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514 · May 2020
Umwari uwera May 2020
The biggest lie I told myself was the I can’t live with out you .

I’m still breathing better than before
Moved on
459 · Apr 2020
Broken wings !
Umwari uwera Apr 2020
So the rest set there and watch her fall in love
With the worst demon ,
Nobody told her she will pay the  price
Was  she wrong for falling in love  ?

How dare he promised her the world
The world of hell .
How dare he feed her soul  to the god of  all evil and walked a way like everything was fine .

But she is all
Because she loved the demon

Let her enjoy the blessings of silence .
She fell in love with a wrong guy he is a bad boy but she  loves him anyways!
401 · Apr 2020
Hell mind !
Umwari uwera Apr 2020
Don’t go







Lost !
She is not just shy she has so much she don’t want to tell you
385 · Apr 2020
Nightmare 🕊
Umwari uwera Apr 2020
She is your worst nightmares
She is your best  hell

She is your heaven
But she is your worst   angle

she is the god of the devil .

She is  just another abandoned soul
Heaven shut her  out
Long ago .
When people are around she is good but behind close doors she is something a different something you won’t think she is capable of being !
337 · May 2020
Umwari uwera May 2020
warm fresh death of his reckless touch
deep down unseen but the dark
of his world  
his is the monster i run from .
328 · Jun 2020
Death and I
Umwari uwera Jun 2020
Death can we be friends and share a cup of coffee
Death can you be color red like the blood of Jesus and I will paint you all over my room
Death can we share secrets  ?
Death can we be soulmate ?
Death can you see me ?
Death can hear me?
Death don’t you see me drowning
Death Are you  invisible ?
Death why don’t you **** my demons ?
Death you walk in the light or darkness
Death do you know my deepest secret ?
Death do you know fear ?
Death can we please be love birds ?
Death why wouldn’t you  send an invitation before coming?
There is some many reasons why I write this
182 · Dec 2020
Today !!
Umwari uwera Dec 2020




Love ❤️

114 · Jun 2020
Voice 🙃
Umwari uwera Jun 2020
One thing for sure

Your voice will

Hunt me forever
#nightmare # us #cant
105 · Jun 2020
Silence night
Umwari uwera Jun 2020
Us under the moon
I don’t say what we did was a sin
But it wasn’t right
I wouldn’t call it a mistake
Because I let you in

But I’m still broken from your words .
#sin #mistake#you and I
95 · May 2020
you &I
Umwari uwera May 2020
dancing under the moon
tonight just you and I
kiss me until sunrise
keep me close ,don´t let go
I want to feel your touch
I want to feel your soft lips on my neck
as if nothing in the world matters anymore
this is our world
under the dark stars on
silence night  kiss me and let me feel your endless touch
your soft  lips on top of mines
don´t let go kiss me until i cant feel anything
kiss me until the leaves fall of the threes
kiss me until the snow get´s dry
kiss on rain night
just don´t go far from me .......
i want to feel you 4ever .
81 · Jun 2020
Umwari uwera Jun 2020
I’m fine I have my pen and book .
When I can’t talk or speak my mind I always turn to my pen and people and bleed out my emotions,
77 · May 2020
Umwari uwera May 2020
lord i come before you .
done ,
48 · Sep 2020
Quote 2
Umwari uwera Sep 2020
Not everyone has a God but everyone has a religious.
43 · Sep 2020
Quote 1
Umwari uwera Sep 2020
Let your faith  be bigger than your fears.
Got this from somewhere 😊
38 · Sep 2020
Umwari uwera Sep 2020
I’m not ashamed of him
But he makes me not what to tell the world
But I still love him and I’m sure about the
He is only bad when he is drunk
He need help I know
But he don’t wanna listen
How can I be fool and fall for him again
After all these years I convinced my self I was done with him
I lied to myself
I’m still talking to him
Im not Ashamed  of him
I’m not Keeping him a Secret
It’s just the I’m not sure if these feeling for him are real .
#boyfriend #foureyears # drunker #jail
32 · Dec 2020
Umwari uwera Dec 2020
The lord has a plan for me


I’m getting back to it .
21 · 7d
Is it ok for me to say

I miss you ?

— The End —