoes which i dnt like to change,
and my blue nailpaint which maybe doest suited but that color makes me happy.
Aaina khan Oct 2019
I Choose to be without you.
Because I choose,
To be sad without you,
Rather than ,  not happy with you.
#happy #sad #you #me #choose
Aaina khan Sep 2019
I am just so done with temporary things in life
Temporary people
Temporary Emotions
Temporary Efforts
Just do not want anything anymore,
Selfish people who thinks about you right after done thinking about themselves,
Situational care,only done when it's so easy to do.
Sticking together when it's all good to be with.
Being understanding when they are in a good mood enough.
Saying we are not two people,"we are one" just for the sake of saying.

In such a selfish world.
There is only one person you can have completely is Yourself.
And I dnt want incomplete anything.
Aaina khan Aug 2019
Whenever I say goodbye to someone,
It takes me back to all the memories,
Where people left me,
Where i left someone,
And every single time it hurts so much more than it actually is.
Aaina khan Jul 2019
That moment where you stop feeling Everything,
Songs are just words,
Music is just sound,
you just listen without feeling it,
and it no more syncs with your heartbeats.
That point in life when you are numb.
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