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Some people come, some people go;
Some do just come, to give you a blow.
Times will be hard, times will be tough;
Sometimes they make, people go gruff.

No matter what, some people stay;
Throughout the way, they dare not betray.
Some people come, some people go;
So stay with the ones, that give you a glow.
Those constellations that reflect,
In the illimitable rainforest, dark and damp,
Are those, if truth be told, galaxies?
Or glass chips embossed in your guise? O! beauty!
Life has ever been a problem,
Filled with borders of boredom,
Rollin' down drops of tear;
But nobody near to hear.

Loneliness, Oh! I'm done with it;
Not ready to move a bit,
Whatever barrier that comes;
May turn into my kingdoms.

Though strong enough,
I'm forlorn, forsaken and sullen,
Roses are red;
But mine are dead.
She was a cute little fairy
Beautifully blonde and hairy
She came from some other nation
Which was merely my imagination

I greeted her with a 'hi'
But the reply that came was 'bye'
Hence I came to a conclusion
For me, love exists not, even in an illusion
Once I fell in love
But now I've got up
I don't know-how
But I came out, yup!
She hacked my heart
And entered its part
But I know do not
From where did it start
Before becoming a friend
My story of love did end
Heart of mine, got a deep sore
But it's now time, to rise up and soar
"But it's now time, to rise up and soar"
For years, I have a doubt
Which I still could not make out
Was it your beautiful face
That made me lose my pace
Or the moon-like eyes
Which kindled my love to rise
Was it perhaps your lip
That gave me a beautiful slip
Or was it your cute cheek
Which played with me hide n' seek
Was it your charming smile
Which threw my heart away a mile
Or your twinkling white teeth
That made me pause to breathe
Was that the rainbow eyebrow
That caused my feelings to grow
Or your cute, timid walk
That gave my nerves a shock
Was it your long black hair
That made me simply stare
Or your elegant eyelash
That gave upon my face a bash
I still could not figure out what
How you did enter my heart
The questions that nag inside me
Has got no answer at all to see
But I am unaware till now
How I did fall in love.
I still wonder, how I fell for you!
Once we sat under a tree
Having a good time sharing our love
Now you want to become free
For the time has come for us to leave

You told me to start a new life
With a good supporting wife
But I don't know what to do
Living my life without you

I don't know where to start
But I must start anew
Life is not playing fair
But I pretend not to care

Now I'm left alone thinking
Of you as my good old friend
For every new beginning
Does come from and end.
For every new beginning does come from and end.
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