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2.3k · Feb 2019
Grace E Feb 2019
I traced the texture of your words
Like my heart was blind
And your voice was braille
1.6k · Feb 2019
Recipe for Depression
1.5k · Feb 4
Never Give Up
Grace E Feb 4
That’s the only difference between
The mediocre
And the master
1.5k · Sep 2019
Fire Breather
Grace E Sep 2019
She's not the damsel.

She's the dragon.
And she knows who she is.
1.5k · Mar 2019
Grace E Mar 2019
Black bark looms
Deep inside the misty forest
Moss intertwines
With branches
We hike side by side
Until we realize
We are chanting
A haunting composition
Of quiet wishes
And confessions to each other
Naked in each other presence
Yet fully clothed
Naked underneath these branches
We whisper our hearts
To the earth and each other
We scatter the ashes of our brokenness
Beneath the leaves
1.4k · Feb 2019
Grace E Feb 2019
They were like two tectonic plates
Colliding and crashing
Creating mountains together
1.3k · Mar 2019
What a Joke
Grace E Mar 2019
Life has a dark sense of humor
And the punchline is
None of us are gettin’ out alive
So just laugh about it
1.2k · Mar 2019
Grace E Mar 2019
She’s deadly & patient
A useful combination
Slinking low, undetected
Hidden in her station
She’s locked you in
Presence unannounced
Step by cautious step
She’s ready for the pounce
She is a warrior, a hunter
With refined, lethal finesse
Don’t be fooled by her kitten eyes
The girl’s a lioness
1.0k · Mar 6
Sunshine Girl
Grace E Mar 6
She was like the sun
Life giving
But she also burned a few unfortunate souls
1000 · Mar 2019
The Mermaid & The Sailor
Grace E Mar 2019
His briny heart leapt at her sight.
The girl who was the sea.
Sunshine weaved into her hair,
Tail long, blue & scaly.
She threw a garland of shells,
Round his neck when he approached,
Her sailor had returned,
For their plan to elope.
He held a ring of pearls,
He found for her in oysters.
Placed it on her finger.
They kissed in the ocean moisture.
They spent the night together.
I’m sure the rest you know,
They were from different worlds,
So soon, she had to go.
Now if ever you’re at the sea &
Spot a man starring longingly to the water,
Just know that it is he,
Waiting for Poseidon’s daughter.
946 · Sep 2019
Not of This World
Grace E Sep 2019
Perhaps the reason there is so much suffering in this world is because
We aren't made for this world
923 · Jan 2019
Grace E Jan 2019
Drops of caramel adorn your cheeks
You are seraphic
Milky skin
Sun spotted

God took His time
When He made you
900 · Jan 2019
Her Hands
Grace E Jan 2019
Her hands were bohemian.

Guitar string calloused finger tips,

Colorful paints speckled her skin.
Fragrent reds, gypsy yellows and healing greens.

Dense plant soil beneath her nails.

Her hands created,
Her hands cooked,
Her hands served,
And toiled.

Her hands were bohemian.
897 · Mar 2019
The Female Struggle
Grace E Mar 2019
No matter how much she tries
Blushes and buffs
Dips and foams
Softens or scuffs
The resounding feedback is:
You’re just.. not good enough
the industry first create insecurity’s in us women, by showing us what a true woman should be like, the photoshopped essence of feminine beauty. Then, caters to our insecurities, by selling us all the creams, lotions, potions, goos, and spells we need to be good enough. It’s wack, but I guess that’s how it goes.
825 · Mar 2019
Dragon Girl
Grace E Mar 2019
She breathed her lore through history
Her name, dripping in myth & legend
She never said a word to prove her worth
She let the fire in her belly
Do the convincing
820 · Jan 2019
Black Widow
Grace E Jan 2019
She spun her web
Lured you in with her long legs
Injected you with her poison
And ate your heart out
751 · Jun 29
Grace E Jun 29
I used to be afraid of wolves
Until I realized I am a lion
736 · Nov 12
Going for a Ride
Grace E Nov 12
She smears on her reddest lipstick
Pulls on her heaviest coat
Stuffs her hands in her leather gloves
Mounts her Vespa
Rides away into the stars
And never looks back
717 · Aug 2019
Grace E Aug 2019
Deep beneath the pines and firs
Looming in darkness, a mountains soul
Where the eagles make their roost
And the foxes dig their holes
A fire crackles to keep us warm
A blaze standing tall and bright
The forests darkness dims
And flees on the wings of firelight
711 · Mar 2019
Grace E Mar 2019
I decorate my black & white life
In red & blue lights
With an oath to uphold integrity
To balance wrong and right
I’m married to lady justice
My instincts, ready for the draw
I am a servant of the people
But I am also their law
Many people don’t give police men and women the respect they deserve. They see the worst parts of humanity every single day and one of their occupational hazards is not coming home to their family.. I appreciate their exsistence and respect what they do.
676 · Aug 25
Grace E Aug 25
Some people like to think of themselves as the black sheep...
I’ve always considered myself more of the glittery sheep of the flock
Oh, my wool is sparkling? Didn’t even notice ;)
658 · Aug 7
Grace E Aug 7
She wore wisdom and war
Behind the veil of her eyes
A piercing discernment
Her eyes were a monument
Of the undercurrent
Swelling in her soul
655 · Mar 2019
Drowning in Him
Grace E Mar 2019
The days pass & he lingers
I sip on the memory  
Of his calloused fingers
Like he etched his initials into my skin
I, robed in his jacket
That still smells like him

