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Chandler Lauren Feb 2013
Secrets secrets secrets
I know all your stories
Your insecurities
Your dark side

Secrets secrets secrets

Some you told me
Some that other guy told me
Some I overheard
Others I have acquired illicitly

Secrets secrets secrets

I hold your reputation
And your mental stability
And your trust
In my hands

Secrets secrets secrets

I am trustworthy
And that's a good thing
But who hasn't made bad choices before?

Secrets secrets secrets

You know some of mine
Think you know all of mine
You could crush me bit by bit
but in the wrong hands,

Secrets secrets secrets

Are nothing but a truce between frenemies
Like two loaded guns
Aimed at eachother
Smiling, but set to **** if necessary.

Secrets secrets secrets

Are they really secrets at all?
Are you sure you know me?
Whispers run rampant here.
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2014
Secrets locked in me
Secrets like the sea

Secrets deep and blue
Secrets hid from you

Secrets far away
Secrets I can't say

Secrets that swell
Secrets I'll never tell

Secrets you wish you knew
Secrets to not hurt you

Secrets because I can't trust
Secrets because I must

Secrets you don't deserve to know
Secrets that I will never show

Secrets too cold to discuss
Secrets that will hurt both of us

Secrets evil and clever
Secrets sadly forever
Babygirl Oct 2014
Secrets, they build inside.
This secret she hides, will be the reason why she died.
He was always there, whispering those sweet secrets in her ear.
He would whisper her greatest fear.
He, i bet you wanna know who who he is, right?
He is Depression, the reason she cries herself to sleep at night.

Secrets, secrets, running through her mind, trapped in her head.
Secrets, secrets, she wished, she was was dead.
They started out small, just one word.
Soon, they became all she heard.
Ugly, fat, worthless, broken, sad, not good enough, stupid, lost.
She wanted it to stop, no matter the cost.

He came once in a while, and whisper the secret special for just her.
She was so polite always said ma'am and sir.
No one would have guessed the intensity of the storm inside her mind.
She wishes it would just stop, but she doesn't have anyone to confide..
This is the end for her, she writes a note to a phantom; no one cares.
He sits by watching, she can feel the intensity of his stares.

She writes to her mom, knowing she won't care, she writes three words.
She can just imagine the feeling of freedom; to fly with the birds.
She writes to her siblings, the tears are falling faster than before.
This is what she has dreaded to the core.
Secrets tumbling around her head; she carves them into her wrist.
She has fallen so far down she knows, she won't be missed.

She folds the finished letter and leaves it on her desk.
The scene left behind will be one of the most grotesque ..
She had secrets, hanging from her lips.
But she was to scared they would only make you want her for her hips.
They were there, written in her eyes.
But instead, you believed the lies..

Secrets are like anchors, they are heavy and they weigh you down.
Soon these secrets will cause her to drown.
She takes the blade begins her artwork, with her canvas as her wrist.
This razor is her paintbrush, and with it she will give her story a twist.
She carves the word 'Secrets' into her skin.
She will forever lay in this sin.

The blood creates a pool surrounding her wrists.
She was the perfect one to be darkness kissed.
She had secrets, and they weighed her down.
Now she will stay forever in Heaven with a broken crown.
She was an angel with a dark past, and a twisted mind.
She had finally told all her secrets, she was no longer confined.
Spades Lacoe Aug 2015
We all have secrets,
No one can know.
We all have secrets,
That we're afraid to let go.

Some secrets,
Are better then others.
Some secrets,
We hide from our mothers,

Some secrets,
Everyone hears.
Some secrets,
Everyone fears.

Some secrets,
Are plain to me.
Some secrets,
No one will see.

My secrets,
No one will know.
My secrets,
I wont let show.

If I did tell you,
They'd come in a hush,
So shush shush...

