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May 5 · 58
Grace E May 5
He was a lonely planet
Orbiting some distant star
Set on an isolated course
Full of duty and deadlines

And she was an unforeseen meteorite
Who slammed into his world
And left a crater in his heart
She was the icy space rock he needed
Apr 22 · 102
Grace E Apr 22
I’m not falling.
I’m flying in love with you.
Will you show me your world?
Will you let me touch the sky with you?
Feb 4 · 354
Grace E Feb 4
He’s so handsome it’s almost imposing
He is so good looking it’s a near act of violence
But I know, if I was blind and I could only hear him speak
His personality would have slim to no power over me
Feb 3 · 186
A Sweet Love
Grace E Feb 3
Suddenly I get it
A certain sweet love made me see
It’s nothing that I can quite describe
It’s something special you do to me

I’m perplexed
You’re so self-controlled, yet so raw
I just can’t name what it is
A genuine je ne sais quoi

I’d never give myself away
But I have deep feelings, it’s true
You are so very different
Make a girl want to cook and clean for you
Feb 1 · 72
Fatal Attraction
Grace E Feb 1
I don’t ask for much...

Just to be your dark, twisted fantasy that begins as a small thought in your brain and escalates into a full fledged obsession that renders you dizzy, dazzled and beguiled beyond logical comprehension.

Is that really so much to ask?
Jan 31 · 126
Pale Moon
Grace E Jan 31
Pale moon
You glittering orb of ice and sand
Reflecting sundrops
Cascading on our darkened land

Pale moon
What secrets you know
Lovers stolen kisses
And the torment of the human soul

How we’ve wailed to you moon
How we’ve cried
How we’ve confided in you
Things we dare not bring into the sunlight

Pale moon
Rising is your ancient duty
We crave you moon
You’ve bewitched us with your ghostly beauty
Grace E Jan 27
I had a dream a few months ago I was riding in the passenger seat of your car
What a strange coincidence that’s exactly where I found myself last night
Next to you,
Talking about pains and passions.
A dream fleshed out into reality
Who are you to me?
What does it all mean?
Jan 22 · 245
Grace E Jan 22
Sometimes, the only difference between the hero and the villain, is perspective.
Jan 4 · 103
Grace E Jan 4
Hope, you vile monster
You evil snake
Whispering my desires
As if the dawns about to break
I’ve trusted you, hope
I gave you the keys
But hope where were you?
You failed me
Please hope
If you must stay
I beg of you hope
Don’t lead me astray
Jan 1 · 162
Grace E Jan 1
In retrospect, I thank God
I didn’t get everything I ever wanted
Dec 2020 · 211
Not Perfect
Grace E Dec 2020
The expectation of perfection has gotten me into more trouble than I’d like to admit
Dec 2020 · 87
wake up call
Grace E Dec 2020
In many ways, he was still a boy
And she was the thunder clap
That ricocheted through his soul
And stunned him awake to manhood
Dec 2020 · 75
Grace E Dec 2020
There’s no way of knowing
The when or the where
No way to discern
No measurement fair
But every so often
Out of the mire
Emerges a Phoenix
With its wings set on fire
Out of the mundane
Out of the drudgery
Out of  humble stations
Comes the extraordinary
Out of humanity
Rises a valiant heart
Which exceeds the rest
And stands apart
Dec 2020 · 66
The Woman
Grace E Dec 2020
This is no ordinary girl
She’s a woman fiery and free
She’s an unshakable force
She brings kings to their knees
She’s no damsel
She’s no shrinking flower
Her petals are titanium
Her veins flow with power
She’s the sun bursting through
The dawn drowning the dark
She’s Amelia Earhart
She’s Joan of Arc
She’s the brave and the fearless
She’s the unyielding light
She braces all odds
She is the courage to stand and fight
Dec 2020 · 414
False Friends
Grace E Dec 2020
You stabbed me in the back
Betrayed me with a kiss
But you forgot, when you take a shot at the king
You better not miss
You’re not my friend
You’re a Brutus
You’ve never truly loved me
You’re a Judas
Dec 2020 · 428
Shine On
Grace E Dec 2020
The sun came up
And it was looking at you
Dec 2020 · 92
Grace E Dec 2020
The rapid “tick tock tick tock” of the clock
Slowed down when you entered the room
It eased into hypnotic rhythms
And matched my shallow breathes
Which slowed down, even though my heart beat sped up
I could sense our souls overlapping
As they always do when we are near
An instant familiarity
Kindred spirits
Two hearts that yearn for adventure
Dream of tomorrow
Dance in optimistic visions of the future
As the world burns
We have hope
And I think that is why I’ve fallen in love with you
We march to the beat of the same drum
Dec 2020 · 64
Grace E Dec 2020
His obsession twisted and tangled his mind
She danced in his thoughts
Inflaming his desires
Such a delicate woman
With such a strong, viper like grip
Every day he dwelled on her
Ruminating, calculating
She was his obsession
He would have her
Or else
Nov 2020 · 66
Grace E Nov 2020
Adversity is a powerful teacher
You’ll never grow in comfort
Challenge will stretch you beyond where you ever thought you could go.
Nov 2020 · 271
Grace E Nov 2020
She wasn’t a gold digger,
She was gold.
Solid gold.
Nov 2020 · 41
Sweet Release
Grace E Nov 2020
Pain makes us feel like we’re dying,
And maybe, a part of us is.
But death and growth often go hand in hand.
After all, you have to prune branches
When you want a tree to grow stronger.
Maybe the pain is killing you a little.
But it’s killing a portion of you that is no longer required for your growth.
Don’t hold on to that dead thing.
Thank it for its lesson and release it.
Nov 2020 · 786
Going for a Ride
Grace E Nov 2020
She smears on her reddest lipstick
Pulls on her heaviest coat
Stuffs her hands in her leather gloves
Mounts her Vespa
Rides away into the stars
And never looks back
Nov 2020 · 60
The Seasons
Grace E Nov 2020
This girl was Spring
O the colors that poured from her mind
She was a healer
A life bringer
A creator and visionary
The earth became greener where she tread
O she danced with the cherry blossom petals as they fell and twirled in the air and wove through her hair,