I dance whenever I recall
Our nights together
When we exposed it all
I was the sea
We took and gave
& elated, he splashed
Inside my waves
616 · Apr 2019
Grace E Apr 2019
Lies next to me
His breathing blending with swaying of the trees
A comely fragrance of forever wafting around him like a costly oriental perfume
Next to me in our bed
His black hair
Growing from underneath the sheets
Contentment fills my heart
& is pumped through my veins
Like a rogue spark
Catching dry brush creating a wild fire
Of gratitude
Consuming me and feasting on my every discontent
Thankfulness takes its throne in my heart
Long live the king
603 · Jul 2019
Grace E Jul 2019
The sage & the joshua tree remind me
Of the miles to go, the journey that I’m on
In the sweet air of the desert
Wait for me, one more night ‘til I get home
551 · Jan 2019
Storm of Color
Grace E Jan 2019
Darling, I’m a storm of color
I’ll blow through your soul
And leave your rigid black & white
In bewildered wonder
537 · May 2019
Bottoms Up
Grace E May 2019
It’s Friday, and tonight
I’m gonna sparkle
More than my champagne
535 · May 2019
Grace E May 2019
Sticky, sweet nectar
lying like fresh dew
dripping and drizzling into our soft soil, dense & nurtured
our love was good ground
where two fragile buds felt elated to bloom together
527 · Aug 2019
In Love
Grace E Aug 2019
We delved into a love
From which we never recovered
522 · Feb 13
The Ocean Girl
Grace E Feb 13
She was a private girl.
She was shut behind the windows of her eyes,
Quietly observing all that fluttered by her.
She felt the sunshine more richly,
Tasted more sweetly,
Kissed more sincerely.
She was a private girl.
Many believed they knew her ins and outs
But they only saw the light that splashed across her surface.
Knowing nothing of her inner depth.
They thought “what a sunshiny girl!”
And that’s all she wanted them to think,
For the rest of her belonged to her and her alone.
An impenetrable ocean of hidden secrets
If the ocean were a person, it would undoubtedly be a woman ♥️
517 · Oct 2
Love Wins
Grace E Oct 2
The term “love wins” is true,
Though gravely misused.
The worldly kind of love,
Which is often the attached definition to this term, never truly wins.
This love, which is ****** in nature,
Only leaves it’s participants more empty, and loveless than before.
****** love, when abused and mishandled, taken outside of its intended context, leaves you more empty, drained, used, and void of TRUE love than before you engaged in it.
You will never feel completely fulfilled with only ****** love, and how sad, to base your entire identity on how you like to have ***. How empty a life, to march under a flag of your selfish, ****** preference, rather than something truly meaningful.

Love wins, yes He does. love wins, because Jesus Christ, who was love in flesh, won, when He died on the cross and paid for the sin of the entire world. Including the ****** sin mentioned above. Love wins, when you ask Him into your heart, and believe in Him as your savior, the one who made the weighty payment for your soul, so you could spend forever in the presence of God, where the Bible says, there is “fullness of joy and pleasure forevermore.” Don’t chase fleeting pleasure, that lasts only for a moments at a ****** ******. Choose pleasure that nourishes your soul, gives life to you spirit, opens your eyes to perceive the kingdom of God. Choose that. Choose Jesus. Choose love.
Love wins.
484 · Sep 2019
Heart Beats
Grace E Sep 2019
He and I
Had the same heart
Beating in two separate chests
482 · Mar 2019
Grace E Mar 2019
Uni- One
Verse-  A group of lines that form a unit in a poem or song; a stanza
One Verse

and He said
Some people say “the universe helped me”
Or the “it must have been the universe”
But the universe is a created thing, with no power of its own to help us. It is He who spoke the universe with His voice, He who is powerful enough to speak one verse and create a moving, living, breathing poem. He is our help and He is the One leading us.
475 · Aug 2019
Grace E Aug 2019
You left me to bleed,
You left me alone
I needed you
461 · Feb 2019
Grace E Feb 2019
She was
A dormant volcano
Rumbling with untapped power
Long over-due
Waiting, seething
456 · Mar 2019
Grace E Mar 2019
Ladies and Gentlemen!

