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Vic Kenney Mar 2015
I've always loved fog

How it makes everything around it
seem like it's holding some dark secret
and like it's different from how it usually is.

Fog brings out another side of everything.

It brings out the darkness and mysteriousness of it all.
And I love it.
Vic Kenney Mar 2015
I used to be terrified of horror movies
when  I was only 5.
And I used to be terrified of horror movies
when I was only 7.
But by the time I turned only the age of 13
the horror movies didn't seem so scary.
I didn't get nightmares from movies like The Grudge
or even reading books like The Shining.
Now I can watch a horror movie that I was so terrified of when I was 5
and not even flinch at the scariest parts.
And that is because my life
has turned into it's own horror story.
And I am used to the everyday fears of my life
passing day by day.
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  Mar 2015 Vic Kenney
Mohammad Skati
Everyone has eyes ,but                                                                                                A poet has a cute eye                                                                                                   Simply because he looks                                                                                            Around differently ...                                                                                                   A poet looks at things from                                                                                           A different perspective that                                                                                         Makes his feelings and his                                                                                           Emotions go elevated anytime ...
Vic Kenney Mar 2015
All I do anymore is read.

read read READ

It's an escape from reality.
My mind drifts from the worries of the real world
and enter the action-packed adventures of whichever character I'm immersed into.

Or into the un-faltering love of the two starstruck characters that are happy with everything in life.

Even into the deep depression of another character, but as they get better it is even an adventure to me.

Books are my escape nowadays.

All I do is read
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Vic Kenney Mar 2015
I feel nothing

I can't cry

I can't laugh

I can't scream

because I feel nothing at all

not a single human emotion

courses through my veins

I feel like a machine

walking around

imitating a human being.
Vic Kenney Feb 2015
I care so much
but I care so little.

I care so much about people
but I don't give a **** about anyone.

I don't even know what i feel anymore.

It's all conflicting.

I say I wouldn't care
if you left me behind for good.

And part of me really doesn't care
but that other part of me
would be completely broken if you did leave me.

I listen to songs about
caring and loving you.
and I listen to songs about
not caring about anything
while I go get high
and drunk
and doing whatever I want.

And it proves
that I really don't know
how to feel.
Or what I feel.
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