This woman was Summer
Vibrant and warm
She  lit up ever room
She could revive a dull situation
And make any nighttime steamy
O she was fun and laughter wrapped inside the female form
She was heat and passion

This woman was Autumn
Deep and thoughtful
Everyone seemed to like her
Everyone looked forward to her arrival
She has a wisdom that comes with experience
Like an aging wine, she gets better with time
She knows how to let things go
The way trees let go of their leaves in the fall
She never holds onto pain of the past, but lets go of the dead things that no longer suit her.

This lady was Winter
Severe and regal
She was beautiful, but cold like snow
She commands a room
A warrior spirit wrapped in any icy casing
You do not want this woman as your enemy
Her words sting and she is mother nature’s revenge
She is withdrawn and queen like
She’s an untouchable beauty.
Nov 2020 · 74
The Lion and The Lamb
Grace E Nov 2020
First He came as a lamb
A sacrifice had to be made
He exchanged His life for ours
A high price for sin had to be paid

The sand in the hour glass has been falling
Years move at a faster and faster pace
He’s held back His hand of judgement
And extended His hand of grace

They’re going to hate Christians
That’s what the Bible says
They’ll try to make us denounce our faith
True followers will be faithful to the end

Jesus takes His church
The rapture, when we are taken away
The antiChrist will reign for 7 years
3 years will be good, but 4 will be evils payday

First He came as a lamb
A blameless offering,
But next, the lion of the tribe of Judah
Is coming as the King
Nov 2020 · 105
Grace E Nov 2020
I’ve died so many times.

The ghosts of all the girls I’ve been, linger in photographs and her writing is still inked in diary’s and journals from the past.

I know she is proud of who I am now.