Behind my smile is a hurting heart,
Behind my laugh Im falling apart,
Look closely at me and you will see,
The girl I am? Isn't me.
Hannah Gaines Apr 2017
So many secrets I’ve kept,
So many lies I have kept away,
I’ve tried to be the best,
But I keep being a mess up and a mistake…

I can’t tell you..but I’m having enough of keeping so many secrets,
Secrets, secrets, secrets,
I can only hold so many secrets, I can only hold so much,
Please help me

I’m slowly going mad with these secrets…
Secrets, secrets, secrets.
Before I begin I want to ask a question.
How many of you here have secrets you would never tell anyone?
Now if you know who I am,
You know I've recently taken to asking questions,
Before I let loose my rhymes and rhythms,
Before I allow my words to do the walking.
I can understand if you all have secrets that you won't tell anyone,
I do not mean the secrets that you trust to your closest friends or your spouse,
I mean the secrets that will die with you,
It is in human nature to always hide things that we are afraid of,
Some hide them for the simple reason that they do not trust others,
Some hide them because they cause to much pain,
Some hide them because they wish that part of their life had never occurred,
Now if you do not fall under one these three main categories there are hundreds of other reasons,
But for you people that do I understand,
I hide my secrets from everyone because I do not trust them,
To trust them would mean to allow someone else with complete control over my darkest secrets,
Over my life,
I hide secrets because I am afraid of what others will think of me,
Because society has taught us that we have to fit in,
That we cannot be different,
I hide things because of the pain that it brings me just to think of,
Let alone speak of,
Could you imagine if I told people and they brought it up by accident,
I hide things because I myself do not believe,
Or wish not to believe that things happened,
Idiotic stupid things,
Things I never thought I'd do,
So if you ever think that you are the only one with secrets,
Just think of this poem,
And think of this,
If no one in my life new that I wrote poetry until 2012,
What other secrets do I hide.
Every where there's secrets
some are dark, some light
Everywhere there's secrets
Some best kept out of sight
Everywhere there's secrets
Of the living and the dead
Everywhere there's secrets
Some are better left unsaid

Would you listen to what you heard
If these walls could talk
Would you be scared to hear
If these walls could talk
Sounds of when you sat and cried
If these walls could talk
Of the day that Mama up and died
If these walls could talk

Look about and you will see
A secret in disguise
Look about and you will see
Just don't look through your eyes
Look about and you will see
A secret, full of lies
Just look about and you will see
Where secrets soar and rise

Secrets buried in the walls
If these walls could talk
Of playing games in upstairs halls
If these walls could talk
Fighting behind bedroom doors
If these walls could talk
Would you listen to the open sores
If these walls could talk

Secrets hidden in plain sight
But absorbed by an old house
Secrets hidden in plain sight
Silent, quiet like a mouse
Secrets hidden in plain sight
of a hero or a louse
Secrets hidden in plain sight
Behind the walls of an old house

Scars and cuts and verbal stones
If these walls could talk
Could break our hearts and break our bones
If these walls could talk
Sounds of laughter and of moans
If these walls could talk
Would you hear the ancient, haunted tones
If these walls could talk
Seye Kuyinu Jun 2014
You have secrets
Dark dark secrets
Now you stay far away
From my grasp not knowing
that I have mine too

You once slept with a god
And birthed the star, Eridanus
That night you cried.
You cried a river but the river
Was for the blood shed.
Dark secret! Dark, dark secret.
No one knew about this
But now I do.

I have my secrets too
I once drove over a bird
Its wings were broken
But I didn't see it on time.
A swerve to the left,
a swerve to the right
and there was blood under my tire
and golden feathers became red.
I became a murderer at 21.
The most horrible feeling ever
But now you know.
See! Secrets.

I have offered to wash this poison
from off  your skin
I have offered to wash my stains
From off your chest
But you say,'Darling, I have secrets".

In your mind, each day I become thinner
And thinner
and thin
Like the smoke from your last cigarette

Each day I am trampled upon
Like the **** from your last stick
But in your heart, I am like your blood
craving nicotine every night the rain falls
every evening you hear the train hoot
every morning you see your brother.

i have secrets too.
they are with you.
I found out a secret about a friend who didn't know I had found out.
DC raw love Dec 2016
Secrets as a chlid,
are done for fun...

Yet secrets in life,
can lead one to a gun...

Secrets that one hides,
can only lead to dispise...

Secrets we hold,
as we grow old...

Secrets we feel,
cant always be healed...

Secrets between two,
of love so true...

Secrets about ***,
is always the best...

Secrets that hurt,
come from the dirt...

