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We’ve been here before haven’t we?
Two strangers could never love so passionately
I stare adamantly at your anatomy while you throw your debonair back at me
 Oct 2 Grace E
Things we know-  our Collective deeds.
Eyes recording daily-feeds
that are amplified in broadcast rich/
Telemarketing schemes...
dots connecting dreams.

All that is perceived
must also account for that which
becomes from what is unable
to be easily seen:
describing what's around us
(purely speculatory: benzene)

Advancing this rigorous-reign:
like thee All-Star, "Dream-Team".
Lucky as the stars above teem
when difficulties careen & then stream
emptying-out--  over what's disagreed about/ or that's disavowed.
Stormy-night seen.
 Oct 2 Grace E
He's the Lion,
He's the Lamb,
Alpha, Omega,
the Great I AM

Ever before,
always after,
never defeated,
only master

Rejected by
His own creation,
He came down from His
throne to save them

For the world's sin
once crucified,
risen, seated at
the Father's side

Wielder of a
rod of iron,
enthroned forever
on Mount Zion

Righteousness and
peace He brings us,
hope and life within
is through Jesus
 Sep 16 Grace E
I sit here, begrudged in silence
imagining moments of matched gazes
the same hands held in open compliance;
as is rarely true, we wander lost in mazes

I think on oddities, old peculiarities
smiling to broker strangeness
in hopes it leads to disbelief
I ever garnered attention

I sit here, within the quiet
facing moments I can't deny it
the same hands held to heart's content
as is true, we wander with intent
 Aug 28 Grace E
to find what you weren’t even looking for.
I wonder if it’s rare, what we have.
no missed beats.
just a mutual agreement to leave things unsaid.
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