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Adrian Feb 2019
An alien, the strangest thing, with dark grey eyes and bright green skin
He is my dearest friend, this alien, this lovey fluorescent guy
He lives far away, among the stars, who know him as well as I do
He tells me things no one knows, yet I forget them at goodbye
I truly hate it when he leaves, because he leaves me high and dry
I hope he never leaves for good, for without him I may die

I’d shrivel alone, without the universe in his wide eyes
Discontent with my ever so monotonous human days
But my alien has not left me yet, he has not let me down
At night we dream under his stars, at day bask in the suns rays
He navigates me through outer space,an endless starry maze
I am lost in his bright blaze
Adrian Feb 2019
I know a girl who breathes fire
She ***** it in
Holds it in her throat for a while
Then breathes out
The inferno lights up
Her cold, dark belly
I know a girl who breathes fire
Whips and tendrils
And sometimes coils
She’s burning up from the inside
But she keeps on breathing
Raggedy, patched throat
Inhaling white hot tongues of it
I know a girl who breathes fire
I pray she keeps on breathing
Adrian Nov 2018
I miss you like you’re living
With you I felt like I could breath
Biting, stinging
With you I could breathe
But they told me I have to hold my breath
Or else I’ll drown
So I don’t breathe anymore
And no one breathes
And we all hold our breath in silence
But god,
I wish I could breathe
And god,
You made me feel like I could breathe
Adrian Nov 2018
If my voice were loud enough
I’d climb the tallest mountain
And shout from the top
If my voice were loud enough
I’d tell everyone what I need them to hear
If my voice were loud enough
I’d scream through cities and suburbs
A ghostly voice echoing through buildings
And subway tunnels
If my voice were loud enough
You’d never stop hearing me
Because if I could be heard
I would be heard
But my voice isn’t loud enough
Because I’m 14
Because I’m Hispanic
Because I’m queer
Because I’m a girl
Because I’m just one girl
But if we all use our voices
A million different voices
Clamoring to be heard
We just might be loud enough
Adrian Nov 2018
I love you
I love you
Say it back
I love you
                  No you don’t
Adrian Sep 2018
I'm nothing without you
and I know that's pathetic
but I can't help feeling that it's true
without you, I feel empty and mute and boring
I feel worthless and unloved
god I wish I could turn back time
to when you wanted me like I wanted you
my brain can't process that it's over
it doesn't add up
you were my everything
and now you want to be nothing
I just can't understand
how emotions can change that fast
I keep thinking that you'll come back
say you've changed your mind
that you love me and you need me and you miss me
I keep trying to convince you
like somehow I can make you understand
how good we were together
and make myself understand
how you wouldn't want that anymore
heartbreak *****
Adrian Aug 2018
didn't think you would leave me
alone in the rain
guess I was blind
let clouds
fog up my visionn
guess I was stupid
for placing you so high
you had to fall
anyone would fall
but I didn't think you would leave me
alone in the rain
god i feel so
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