Yet secrets of two,
are held by me and you...
Lilly May 2018

Soul eating monsters

Your secrets, so happy, so perfect

My secrets, so dark, so hurtful

Your secrets fill you with joy

My secrets fill me with despair

You are a saver

So save me from my unending doom



Secrets hurt,

secrets can ****.

Secretes create lies,

Secrets break me.

Echo Nov 2014
"Secrets" by One Republic

I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess

'Til all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I've said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw me wink, no
I've been on the brink, so

Tell me what you want to hear
Something that'll light those ears
I'm sick of all the insincere
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time
Don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

My God
Amazing how we got this far
It's like we're chasing all those stars
Who's driving shiny ******* cars

And everyday I see the news, all the problems that we could solve
And when a situation rises, just write it into an album
Send it straight to gold
but I don't really like my flow, no so

Tell me what you want to hear
Something that'll light those ears
I'm sick of all the insincere
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time
Don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Oh, got no reason, got no shame
Got no family I can blame
Just don't let me disappear
I'm gonna tell you everything

So tell me what you want to hear
Something that'll light those ears
I'm sick of all the insincere
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time
Don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

So tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
I'm sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time
Don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

All my secrets away
All my secrets away
CH Gorrie Apr 2015
There are situations in which one is cut off from the opportunity to do one's work or enjoy one's life; but what can never be ruled out is the unavoidability of suffering. In accepting this challenge to suffer bravely, life has a meaning up to the last moment, and it retains this meaning literally to the end. — Viktor Frankl

[T]here is no coming to consciousness without pain. — Carl Jung

Should the conflagration climb
Run till all the sages know — William Butler Yeats

Heart-injured in North London, he became
The Latin scholar of his generation. — W. H. Auden

It's urgent,
Fiercely non-communicable.
(Carry a firestorm in your veins.)

Secrets, secrets are no fun
Secrets, secrets hurt someone

The secret, untranslatable, hurts the secret-holder:
Frustration disguises isolation.
Distilled isolation is pain.
Purified pain is meaning.
(Carry a firestorm in your veins.)

Secrets, secrets are no fun?
Secrets, secrets hurt someone?

O, only momently!
Heart-injury transfigured is salvation.
(Carry a firestorm in your veins.)
Poem for day 2 of National Poetry Month.
Raj Arumugam Oct 2010
all secrets
are open
and there are
no longer secrets in our
and that’s not because
of Russian sirens
or American bombshell blondes
or Chinese academics
or Japanese robots
or smug British 007s -
but because, plainly,
secrets are no longer secrets
See, I’ll show you;
easy and logical
Everybody knows secret, right?
whoever kept it secret
since the word first appeared?
every teacher
goes head over heels
to put it on the vocabulary list
so the word is no longer secret;
also ‘secrets’ and ‘secret’
appear in every dictionary
and they appear everywhere
and everybody has them;
and even a child knows secrets
thanks to those
eager teachers
and the do-good moms and dad -
so what’s so secret about secret anymore?
I told you I’ll show you.
But not to worry;
we’ll bring back secrets
not so loud….
we’ll bring back secrets –
it must be something nobody knows
not in any dictionary
not something public
not something you can google
and make it so easy
so it’s: secuzinis
Not so loud….
What’s wrong with you?
See, nobody knows the word
and so secrets are safe and back again…
So secuzinis
Not so loud….
Oh God! – there’s
something seriously wrong with you!
Well, be quiet
and all our secuzinis are safe
and unknown as secrets before
as only you know this
and I know this
that is, if I can trust you
and you can trust me
with secuzinis….
Not so loud….
you see, it’s not even in the dictionary
and Google hasn’t even got a clue!
Veronica Smith Dec 2013
This town is too small for secrets
The sidewalks are adorned with names and dates
Of couples whose love dissolved twenty years ago
While moss oozes out of the letters.

This town is too small for secrets
Through windows at night
The citizens play out their dollhouse lives
And dysfunction is locked away in grandmother’s armoire.

This town is too small for secrets
Where bars close at seven in the morning and open an hour later
And the tenders are purveyors of free psychiatry
Who put advice in bowls between stale peanuts
And place them on the counter.

This town is too small for secrets
Every hour the two churches compete for the loudest bells
But the protestant one always wins
And the Catholics having mass ignore its pleading voice
But whisper politely in each other’s ears
About the scandalous protestors out on Main.

