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Where have you been, all these days
Under destruction, is the human race
For you have left our hearts
Leaving nothing but stony thoughts
Everywhere there are raging wars
With numerous firing battle cars
The number of people shot down by force
Could be seen by the blood down the valley, which pours
Humanity, where have you been?
Nowhere now you could be seen.
Love is given to anyone born
Later on, it starts to prickle like a thorn
Between one's business and so on
The heart gets too crusty for love to grow on
But I swear I love you
My love is unswerving and true
Bigger than that dreamed by a romantic poet
Artistic than that painted with a great palette
I know you don't love me
Though, I couldn't stop loving thee.
I wonder what in this world could stop me from loving you.
They told me to stay cool
And I bought a litre of ice-cream and ate it up
Wasn't that really cool?
She is a sparkle
She is a shine
She is the only thing
That I want to call mine
She is my everyday
And every night
She is every morning
And every twilight
She is all I know
She is all I see
She is a sweet melody
She is an  unmatching rhythm
She is a word
A bunch of words
She is a poem and that is all that I could say.
Clouds cry when they can't bear the rain;
People cry when they can't bear the pain,
For pain is a heart-ache;
An emotional heartbreak.
It's so hard to hold on;
After all your hopes are gone,
Even with so much of stain;
Still can't eliminate this pain.
Crying a lot day to day;
Wandering lost by the way;
Stopping a minute to say;
"This too will recede away".
Overcoming all sorts of sorrow;
Is the best way to face tomorrow,
Surely all sort of pain;
Is also a way to gain.
Pain will always make you a believer. No pain. No gain
The one who brought me down to earth
And held me close every day
The one who gave me birth
And loves me in every way
She taught me everything
Like how to crawl and walk
She guided me to sing
After learning how to talk
She is always  there for me
Just talking to her can make me happy
She tells me of the hard times she's been through
hoping that I won't go through them too
This poem is crafted for you, mom
Because I want this poem to be
My means of showing you
How much you mean to me
The love of a mother is unfathomable. So is my love for you mom.
Glaciers are melting away, as shadows in the darkest hour,
Nature’s enrage, has now turned into a war;
Even at a place so uphill,
There is no cold wind nor the chill.

The trees that we cut down fell,
And the green heaven turned to hell.
We pretend to be deaf of what we hear,
And stay blind of what that happens here.

Our voices never have raised,
Nor the fire inside us has blazed.
So, let us all stand straight and tall,
If not, we all shall fall.
Composed on a thought-provoking note, “WE ALL SHALL FALL” focuses on global warming and our ignorance. The message insists on human beings to stand straight and tall, against this disaster.
                                           "If not, we all shall fall."

— The End —