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Levi Amare Mar 5
You were a starving man,
and I was a banquet.

You came and devoured
That which was not yours.

Now not even vultures want a taste.
Levi Amare Dec 2023
this is a downward *****
it is steep and unyielding
there are many bumps along the way

i fall, and i fall
the sharp rocks hurt;
now i lay at the bottom,
beaten and bruised.

and then i slip again
Levi Amare Dec 2023
stealing glances, eyes meet midway

one's eyes are bright, yet ignorant
there is a beauty in their eyes,
but there is also uncertainty;
a beauty nonetheless

the other's are bright, but uncaring
misleading with outward beauty,
yet lacking the inward beauty;
a heartless, chilling gaze
Levi Amare Oct 2023
i can still feel it
when you touched me        here
         and here

                                                              ­                                          and here
Levi Amare Oct 2023
i close my eyes and see his face

       ...i'll never close them again
Levi Amare Oct 2023
My dear, I beg of you...
Do not leave me.
I beg of you...
Do not abandon me,
As so many others have done.

Your heart calls to me,
Can you not hear it?
You're turning away from me.
My love, please...
Do not forget about me.
Levi Amare Oct 2023
gentle smiles
hands brushed together
two young hearts
beat in unison
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