This town is too small for secrets
With its coffee shops littered with youth
Who deny their wealth through coffee steam
And discuss the state of countries they can’t place on a map
And slowly leach out in to the frigid rain
Back to new cars and million-dollar homes
Where daddy pays the bills.

This town is too small for secrets
The college students drink their scholarships in red plastic cups
And scuttle towards their shared flats
Collapse in to bed too tired to sleep
Stare at the ceiling and wonder why they didn’t transfer
Three semesters ago.

This town is too small for secrets
With its gated communities of retirees
Where the homes are manufactured
And the walls papered with the smiling faces of clean-cut grandchildren
And the rebellious ones packed away
From the neighborhood gossip’s prying eyes.
Chalsey Wilder Jun 2013
My secrets whisper inside him
Whispers so faint, on one could hear them but me
My secrets should never be told
Only two people know of one
And I doubt the person who did it would forget
My secrets so fragile, harsh, and embarrassing
But I can’t put them away, or bury them nicely in the ground
But I try to forget them and try not to mention them in mind or reality
But they always come back to eat at me more than they did when they came last
But it seems every time I deal with them they won’t disappear
Until… until I set them free
And it knows I won’t, so it tugs at me everyday
My secrets, the ones never spoken
They still whisper inside of him
He carries them around hoping it’s not written on his face
Our secret, I wish we’ve both forgotten
But it’s not
My secret, his secret, our secret
Something I regret everyday and every time I close my eyes
My secrets unspoken, have made me more broken
Something no one should ever deal with
So I’ll tell them, but not them all
And everyone will see it on his face
But that won’t make me feel better
So it remains hidden, because of what I won’t do
And because of what they will do
Creating havoc in his life and pity in mine
That just makes it all worst
For me and everyone around me
That secret will always follow me, anywhere I go it’ll still be with me
It’ll still be there when I say it, and it will be everywhere surrounding me in its deafening grip
Pulling the life out of me until I’m stiff with the numbness of a dark, cold soul
Those secrets, my secrets the one's unspoken
Makes my humanity break inside and my heart disappear
Persephone Mar 2013
secrets, so many secrets
things you'll never guess
secrets so secret, I dare not confess.

secrets that pull me
far down to the ground,
secrets that take me
away to be drowned.

these secrets, so secret
are such a heavy burden
I'm choking, suffocating,
inside my custom prison

as much as I wish, these secrets
must never be spilled
or else how could I feel
anything but killed

how could I tell you
that I'm too afraid to eat
how can I tell you
when I can hardly speak

what will you think
when you know that I self harm
what will you do?
simply stare at my arms

I don't deserve your help, I confess
it is I and only I who is a part of this mess
go, you are free from troubles
enjoy now or it won't last
enjoy it now so in your future
... I was a bit nervous about publishing this poem to be honest... but in a way it felt like I was lifting a weight off my shoulders. Feel grateful in every passing moment and never take advantage of people and things around you <3 xoxo
Caroline Edwards May 2018
I used to lay my secrets in the wind,
Secrets that only the wind and I would share,
Secrets that without the wind should drown me,
Secrets I could only tell the wind.

Secrets you wouldn't dare to imagine,
When I pulled the wool over your eyes,
What did you think I was up to?
Secrets only I could imagine.

Secrets that came in numbers,
Just like you and I, a pair,
But you aren't the only half in my pair,
Or a third, or a quarter which comes in numbers.

I can't decide why I cannot be one for one,
For a singleton is never enough, not for me,
The boredom I receive does not suffice,
Not from one, two, or three.

