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A star that shines
A flower that blooms
When birds sing
And the wind grooms
It reminds you
That you are one of a kind
The sky is the same
And so is space and time
But there you are
So unique and beautiful
And you can fight it all
If you realize
That you are a storm
In the face of this night
And you shine brighter than
I am tired of explaining
About everything
Listen brave warrior

You can make it through
Without them

Believe in yourself
Sometimes we need to change our necessities.
I would be broken
Only when
I would be drowning
And would make
No attempt to
Your silence
My ears
.A mistake was made.

And remade in agony
Was another
Of not forgiving the other
Calmly synchronised mistakes make most of our lives

we are all ready
to write our history
to create one

we live in one

the kneaded grass
kissed her cheeks
as the tender wind
blew by her face

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You are Careless
my dear
You need to
Care less!
Never let anyone come too close to your heart
Never let anyone take control of your feelings
Never trust what I say!
Another brave word
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