My next act,
Is one of mind bending originality.
Using only mirrors and shadows,
Allow me to contort your reality!
I employ the pledge to invite,
The turn excite
& the prestige,
To make you question,
What’s wrong & what right.
But remember, dear audience
Keep your gaze transfixed on the light
As I defy physics, stay in your seat
Lest you **** the illusion.
Please scream & throw roses at my feet.
You came here, after all
To have your intellects ruled.
& you let me do it
Because you loved to be fooled
Poets are word magicians
453 · Sep 2019
Grace E Sep 2019
He rippled "I don't understand you!"
"Of course you don't." she replied.
"Storms aren't made to be understood."
450 · Apr 2019
Grace E Apr 2019
I sit and twiddle my fingers.
Trying to grasp for words,
That will accurately convey
My story.

For many years,
I developed dependency,
On people, parties,  pleasures
For quick, yellow bursts of dopamine.

I own a gory past to say the least,
Some details too painful
To divulge in their fullness.

I finally faced myself.
I finally sat down with my past
And I finally stared it
In its ugly face

Radio silence, for days
Tears of the years
Spilled from my heart to my bathroom floor, for days and days.

I traced each repressed memory
Like one who cuts themselves
Would trace their scars
Internal scars are even worse sometimes...

I sat with myself
No distractions, no noise, no friends to talk to, just me, myself and our thoughts.
I screamed to the air.

I was utterly naked,
In front of my deepest pains.
Utterly exposed to the elements.
The fire lapped at my heart.

Finally, the sun rose
And spilled light into my veins
As the weight fell off
I changed my name.

“Who I was.”
Changed to
“Who I am.”

“What I’ve done.”
Changed to
“What I will become.”

Changed to


Changed to
447 · Aug 27
Move Forward
Grace E Aug 27
You can’t break someone who’s already broken
You can trap someone who’s already fettered
You can’t change the future unless you learn from the past
You can’t heal if you’re not willing to get better
You can’t dance if you’re only willing to observe
Can’t smile if you’re dedicated to a frown
Can’t move forward until YOU decide to
Can’t go up if you’re always looking down
445 · Apr 2019
Grace E Apr 2019
Your presence started to feel
Imposing, violating almost
Too close, suffocating
Your quirks were
Irritating, no longer charming
You lost your power over me
You lost me
Some people are like oil & water. They just ain’t mixing...
432 · Sep 2019
Grace E Sep 2019
We made a promise to each other
And sealed our covenant with a kiss
Looking back now,
I never thought we’d come to this
408 · Oct 2019
Is It Time?
Grace E Oct 2019
Can a broken heart fully mend?
A shattered soul, fully heal?
Can one learn to not break, but bend?
And let old wounds finally seal?
Can words of torment ever be fully erased?
Tattoos they left in your spirit, made gone?
Can the image they painted of you, debased,
Ever be turned to right, from wrong.
Can forgiveness ever be found?
The years of pain melt away with the sun?
Or is it all too much to take back now?
Is it time to let go? To move on?
393 · Mar 2019
Grace E Mar 2019
US= -stability+-(past baggage^2-coherent communication)
                Intense mutual attraction

...remains unsolved
We’ve been married 3 years and still haven’t figured it out yet.
386 · Apr 2019
Question For Fellow Poets:
Grace E Apr 2019
What is a quote that is very meaningful, impactful or defining to you in your life?
I’m interested to know :)
379 · Jan 4
Victorious Secret
Grace E Jan 4
She was always victorious,
For she studied the art of seduction,
Because it requires more cunning,
Than the art of war.
Learn to ******.
Win every war.
375 · Apr 2019
Fun Idea...
Grace E Apr 2019
Do you know what your name means?
How would you write a poem describing your name? :)
I’ll shine a sun on whoever writes a poem about their name :) Just leave me a message letting me know you wrote one, Incase I don’t see it on the feed.

What’s is a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. :)
371 · Mar 2019
My King
Grace E Mar 2019
the light drips in through
narrow slats of our curtains
he rolls out of bed
another day of toiling
i see him slip off his pajamas
and pull his work pants on
he sees himself as nothing,
but i see a mighty man
girding himself with a belt
his shirt, a breastplate
his work boots, comparable to the caligae of Roman soldiers
his hat, a warriors helmet
and in this moment as
this humble knight stands before my bedside
i can only think
“other women can keep their prince charmings. I have found a true king.”
370 · Jul 14
Room Full of Men
Grace E Jul 14
In a room full of men
Of brawny size
Winning smiles
And confident eyes

If they all had wit
And clever charm
Were gentlemen
Who’d offer a girl their arm

And if they were all
Impeccably dressed
Suits and ties
Their formal best

With a high IQ
In a room full of men like that
I’d still look for you
No else compares to you.
370 · Mar 2019
When Warriors Fall in Love
Grace E Mar 2019
we come together
broken from the fight
& dance in the ashes
of our incinerated paradise
We profess our mutual adoration
We resurrect together
Then after we tear down
We rebuild something better
when two warriors fall in love, war is bound to happen.
364 · Jul 18
Lost Opportunities
Grace E Jul 18
I wish I would’ve savored that final hug
Just a little bit longer
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