The guilt I carry is but a secret,
A secret just for me,
A secret in my mind, I grinned,
Another secret laid in the wind.
Adrian Nov 2017
You wanna know a secret?
Just a you and me secret
just a little whisper in the dark secret
just a little take it to your grave secret
just a little silent confession
just a little tremor in the voice
and a quake in your step
please help I cant keep this in any longer secret
don't tell anyone I'd be ruined secret
but no one can keep those secrets,
can they?
they turn it into
don't tell them I told you this they'd be so mad
or a
I'm only telling you because I tell you everything
secrets are meant to be kept
but secrets rarely remain secrets
sometimes people aren't trustworthy
but maybe
maybe secrets aren't meant to be kept
just maybe
it's only natural
the way they sit in the back of your throat
and throttle you
making you want to turn them into a
god you won't believe what they just told me but don't tell anyone
we have to tell secrets
if we want to let them go
if we don't want them to strangle us
grow into our flesh and
infect our bloodstream
and consume us until we are
our secrets
so can I tell you a secret?
just a you and me secret
if you promise you won't keep it
Secrets floating
Floating through the wind
Sitting on the tips of our tongues
Ringing in our ears
Secrets so eager to be told
Don't tell anyone
Don't say anything
One person
Another person
Another secret
Rumors made from secrets
Secrets are never secrets
Real secrets are never told
But forever held in the mind
Stuck until it kills us
Lilly May 2018
I've got a secret
I can't tell it
I've got a headache
I can tell why
My secrets are bearing down upon me
They are crushing my mind
No one will know
Take it to the grave


My secrets would **** me if I let them.
My secrets would hurt others if I let them.
Others won't get hurt by what I feel if they don't know.
My secrets will **** me, or I'll **** them.
Secrets hurt.

Broken Pieces Mar 2020
Why do these exist?
They tear me apart bit by bit.
I'm so tired of all these lines,
"You can't know now just wait a bit."
Please either tell me everything or leave.
I'm done with secrets.
Sinex Dec 2014
You say you are ready to hear my secrets.
You ask me everyday.
The secrets of my mouth I can do part.
But the secrets of my heart that grow heavier everyday.
cannot be dragged from
their deepening pit.
where I choose
to no longer
shine my

Somes things I cannot share,
inspiration from
'a wise man's fear' by Patrick Ruthfoss,
he first mentions the different type of secrets.
Irene X Chen May 2010
There’s a dark grotto
Under the sea
With shelves and shelves
Of bottles
Clear, glass bottles
All of my secrets

A carefully watched castle
The middle of a concentric series of impassable walls
Surrounded by a forest of kelp
With razor-sharp teeth
And then the narwhals
The narwhal guards
Armed to the teeth with halibut-slicing knives
Their three-meter horns
Gleaming in the moonlight
All of my secrets

Skeletons, trespassers of yore,
Strewn about the seafloor
Bones picked clean
By the scavenging *****
No one can enter
No one can leave
The grotto with the shelves
Shelves and shelves of clear, glass bottles
All of my secrets

But as for the *****
For the first time in centuries
The sunlight warms the waters
Melts the kelp
Kisses the narwhals
Buries the bones and torments the scavengers
Clearing away the darkness
A nonstop route through the castle
All of my secrets

The tendrils of photons creep along
Ready for a fight
The grotto growls menacingly
For the first time in centuries
But upon the first touch -
Light meets stone -
The sea shudders
And in repayment for salvation
Out come the bottles
Floating to the surface
Bathing in the light
All of my secrets
Ale Williams Dec 2014
Secrets are meant
to be kept
in your mind.

Blowing around aimlessly
in your thoughts
and feelings.

Some people, I think,
are created specifically
for keeping secrets.

The point of a secret
is no one is ever
supposed to know.

And you're most certainly
not allowed
to let it show.

I am equipped
for keeping secrets
that are not my own.

See, because secrets
are meant to be
kept deep down in.

Whereas my secrets
are left exposed
on my skin.
Charlene Aug 2018
So many so many in my head,
    a million secrets tucked away
    never to surface. Never to be told.

    Secrets with so many people the names have faded from my brain.
So many years in hiding ,these secrets no longer have a name.
     Except for a few ,or many of millions.
These secrets hold a different kind of secrecy . These are the speacial ones.
    The ones that play again and again in my mind.
   The kind that makes me smile, and have me cry, the kind of secretes that gets  me aroused . Secrets that also makes me sad.
These are the kind of secrets I will never ever regret.
    These are the secrets of Me and Someone else.

   The best kind of secrets, the ones you'll  never tell.
Paige Miller Apr 2013
It’s a free country, whose prices are skyrocketing,
skyrocketing with the number of secrets.
Pick up pamphlets proclaiming promises,
but look how the fine print demands your liberty.
Everything is written in the same language,
the exchange rate for a few dollars.

