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I don't miss people
I miss the parts of me I gave them
this one ******* HURTS
those flowers over there are the ones I planted for you
months ago
they require water three times a day and don't like to be out in the sun for too long

sometimes I forget

they look pretty now
but they'll die soon
I have no idea what’s going on in my head but if I write it down on paper I can at least call it a poem
sometimes i don't know what to write, i just want it to mean something.
When people wanna leave I let them.
I never bother to fight.
This poem is just like the last one I wrote about getting let down.
They just get easier to write.
  Mar 29 queen of hearts
you are sweet
but that's not what i want
that's not what i need
and we both know
or later
i'll be the one
to leave
how badly I wish to sit you down,
pour you a glass of whatever
and lecture all the works I’ve written of you
retrace for you all the moments you made me fall
and all the times you let me down
and you’d sit there, sipping
thinking you knew all my emotions
thinking you read into me enough
knowing you still have not the slightest clue of what I think of you
and I’d stand there with the heaviest of hearts
cause after all I’ve taught you
you still don’t know how to love me
The moon has never let me down.
The stars won’t let me fall.
The sun would never leave my side
but you’re not here at all.

The rain will pour in April.
The flowers bloom in May.
Seasons always come back around
but you still got away.

The birds will be back in spring.
The ice melts back to blue.
The summer heat will return again
and I wish you’d come back too.
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