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Nov 12 · 67
Grace E Nov 12
One can’t help but notice the staggering amount of people
Going broke,
To prove to other broke people,
That they aren’t broke.
Yah, the stupid purse cost three months rent, but at least my other broke friends don’t think I’m broke.
Nov 11 · 206
Go Away
Grace E Nov 11
Just leave me alone to slowly die.
It’s what you’ve been doing all along anyway.
Nov 5 · 78
Broken Creatures
Grace E Nov 5
Behind the veil of gauzy show
Gaze into the eyes that house the soul
Behind the masks we all wear
Inside the pain we all bear
There is a common thread
Woven through us all
Behind our chosen facade
And our socially acceptable wall
We are all in need of something
Something greater than us
We all have holes
That need to be filled up
We all share wounded innocence
Behind our outward features
So be kind always
To your fellow broken creatures
Nov 5 · 161
Gettin’ Old
Grace E Nov 5
I roll out of bed
And my bones all crack
A throbbing head
And quite a sore back
Ah yes, they say
“Age is gold.”
But from what I see these days,
It’s hard getting old.
And I’m only 24
Oct 30 · 56
Wasted Time
Grace E Oct 30
Time is so fleeting.
And life is so short.
I regret how much time I’ve spent
Being selfish.
I regret how much time I’ve wasted
Nursing animosity.
Oct 30 · 376
Is It Time?
Grace E Oct 30
Can a broken heart fully mend?
A shattered soul, fully heal?
Can one learn to not break, but bend?
And let old wounds finally seal?
Can words of torment ever be fully erased?
Tattoos they left in your spirit, made gone?
Can the image they painted of you, debased,
Ever be turned to right, from wrong.
Can forgiveness ever be found?
The years of pain melt away with the sun?
Or is it all too much to take back now?
Is it time to let go? To move on?
Oct 25 · 72
Grace E Oct 25
I guess he says he loves me.
I have a hard time relying on only words.
It’s easy to get lost in wishes.
It’s easy to waltz for too long with hope.
Praying for a connection, not just an attachment.
Praying for even a morsel of my thoughts to be heard and not disregarded and disrespected to the highest degree.
I’m losing touch with reality.
And dancing in the pretty fantasy that maybe this is love.
Maybe I’m not wasting my time.
Maybe I’m not bleeding inside for no reason.
Maybe we can go to the sunshine.
But it seems impossible, when we are swallowed up and drowning in ever darkening waters.
Maybe this is love.
But I don’t know yet.
Oct 22 · 70
Grace E Oct 22
It isn’t love.
And it never was.
It was a lesson.
But not love.
Oct 21 · 214
Cowardly Lion
Grace E Oct 21
Only a truly weak man would try to prove his strength by hurting a woman.
Men that hurt women need some real men to show up and beat the sh*t out of him :)
Oct 7 · 53
Not The Hero
Grace E Oct 7
I have weaknesses that root themselves deeply in me and feast on me day and night.

A tendency to never forgive or forget.

A lack of mercy for hypocritical people who play the superhero, but hurt people behind closed doors.

Perhaps I missed a step in my development.

Perhaps a ***** got loose in my head,

But I have always been able to sympathize with the villain of the story, more than the hero.
Sep 29 · 84
Grace E Sep 29
We can never be still.

We rise then we fall.

You are the sun I’m the moon creating a life time of tide with our gravitational pull