Pieces of paper riddled with numbers, dollars
burn through pockets, leaving scars with pain skyrocketing.
The poor and huddled masses all speak the language,
exchanging on the black market fragments of skeleton secrets.
Torch in one hand, book in the other, let’s ask Lady Liberty
why the cobblestone was pressed with broken promises.

Collect the torn shreds of scattered paper promises,
recycle, dye, reprint, now you have dollars.
Hear the cracks ring through the bell of liberty,
sending a sound shockwave skyrocketing,
blowing the dust off old, forgotten boxes stuffed with secrets,
lies that became incorporated. We all cry in the same language.

A father speaks to his daughter in the language
of soccer games and zoo trips. Shattered promises,
fill the gaps between their hearts, fueled by secrets.
Problems he tries to fix by handing her a few dollars.
His excuses keep coming and her frustration is skyrocketing.
She desires greener pastures, to run away with liberty.

In Korean it’s jayu. In Russian it’s svoboda. Liberty
translates to the same message in every language.
Liberté, the distance between oceans is skyrocketing
as worn hands struggle holding glass promises.
La libertad! Paper sons are born spending hard earned dollars,
confusing pesos with dollars, their lies with their secrets.

The walls are willing to whisper your secrets,
silence can be exchanged for handfuls of liberty.
A binding contract, you’ll get paid with dollars.
The ultimate truth: it’s the universal language.
Homes are built on a foundation of hollow promises,
with no door to escape, and the scaffolding is skyrocketing.

Freiheit! Voices skyrocket into one language,
tearing holes in liberty where promises lied,
it all costs something. Dollars buy secrets. Dollars hide secrets.
Monika Oct 2015
Tonight we shared all our secrets
sheer in all their glory

Unlike a brushed-up story
where we characterize ourselves

Secrets as they were pure as life itself
right from our heart's preserved shelves

No edited version of truth as it was
no need to  glorify ourselves

Secrets as they were ; not to be ashamed of
a testimony of life lived to it's fullest

No story of our mind-confined selves
imprinted upon by a thousand impressions

Secrets of the spirit as God created
with all the elements he beholds in creation

No shame ; no guilt in feeling
the feelings bestowed by nature

Not a story of accomplishments
but secrets of realizations

Secrets that made us who we are
taking us a step closer to the creator

A night of acknowledging
and overcoming
who we thought we were supposed to be

stepping into who we are..
sacred, precious and holy
a speck in the galaxy
yet a complete universe in our being

our own God
that's who we are...
Sharing a secret or two with a friend is always worth it...
Sacrelicious Jul 2012

got you
all *******

Once more.

To her
heart breaking

Witch, she possesses.
to play the pawn
in her *****'s game.

Like a champ.

But will you really be winning?

When you find all-o-those,
***** little secrets.

She has hidden in her black-lace-*******.
Shae Sun James Apr 2011
the backyard is home to a field of flowers
amidst the roots the family dog discovers skeletons
the petals stick to themselves; the weeds spread
it's found that the flower-bed holds its secrets
with curiosity and wandering eyes comes a child
in innocence, he opens his arms only to receive pain

he drops to the earth, writhing in pain
his light form crushing the weeds and flowers
the dog barks at the screaming child
and tries to release him from the skeletons
the strength of their grasp is that of their secrets
you see the effects spread

across the child's skin they spread
his face warping under the pain
opening his mouth, he began releasing his secrets
telling only the ears of the crushed flowers
and the arms around him, those of the skeletons
look at the helpless child

the bones are engulfing the child
grabbing and pulling, faster they spread
the boy becomes one with the skeletons
he becomes one with his pain
his body sinks further down into the flowers
and the flowers promise to keep his secrets

the weeds overheard his secrets
the boy looks less and less of a child
as he settles in with the flowers
making room for him, the flowers spread
the suffering subsides, decreasing pain
he's almost as the skeletons

his body unites with the skeletons
the ***** age keeps his secrets
no longer is there pain
no longer is there a child
into the ground, his limbs spread
into the roots of the flowers

the pain no longer is in the child
because the skeletons stole his secrets
his bones spread among the flowers
© SSJ 2011.
KidPoet Apr 2017
Deep underground where secrets are fool,
Flowers are ocean blue surrounding water, a starry pool
They've heard wishes and dreams so quiet and serene,
Whispering quotes so quiet and unseen;

