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MerlieJ Mar 2019
Warm Sun
Baking my cold fingers
Into perfect temperature
Chocolate chip cookies.
Groovy beats tap    tap   tap
at my ear drums
boom boom tap boom boom tap
Swimming on my back in a bath
of red and orange
Cartooning and Contorting
Into the stomach
of the whale
Wind blows
I am too cold
Take me back
to warm, perfect cookies.
Like two perfect *******,
to rest your head upon.
No greater comfort in the world than that.
Vic Kenney Mar 2015
I used to be terrified of horror movies
when  I was only 5.
And I used to be terrified of horror movies
when I was only 7.
But by the time I turned only the age of 13
the horror movies didn't seem so scary.
I didn't get nightmares from movies like The Grudge
or even reading books like The Shining.
Now I can watch a horror movie that I was so terrified of when I was 5
and not even flinch at the scariest parts.
And that is because my life
has turned into it's own horror story.
And I am used to the everyday fears of my life
passing day by day.
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Vic Kenney Mar 2015
All I do anymore is read.

read read READ

It's an escape from reality.
My mind drifts from the worries of the real world
and enter the action-packed adventures of whichever character I'm immersed into.

Or into the un-faltering love of the two starstruck characters that are happy with everything in life.

Even into the deep depression of another character, but as they get better it is even an adventure to me.

Books are my escape nowadays.

All I do is read
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Ghost Writer Jan 2015
Marijuanna will get you high
A hour will feel like a day
Your mouth will get dry
All you'll want to do is lay

Eyes low, eyes red
Eating everything in sight
On the search for a bed
Trying to avoid a fight

Lying on the bed
Deep in thought
Trapped in side my head
Hoping to never be caught

Easy to fall asleep
Easily distracted
Memories made are those i will not keep
THC is what I've extracted
Claire Aug 2014
Lighting the joint or bowl is the best part
A giant puff of milky white smoke hovers in front of me
Many people don't understand
The reason they don't understand is because they don't know me
I'm complexity from hair to toenails
Many use my medicine to just get high
I smoke Marijuanna  to take away the severe pain of my tumor.
I have a special brain tumor that increases cranial pressure
The pain makes me nauseous and that's everyday.
Medical cards are expensive but I like the more natural remedy
Maybe it looks scary to some
It's really just a new hobby for others
To me it's an escape from the constant pain I'm in.
Sean Flaherty Apr 2014
I'm sick of being told that I'm 
"Not Charles Bukowski." Because, 
I never said I was.
But also, and more, because, every time,
(And I suppose I've told myself plenty too)
It's a let down. 

I want to believe
(And not in that X-Files sort of 
(I Want to Believe sort of
That we're all Bukowski. 
We're all at least poets. 
At least we're all ***** poets,
In one way or another. 
"I'm too ****** for this *******."

But this is starting to feel like
The part in the film when I'm 
Talking to the old girl, and she says, 
"What I've said up to this point is
Pointless. Now you decide."
I'm at the part of the book 
When he finally finds her.
And yes she still loves him,
Or at least. She's loved him the whole time. 

I can turn a leather recliner
Into a throne, if need be. 
I'll tape a crown of paper together
To prove a point. 
I just happen to think
The kid getting high in my kitchen
Has a real chance at the presidency. 

(Grab this, draw a circle on the floor
With it. Fill the circle up with
Everything you know, the words
The love, the colors, the mended,
And the still open. Watch that light up
At least a universe.)

I'd hope our kingdoms
Could co-exist peacefully,
But my respect for you,
As a fellow ruler,
Would never waiver

Because you can make your crown
Of staples and business cards
And be King Bukowski if you wanted,
But at least you'd be special. 
And (at the very least),
You'd be king.
An attempt to articulate the feelings of a "transitionary period" while still holding on to "who I think I am."

— The End —