Though we push and pull this world would be lifeless without you ❤️
I think I did this right ???????
Sep 28 · 103
Not Rocket Science
Grace E Sep 28
“Don’t cause a scene.”
Don’t give me a reason to
It’s that easy :)
Sep 28 · 90
He’s in My Veins
Grace E Sep 28
“Why don’t you just leave him?”
Any addict will tell you
It’s not that easy.
Sep 27 · 394
Grace E Sep 27
We made a promise to each other
And sealed our covenant with a kiss
Looking back now,
I never thought we’d come to this
Sep 27 · 64
Grace E Sep 27
It was his mistake,
He tried to embrace a girl
With fire woven into her hair.
Of course he got burned.
Sep 26 · 71
Grace E Sep 26
The world sparkles
Through the watery lens of tears
I am okay.
I am okay.
Sep 24 · 66
My Only Wish
Grace E Sep 24
My only wish is to give you fervent love.
A love that seeps into every crack left by the frivolous entanglements that broke you.
And a worldly life that left you bitter.
To breathe a new life into you through it.
To refresh you.
That is my only wish.
Sep 23 · 100
Mean It
Grace E Sep 23
My heart is not easily won.
So believe me when I say I love you,
I mean it with every fiber of my being.
Sep 22 · 446
Heart Beats
Grace E Sep 22
He and I
Had the same heart
Beating in two separate chests
Sep 20 · 224
Grace E Sep 20
Dance in the dawning sun light
Feel the cool grass blades between bare toes
Today, you are free
Sep 19 · 78
This Home
Grace E Sep 19
There has indeed always been a sense of magic in the old house. Especially at dusk, as the setting sun steeps the estate in golden hues. The land was wild and luscious, seemingly unmaintained, embellished with wild chamomile and daisies. History wrote itself into every wall, every blade of dense southern grass, every calcified window and crackling chip of paint held, each in its right, a weightiness, an undeniable depth of bygone years. Martha stood in the old servants kitchen and sipped her coffee long and thoughtfully. The chairs weathered by time and countless night family sat on those cushions. Laughter still echoed in the rooms, ricocheting  off picture frames and pinging off Marthas near deaf ear-drums. She felt the years in the walls, she felt the years in her bones. How she would miss this home.
Idk. Feeling in a creative writing mood.
Sep 15 · 1.4k
Fire Breather
Grace E Sep 15
She's not the damsel.

She's the dragon.
And she knows who she is.
Sep 14 · 162
Not Sorry
Grace E Sep 14
A relationship is doomed
When just staying mad at each other is easier than saying
"I'm sorry.'
Sep 14 · 77
Bone of His Bone
Grace E Sep 14
He abused himself
So of course he could abuse me
Sep 13 · 67
Grace E Sep 13
I cannot deny,
The man could materialize anything I wished for.
A passing fancy, an eye catching item could and did appear whenever in his finacial power to do so.
I could have anything...
I knew it too.
But in the end all that fluff was to compensate for his lack of emotional richness.
The lack of any character depth or owning a strong self-identity.
I was never hungry with the man.
My belly was always full.
But my heart was always empty.
And it couldn't last. It was time.
Sep 13 · 411
Grace E Sep 13
He rippled "I don't understand you!"
"Of course you don't." she replied.
"Storms aren't made to be understood."
Sep 10 · 64
Let it Go
Grace E Sep 10
Let yourself cry.
Let yourself feel the painful emotions..
Let your heart detoxify itself.
It hurts, but it WILL help you.
It will aid you in the process of letting go.
Sep 7 · 65
Grace E Sep 7
Yes, I am snappy. I am sorry.
My anger is just my sadnesses body gaurd
Sep 4 · 894
Not of This World
Grace E Sep 4
Perhaps the reason there is so much suffering in this world is because
We aren't made for this world
Aug 29 · 130
Strange Love
Grace E Aug 29
They were the counterbalance
The weight that held the other steady
He was born in depravity
And lived a depraved life
He longed for goodness...
She was born in privledge
And lived accordingly.
She was curious about darkness...
They met and satisfied each others greatest longings
A desperate ebb and flow that kept them in rhythem
They were opposed, but equal
They were in love
Aug 25 · 206
Grace E Aug 25
How do you comfort a grieving person?
Aug 24 · 116
Gold Digger
Grace E Aug 24
You had a cold, sturdy hardness
Of a mountain.
You were filled with caves of wisdom and gold to glean
So call me a gold digger
Because I want to dig into you
Aug 23 · 70
Not Love
Grace E Aug 23
I sit at the empty kitchen table
And cradle my head in my hands
Tears hit thick and warm on my cheek
And slide like a melting glacier
Made of the ice in my heart.
I listen to the trees tussle outside
A symphony of wind and leaves,
And I play my day over in my head,
And find I am so happy I didn’t buy
The plaque I saw in the store today that read
“Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs, does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth, always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preservers, love never fails”

I’m happy I didn’t buy that
Because sitting here in this empty kitchen,
I know that is not our love.
Aug 21 · 68
Grace E Aug 21
My therapist leans forward in her brown leather chair
And thoughtfully places her hands and investigating, asks me
“So at the this point what do you want?”
I sit and introspect.
I want a massage
I want to understand myself
I want to connect better with people
I want to stop taking everything personally
I want to write better
I want to dance better
I want a lot of money
I want to go get my nails done,
But instead I answer
“I don’t know Janet. I don’t know what I want.”
Aug 19 · 231
Keep Going
Grace E Aug 19
Of course I’m tired, but
I don’t stop when I’m tired
I stop when I’m done
This mantra has been applied to many different situations in my life, from dealing with depression, to cleaning my house. It’s not over till it’s over.
Aug 17 · 188
Dance, Darling ♥️
Grace E Aug 17
Eternity’s a long time,
May as well dance tonight
Friday Night
Aug 12 · 179
Dust Off My Throne
Grace E Aug 12
I forgot I am royalty
Too busy throwing my crown
At the feet of a man undeserving of my respect

Never again.
Aug 12 · 122
Grace E Aug 12
Fierce warrior girl,
With the ***** face,
****** arms
And the broken heart.