They've seen wars and deaths,
They are past, present, and future alike;

If only memories could fly they would've been gone a long time ago;

They've heard secrets and lies and repeat the sayings each time,
They have no beginning or end;

Never ever dead;

A garden of secrets unheard and untold,covered in scars they are getting old;

One day 5 are gone,
Then 4,
Then 3,
Then 2,
Until only 1 was left;

A girl, a child found the blossom and said words of the surface;
The sun, The waters;
Everything had a purpose

The last flower withered and died;

The  garden of secrets is gone;

The broken dreams and withered wishes;


People grieve and cry,
But do not know that memories never disappear;
The seeds of the past, present, and future lay still dormant;



They just need more secrets,
To grow.
Written by an 11 year old me
CJN May 2017
❝many scientist wants to wander you for you are a galaxy,
Universe to be specific, that hold vast of hidden secrets;
another piece of a masterpiece indeed.
You hold hundreds of different secrets, curiosity, maybe.
But I'm gonna tell 3 of those secrets out of hundred—

Oh! You're the sun of the Earth, my love—
You brights in that loneliest corner,
even though it's just a penetrating sun ray,
it lit and gives encouragement to one another;
You inspires someone to be as delighted as you are,
I wonder if you're a fan of Helios, the god of sun.

Oh! You're a whirling beautiful black hole
You keeps on pushing us in the boundaries of
You keeps on hiding secrets in the depths of your hole,
You are just so mesmerizing but— what does your
beauty wants to convey? What kind of danger does
we need to face to get to know the secrets you hide?

Oh! You're an exquisite planet Earth, my love—
You sustain life and gives a special place for everyone
Where people live and love you for you loved them back
When universe is dying, you have billions of man to bring you back;
to plant trees and flowers, to bring nature back—
You're not failing when you have someone to live as your Sun.❞ 1/3

—to those who thinks they're not special, this poem is for you x Author
「the stars that lies underneath your eyes」
I am so close
to saying goodbye,
to being finished
because I can't
live anymore.

I walk about
with a smile on my face
while my insides are being
ripped apart,
with a mask so heavy
it encases my body
so densely and restricting
while withering away
whatever is left inside
slowly killing it.
I have a lot of secrets
there are some I cannot share
Some things need to be kept quiet
I am sorry if you don't think that's fair
There are bad things that I have done
I have made people cry
I have disliked a person so very much
that I wished she would die
Some of the secrets I have though
are secrets I cannot hide
Everyone knows that I used to be a cutter
and yes I have thought of suicide
Sometimes I still have suicidal thoughts
but I am learning to ignore them
I am learning to embrace life like a giant cookie
I don't need to give into them
Some secrets I have make me cry
I wish they weren't in my head
When I think of these secrets they make me angry
and I wish myself dead
These secrets are past memories that no one else needs to know
their memories that don't exist anymore
meaning it is time I let them go
WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: April. 6, 2011 Wednesday 10:42 A.M.
pookie Mar 2014

all of this words mean a lot to me,
i've used all of them,
had them used on me,
but most of all i understand them,

understanding is the most important,
because its not just about seeing when they have been used,
but how to use them to protect yourself,
protect your heart and mind,
your soul and your life,

there will be times when you need to mislead people so you are safe,
times when you need to keep secrets so others are not hurt,
but also when to tell a secret or break one open,

but understanding is more than that,
its about seeing that no matter what you do,
it will be painful,
it will make you cold inside,
and it will change you.


all­ of this are important,
to see,
to use,
to understand.

life is hard, life is tough, secrets hurt but they also protect, mysteries surround every person we have to break and untangle them, dishonesty is hard and nasty but is needed in a world where every one leads us astray, misleading is every where we need to understand how to find the right path, and finally illusions are simple yet complex we use them to hide our pain but we get hurt by the through out our life.

for us to live,
to see,
to be free,
we need to understand,
to be set free.
i've been hurt by all of these words at some point and yes i've used them.

for us to be truly free to live our lives we have to understand them.

— The End —