And I look forward to who I will become one day.
Nov 2020 · 190
The Needy
Grace E Nov 2020
The world is kind to those with deep pockets,
But the needy are not rescued from the bitter cold.
To the homeless man I saw shivering in New York at Christmas time a few years ago, I wish life was different for you.
Oct 2020 · 51
Dream Again
Grace E Oct 2020
I dreamt of you last night.
Your features intertwined in my neural pathways.
Visions of you danced behind my eyelids.
I felt the warmth of your skin.
You put your head in my lap,
And I wove my fingers through your hair.
I kissed the top of your head.
Blessed and cursed dream,
That tantalizes me with your presence,
Then tortures me as you fade again into the depths of my heart and mind.
If a nighttime apparition is all I can have of you,
I’ll take it.
O, let me dream again.
Oct 2020 · 86
Grace E Oct 2020
History rarely repeats,
But it often rhymes.
Oct 2020 · 41
The Birds Never Came
Grace E Oct 2020
She sat alone in the quiet park,
On her favorite bench overlooking the town.
She unpacked her lunch,
Set aside her drink,
And pulled out a loaf of bread for the birds.
She sat and waited for her friends to arrive.
Whistling their pitchy chirps at her.
But the birds never came.
So she threw out a piece of crumbly bread,
Hoping they'd recognize the crunch of the crust.
But the birds never came.
And instead, a hoard of ants came in droves,
Devouring the bread.
And one lizard also helped them ravage it.
She longed for the birds,
But they never came.
Oct 2020 · 199
For Better or Worse
Grace E Oct 2020
I signed my name of the dotted line,
I took your surname,
Promising you “for better or for worse.”
I trusted you.
But you hurt me.
The saying is,
“If someone hits you on one cheek turn to them the other.”
But now, I find my self grappling with this near impossible notion,
Of not only turning the other cheek,
But kissing the fist that struck me.
Oct 2020 · 130
2 Corinthians 10:4
Grace E Oct 2020
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,
But mighty in God, for pulling down strongholds.
Carnal= Carne= Flesh
The weapons of our warfare are not in our flesh, but in God, to pull down the strongholds in our hearts and lives. Are you addicted to *******? God can help you pull that stronghold down. Are you addicted to your phone? To social media? To fake love? Jesus can help you pull down those things rotting in your heart and making your life sour. You only get one life. Choose to live this life for the next one, the eternal one, the one that doesn’t end.
Oct 2020 · 147
Heart Beats
Grace E Oct 2020
You have a sacred place in my heart
That no one can take away.
Though we can’t be together,
Please know, a portion of every beat of my heart
Belongs to you.
Oct 2020 · 296
Lost in Her Eyes
Grace E Oct 2020
he saw each glimpse of magic in her eyes
he traced every dream winding behind her eyelids with his pupils
unable to pull his eyes from hers
he found himself utterly lost in her mind
with no intentions of finding his way out any time soon
Oct 2020 · 616
Love Wins
Grace E Oct 2020
The term “love wins” is true,
Though gravely misused.
The worldly kind of love,
Which is often the attached definition to this term, never truly wins.
This love, which is ****** in nature,
Only leaves it’s participants more empty, and loveless than before.
****** love, when abused and mishandled, taken outside of its intended context, leaves you more empty, drained, used, and void of TRUE love than before you engaged in it.
You will never feel completely fulfilled with only ****** love, and how sad, to base your entire identity on how you like to have ***. How empty a life, to march under a flag of your selfish, ****** preference, rather than something truly meaningful.

Love wins, yes He does. love wins, because Jesus Christ, who was love in flesh, won, when He died on the cross and paid for the sin of the entire world. Including the ****** sin mentioned above. Love wins, when you ask Him into your heart, and believe in Him as your savior, the one who made the weighty payment for your soul, so you could spend forever in the presence of God, where the Bible says, there is “fullness of joy and pleasure forevermore.” Don’t chase fleeting pleasure, that lasts only for a moments at a ****** ******. Choose pleasure that nourishes your soul, gives life to you spirit, opens your eyes to perceive the kingdom of God. Choose that. Choose Jesus. Choose love.
Love wins.
Sep 2020 · 100
The Criminal & The Saint
Grace E Sep 2020
They needed each other
Completed each other
He was the criminal
She was the saint
He had a tainted past
She was raised in a wholesome home
He was angry at the world
But she was his peace of mind
She had a heart to help broken people
And he was broken
She was delicate and soft-hearted
He protected her fiercely
And she served him lovingly
They where the fulfillment of each other greatest needs
Sep 2020 · 359
The Unfailing One
Grace E Sep 2020
I wish that I had Your eyes
That gazes into hearts and discerns motives
I wish I knew all that You have planned,
That I could stare down the tunnels of time
And understand the purposes of trials while they are happening
I simply must trust in You
In Your goodness
In Your grace
Even as the world is turned upside down
Kingdoms crumble and empires fall
Yet You never will
You are everlasting, eternal, unceasing, unfailing
I simply must rest in You
Acknowledging day by day
That You are God and I am not.
Sep 2020 · 53
How Monsters are Made
Grace E Sep 2020
Often times the villain
Was once a victim
Subjected to abuse or neglect
Often in the pursuit of killing their monsters
They become a monster themselves
Sep 2020 · 187
Grace E Sep 2020
Feeling the weight of commitment
No one ever warns a young bride
Of the difficulty of promise keeping
Of upholding an oath
Of dying to yourself and living for him
They say “diamonds are forever”
As I’m starring at my left hand
And gazing at my ring
That light grabbing tether
That glittering bond
I realize the diamonds represent us
Represents our vow
Represents forever
Sep 2020 · 77
Look Up
Grace E Sep 2020
Look up lonely soul.
The world’s still full of light.
The stars still shine for you,
Even in the blackest night.
Sep 2020 · 62
That Type of Love
Grace E Sep 2020
The type of love that melts selfishness
Burns the chaff of superficial attraction
The type of love that fuses spirits together
That transcends mortal, physical plains
Love that could drown rivers, overflow banks and shores
A love that breaks barriers and transcends logic and reasoning
Love that tangles souls together and intertwines psyches
That is the love we have
deep and fathomless, true and solid, wild and inflaming
Sep 2020 · 196
Grace E Sep 2020
When Joshua crossed the Jordon River
God told 1 man from each of the 12 tribes to set up 12 stones
A memorial, to remember that God parted the river for them
The same way He parted the Red Sea for Moses when they were exiting Egypt
And Israel feared Joshua, the same way they feared Moses

