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God in glory
told his story
Man On earth
Seek new birth
The Bible is more then just a story
My scars scare many
But pain is a gold medal
I wear wounds with pride
So **** what they think
Everyone has a sad story some would be told and some will just be kept in silent , some will blaze some will drink their pain away ....
I tasted
the sting of whiskey
on your lips as we
kissed, your body betraying
you one last time, it was saying,
“I couldn’t handle myself sober for this.”
we said our last goodbye, without
ever saying a word.
 Dec 2020 Umwari uwera
Mitch Prax
The Christmas Blues
are falling like snow-
they chill me to the bone.
I'm all wrapped up
in the Christmas Blues
just like the presents
underneath your tree
 Nov 2020 Umwari uwera
Mitch Prax
You are an angel
straight from the city of light.
I am a sinner
but when I'm with you,
I strive to be
a saint.
 Nov 2020 Umwari uwera
Love is patient, love is kind
love is pain, just in disguise.
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