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Tonight is the night
I say goodbye
The night that I live
And at the same time die

The stars are waiting
My hands are shaking
The angels are dead
The fear's all in my head

It's all the same
Cause I'm the girl with no name
I'm holding the pills
I keep getting chills

Nobody cries
Everybody dies
I'm committing a crime
So I know it's time

As I leave the world
I know I'm free
I know I was lost
and no one will remember me

Because the little girl
Who hides in her room
Was always in the dark
Stuck in her tomb

With tears on her pillow
And razors under the bed
Had too many monsters
Stuck in her head

The angels weep
For the little lost soul
Who took her own life
Because life took it's toll

(Disclaimer, this is inspired. Please don't worry.)
I'm tired of this
I'm tired of trying
I'm tired of crying
I'm tired of begging

The days become long
Writing becomes hard
I can't get out of bed
I can think

I'm too tired
Too tired to smile
Too tired to laugh
Too tired to care

I tried
I really did
but nothing I do
Is ever enough

When will anyone ever realize
That I'm just so **** tired
I love you
But you don't love me
I need you
But you don't need me

I hug you
You push me away
I smile
You never smile back

Where were you
All those times I needed you
Where were you
All those time I fell

These secrets
The ones I hide beneath my sleeves
They're because of you
Always because of you

I love you
Why do I love you
If all you ever do is push me away

I care
Why do I care
If you never even cared about me?
Every scar
Every cut
Every bruise
Every tear

Every time I cry
Every time I'm angry
Every time I'm confused
Every time I'm miserable

People look
People see
People notice
Nobody says anything

I'm okay
I'm fine
I'm miserable
I'm depressed

I don't know why
I don't know at all
I just want this to stop
I feel out of control

I try finding a reason
Any reason at all
Any reason why I'm doing this to myself
A million reasons why

I can't tell anyone
I can't talk to anyone
They won't understand
I don't understand

It comes and it goes
I'm happy and I'm sad
I'm just waiting a little longer
For it to go away this time
I run
It's the only thing I know how to do
I run
Because I hurt too many people to stay
I run
Because there's nothing here for me
I run
Because you're better off without me
I run
Because I can't stand to see the disappointment
I run
Because I know how much shame I bring to you
I run
I just run
I run from everyone
I run from everything
I try to tell myself I'm better off alone
That way I can't hurt anyone
But the more I run
The more I hurt people
I'm just destructive
I ruin things
I ruin things and I run
I just run
Because it's the only thing
I know how to do
We encounter things everyday
Things that make us question'
Question who we are
Question our thoughts

Can I do better than this?
Am I really trying hard enough?
Am I doing a good job?
Am I a good person?

We ask ourselves questions
We try to figure out things
Things not even others can figure out
Yet we keep asking these questions

So who are you?
Who are you, really?
Ask yourself this
It may not be what you want to hear

Who are you?
Who am I?
The great question
That may never be answered.
We long for everything we can't have
We wish for everything to be better
We want more than we could ever have
Nobody is ever satisfied

Children are starving
People are killing

Everything could be worse
Everything we know could cease to exist
Everything we own could be taken away
Yet we're still not satisfied

Why is it that nobody appreciates
Why is it that people aren't thankful
Thankful for the little things
Thankful for a family, or a house

You have more than some will ever have
You have more than some dream of
You have what some people want
You have what some people need

Everybody wants more
Everybody is greedy
Everybody dreams for more
Everybody is envious
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