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TomDoubty Jun 26
“You are treading on thin ice”
the impatient tones of my father
arrive at my ear as glistening
I liberate my treasure prized away
from the dark-cold pond,  the ice raised distorts my sight
to comprehend  an impatient God

“Look boys, this is the land of God”
you praise the valley carved from glacial ice
you are filled with the beauty of the sight
four sons in crescent around their Father
breaths misting the air, turn away
along the ridge above the fields, which are glistening

Are memories always like this? Glistening
where everything is theatre and God?
Now I feel the urge to look away
there is truth in the distorting ice Father
which held tightly fractures, to reveal you in plain sight

That day you praised the sight
with prayers not glistening
but all sour odour and “our Father”
If you conceived a greater God
you never told him to the boy who lifted the ice-
to those who raised their arms in prayer you looked away

We are left to find a way
in life, there is no seer and no foresight
only earth and dirt and ice
but in this barren tundra glistening
scraped out with our bare hands is God
God the Father

Now I stand at that same pond a father
my son treads its edge and turns away
I am no longer in his world, but looking over it his God
And what of my sight?
Is it glistening?
I feel an unease as he raises his own comprehending ice

To all Fathers with their fading sight-
Don’t turn away from all that’s glistening
An impatient God turns to ice
Glaciers are melting away, as shadows in the darkest hour,
Nature’s enrage, has now turned into a war;
Even at a place so uphill,
There is no cold wind nor the chill.

The trees that we cut down fell,
And the green heaven turned to hell.
We pretend to be deaf of what we hear,
And stay blind of what that happens here.

Our voices never have raised,
Nor the fire inside us has blazed.
So, let us all stand straight and tall,
If not, we all shall fall.
Composed on a thought-provoking note, “WE ALL SHALL FALL” focuses on global warming and our ignorance. The message insists on human beings to stand straight and tall, against this disaster.
                                           "If not, we all shall fall."
Mark Toney Mar 2020
majestic glaciers
the hottest day on record—
Antarctic meltdown

© 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
2/8/2020 - Poetry form: Haiku - "Argentina's Esperanza Base on Antarctica's Trinity Peninsula reached 65°F (18.3°C) on Thursday, notching the continent's warmest temperature in recorded history.  Why it matters: Antarctica is one of the globe's fastest-warming regions with temperatures rising 5°F (2.8°C) in the past 50 years, spurring the retreat of 87% of the glaciers along the Antarctic peninsula's west coast." - February 7, 2020 - Energy & Environment - © 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
alexa Mar 2018
hello, old friend,
it's been a while.
i forgot what it was like
to see you smile.
like the Heavens opened up
and stardust rained down,
my luck of finding you...
i don't know how.
you grab my waist and pull me in,
your lips touch mine
through the obsidian wind.
hello, old friend,
i've missed you some,
your eyes help melt away
some of the numb.
which is funny, i know,
since they're glaciers themselves.
but they've melted my heart
since the time we were twelve.
but, old friend,
not much has changed? every strike of the clock
you take my breath away...
the key to my lock.
a feat not easy,
when my aura is as dark as it is.
i long for the day
i will again taste your lips.
hello, old friend,
it's been a while.
thanks for reminding me
what it's like to smile.
Robert Cayne Sep 2017
Death's kiss
is like
Searching for words upon
Bristled hair of a spine
Or amongst the rushes of an abandoned glacier.

As the spine of ice splits,
It hits you fourfold,
And the generosity of nature
Unfolds in the measure of
death, nature, glaciers, ice, arctic, wilderness, melting
CastorPolydeuces Feb 2017
I'm not the kind to let things go
I'm of a type that breaths in snow
and lets it build to glaciers .
Work in progress...
Nairi Kalpakian Sep 2015
How can it be that
a melody can make you feel like you belong
and not, all at once?
I find myself in a composed dissolution
The world can stop, and the ground below me will give way to
the sudden awareness of a sensation
that is similar to being lost in your own room.
Suddenly, this "place" seems very raw
Things inside you open up  and makes distinguishable
where you are
where you've been
and where you've yet to be.
Sometimes people are like that.
Your eyes are where I am
Our fights are where I have been, time and time again
and finding peace with those two rifts is where I have yet to be.
Glaciers could snap and crash with volleys of icy hell fire
Soberly frozen earth could nick my cheeks and arms
and my cold skin could remain as tout as a tuned string instrument
ready to produce sound
turning inside myself, searching for a bridge to this rift produces a silence so deafening
I can hear the humming of stars

— The End —