Don’t you EVER forget,
You have what it takes
To stand alone.

It’s time to blaze,
You’ve been drowning for too long.
Aug 10 · 96
No One’s There
Grace E Aug 10
You act high and mighty in the day
When your ego is burning hot with the sun
But darling I know you too well,
And I know the night is coming
When you’re alone.
Alone with your thoughts
Alone with your regrets
With no one next to you to kiss your face all over and wish you goodnight
The night is coming, babe.
And you’re going to reach out in desperation to me.
And I will relish leaving you alone.
The same way you left me.
And knowing that you loved it
To see me sad over you.
I will cherish every desperate cry of regret you utter to me.
And hold them in my heart like treasure
As you bellow again and again “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”
And I leave you feeling exactly like you made me feel
Like there is no one there listening
And you’re not heard
Aug 10 · 436
Grace E Aug 10
You left me to bleed,
You left me alone
I needed you
Aug 6 · 484
In Love
Grace E Aug 6
We delved into a love
From which we never recovered
Aug 3 · 635
Grace E Aug 3
Deep beneath the pines and firs
Looming in darkness, a mountains soul
Where the eagles make their roost
And the foxes dig their holes
A fire crackles to keep us warm
A blaze standing tall and bright
The forests darkness dims
And flees on the wings of firelight
Jul 31 · 187
Grace E Jul 31
I whisper vows into my palm
And touch your face with solemn promises.
I will never let you go.
Through a thousand tempests swell,
Or we are cast into fires meant to destroy,
No distance, or time, no dimensional constructs will make my hand slip from yours.
Darling, know this.
No matter what happens

I will
You go
Jul 29 · 149
The Element of Words
Grace E Jul 29
Some words flutter on the air
Carried by gentle breezes
But quickly dissipate like the wind

Some words root into your soul
******* up sustenance from inside you
But growing something from within you

Some words dance like fire leaping at your heart
Torching or warming. Useful. Or destructive

Some words run over you like water
Drowning or refreshing you.
Quenching and cleaning away the dirt that doesn’t belong
Jul 29 · 121
Too Much
Grace E Jul 29
The saying goes
“When you love someone set them free.”
But my heart pulls with all it’s strength
Against that notion.
When you love someone, make a true, deep effort to love them
Hold onto them
Show them how cherished they are
Because at the end of it all
I’d rather say I loved too much
Than not enough
Jul 26 · 163
Grace E Jul 26
All I ever wanted to do is love you,
You weren’t ready
You obviously weren’t ready to be loved like I loved you.
Jul 25 · 159
I don’t know
Grace E Jul 25
I don’t know where I fell out of love.
I don’t know if I ever fell into it, fully.
I don’t know if I was just comfortable.
I don’t know if it’s just that I knew I’d be taken care of.
I don’t know if I cheated myself out of true love.
Or if this IS true love...
I don’t know how I can be so blithe about it all.
After all the bitterness that has built up and sunk into my heart towards you.
I don’t know when I fell out of love.
Or if I am in love.
Or if I ever was.
Or if I am in indifference veiled with a coat of emotional dependency.
I don’t know if this is love.
I don’t know.
Jul 24 · 83
Grace E Jul 24
Some wish to be the sun,
Dazzling in white flames
Brimming with power
An unrelenting force of nature.
But I wish only to the moon,
The quiet moon looking upon lovers
Grazing on each other’s lips like green pastures
Beaming through a window of one who is pierced by the night,
How I long to shine in the darkness
Jul 22 · 162
A Kiss
Grace E Jul 22
I just want to kiss his tear stained face,
And show him the type of love that could save someone from their darkest oblivions,
truly does exist
Jul 18 · 137
Singing Your Name
Grace E Jul 18
Kiss me and paint my curves with your hands
The way a musician would caress his guitars strings with intention and passion
Play me, my love.
Whisper every desire into my ear

Make me sing
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