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Seye Kuyinu Oct 2014
My ****** mind craved
a new hearing from you
I would sit night after night
Imagining castles and angels
I would dress not in a cape
But in Burberry mufflers and a hat
learning to serenade in your voice.
The in betweens beckon once in a while
but i have known the true voice
just like you know from deep within.
I know of a woman who thought picking cherries
and dreaming of castles were for the wrong
I know of another woman,
Evolved from the Eloi Clan
And Elvish. And she sings
The rain to sleep.
She is Bella
I am learning
to breath
and I hope you still do.
  Sep 2014 Seye Kuyinu
Jon T Wagner
I'd give up my left arm to always be right beside her. My right arm for her to know she's what I have left and both arms to be able to hug her when's she away. I just don't think I have enough to give to get the courage to tell her when she's here.
Seye Kuyinu Jul 2014
writing letters of apology,
we utter words like,
'weakness in man. the curse!
women, the abominable sin'.

writing letters of apology
we first deny the obvious
welding lies with truth
wrecking trust with words

writing letters of apology,
we quite recall others
who stepped in these traps
wearing shields and helmets

writing letters of apology,
wriggling in pain and depression
we gnash our teeth
words admitting that man is weak.
Seye Kuyinu Jul 2014
today i played Ambre
in a concert of 20 people
with my eyes closed all
but at the 25th bar.

Out of every sobre
heart i saw for that 3 seconds
i saw your own eyes closed
enwrapped in the music.

you weren't thinking about the calibre
of people in this small room,
or the cost of the ticket.
Not about the cold room

or warm bodies or the fibre
that stuck so close to your skin
that they were seduced with its pleasure
or the fingers that pressed the keys

Your mind covered by sabre
in the message.we both knew
what Nils Frahm wrote in that piece.
We know. But we can't say
Seye Kuyinu Jun 2014
This is the story of a peasant
born to the famous town plumber
(If thy desire ponders over a happy ending
i fear your longing be smeared dark)

At an early age i left my father's path
to find fantasies and mysteries
that surpass the answers in books of knowledge
i learned the art of magic.
from the russians, the orients and the arabs
mysteries way beyond the imagination, i could solve
yet the only mystery i couldn't solve
was why my heart couldn't let her go.

night after night, theatres were packed out
that i might pull the hare out the hat
Or maybe draw the love from her heart

Soon I became known amongst the nobles
thus the Great Book confirms, " ...he shall sit with princes"
nothing else satisfied me
but putting the magic in her face

Days passed
and night came
years blew
and I overhear my damsel call them illusions
illusions? illusions? what i fed from! what she basked in
illusions? that which gave others hope?
was my life an illusion?
but i loved. I loved her in a thousand ways

Morn came and the doors left ajar
My show stolen, my canary gone
the face i gloried in every morning
the eyes i adored, the lips i oft kissed
disappeared before me
the All Known.

Dear audience, I lay here cold
and broken
the crow mocks
and the owl watches

Dear audience, this night is cold
colder than my very soul
colder than my very soul
colder than my very soul

this night is cold
colder than my very soul

icy cold
Seye Kuyinu Jun 2014
You have secrets
Dark dark secrets
Now you stay far away
From my grasp not knowing
that I have mine too

You once slept with a god
And birthed the star, Eridanus
That night you cried.
You cried a river but the river
Was for the blood shed.
Dark secret! Dark, dark secret.
No one knew about this
But now I do.

I have my secrets too
I once drove over a bird
Its wings were broken
But I didn't see it on time.
A swerve to the left,
a swerve to the right
and there was blood under my tire
and golden feathers became red.
I became a murderer at 21.
The most horrible feeling ever
But now you know.
See! Secrets.

I have offered to wash this poison
from off  your skin
I have offered to wash my stains
From off your chest
But you say,'Darling, I have secrets".

In your mind, each day I become thinner
And thinner
and thin
Like the smoke from your last cigarette

Each day I am trampled upon
Like the **** from your last stick
But in your heart, I am like your blood
craving nicotine every night the rain falls
every evening you hear the train hoot
every morning you see your brother.

i have secrets too.
they are with you.
I found out a secret about a friend who didn't know I had found out.
Seye Kuyinu Jun 2014
teen (age) lover,
is there anything
I can change?
We have lost time
                                      curse this watch
and lost touch
                          curse this skin

secret lover,
would it still work
if i hid our communion
under piles of dirt
                                       this calendar
skimming through streets,
acting like i don't know you
                              this equation

surface lover
i could feed us
with more lies
but nothing feels
better than the truth
that i walk in your dreams
                              but i'm the sleeper
and nothing can change that
                        nothing has changed that

these metaphors!
but i still live in your fear
these metaphors!
tell me you understand.

Please tell me you understand!
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