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Laura May 11
I made excuses for you
Then I’m sorry.

Not to you,
But to me.

I didn’t deserve that sort of disrespect
From either of us.
First they came for the Muslims
after Martin Niemoller
by Michael R. Burch

First they came for the Muslims
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Muslim.

Then they came for the homosexuals
and I did not speak out
because I was not a homosexual.

Then they came for the feminists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a feminist.

Now when will they come for me
because I was too busy and too apathetic
to defend my sisters and brothers?

"First they came for the Muslims" was published in Amnesty International’s "Words That Burn" anthology and is now being used as training material for budding human rights activists. My poem is an "updated" version of Martin Niemoller's famous Holocaust poem. Niemoller, a German pastor, actually supported Adolph ****** in the early going, but ended up in a **** concentration camp and nearly lost his life. So his was a true poem based on his actual life experience.
Elena Taylor Apr 2018
When a girl is born

She is given a box


“Fit in here

Do not


She carries

This box


She goes.

She grows



Until her

Box can

Hold no


When a girl


A woman.

She realizes

Her box’s

True use.

A woman



As butterflies


All she needed

Was a


Space to

Written in honor of National Womens Day
Tab Apr 2016
she doesn't do it for you
she doesn't wake up for you
she doesn't paint her lips for you
or add that sparkle to her eye for you
she is the sun
she is the moon
she is the Stars
and she does it all for herself
AMIN Aug 2015
SHE so that her skirt was devastated
UP TO "love" went to search a new word for self
SHE fled of herself
SHE ran and went of herself

DEATH not found
A word
OR syllabic
OR voice
FOR himself
IN torture of touching she
Dedicated to:Feminists

— The End —