Jesus stood in a boat with 12 disciples
Afraid for their lives when a mighty storm hit
Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was great calm, and the disciples feared exceedingly, saying to themselves “who can this be, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

God parts seas, and God calms storms.
First account is from Joshua 4, second account is from Mark 4. Was reading my Bible and was amazed at the similarities of these two stories, 12 tribes, 12 disciples, one God who moves or calms insurmountable obstacles on their behalf. Love it.
Sep 2020 · 72
In Your Head
Grace E Sep 2020
That’s where you went wrong darling,
You were trying to hide your feelings,
But you looked into my eyes
And splashed around in their blue green pool
I held that gaze and didn’t retract
And I knew exactly who you were in an instant
My energy attached to yours
Two conscious’s connected
I saw an insecure boy
With dreams of becoming a powerful man
I saw a wounded ego
A man who dreamed he’d be loved like a king
Instead, is treated like a pauper by those he made himself vulnerable to
I saw you looking at me
Like I was a new hope for you
I saw you stand up straighter
Your shoulders widened
Your eyes dilated
I saw you look back at me as you started walking away
I know you
I’m in your head
You can hide your feelings from everyone else
But not me, darling, not me.
Sep 2020 · 200
Death & The Maiden
Grace E Sep 2020
The thick night beckons her
The dense, black shadows are her vice
The lonely girl with a curious heart
Met death with his power to entice
His skeleton hand
Gently grazed her tender cheek
His soft touch made her heart flutter
She was lost and he was willing seek
So death kissed the maiden
A tale as old as time, indeed
The monster and the saint intertwined
The beauty and the beast
Sep 2020 · 100
Living Large
Grace E Sep 2020
She asked me to tone it down
But that’s just not in the cards
I only get to live this life once
So I’m gonna live it large
“Small” is not a word I like to use
“Shrinking” or “serious” I don’t dig
I lean into the dazzling life that’s worth living
And it’s worth living big
Sep 2020 · 60
Grace E Sep 2020
Be careful when approached with an opportunity for leadership
No one tells you how heavy a shepherds staff truly is
Grace E Sep 2020
I don’t want to take off my pajamas
I’m already so comfy
I ate too much today
And feel self-conscious of my tummy

I just showered
Now my hair is flat
I want to have a quiet night
I don’t want to put on an act

My hormones are debilitating
I’m having horrible ***
You ****** me off today
And the house is a mess

You never listen to me
But want me to spread my legs
Not on your life, pal
Don’t get your ***** anywhere near my eggs

You only care about yourself
You don’t get the job done
I’m not in the mood
To pretend I’m having fun
Aug 2020 · 91
I hate you
Grace E Aug 2020
He punches her in the mouth,
Then buys her flowers.
True love, no doubt ❤️
Aug 2020 · 465
Move Forward
Grace E Aug 2020
You can’t break someone who’s already broken
You can trap someone who’s already fettered
You can’t change the future unless you learn from the past
You can’t heal if you’re not willing to get better
You can’t dance if you’re only willing to observe
Can’t smile if you’re dedicated to a frown
Can’t move forward until YOU decide to
Can’t go up if you’re always looking down
Aug 2020 · 746
Grace E Aug 2020
Some people like to think of themselves as the black sheep...
I’ve always considered myself more of the glittery sheep of the flock
Oh, my wool is sparkling? Didn’t even notice ;)
Aug 2020 · 93
Grace E Aug 2020
Life is composed of beautiful moments
Stitched together with hope
Though there are patches of heartache and uncertainty
But all in all
It is a fine garment
Woven with the tender and caring hands
Of the creator
A symphony of color and sound and taste
Life, even with its doubts
Is a true gift for a heart that is grateful for it
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