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Grace E Jul 2019
The gavel slammed.
“Guilty of sorcery,  conspiring with the devil, and being in possession of magical potions under guise of medicine.”
Elizabeth fought for her life
“I am no more a witch than you are a wizard! This is unjust!” She screamed, pleading.

That night they hanged her.
They congregated in front of the white church house. Rejoicing that they had rid themselves from the vice of the sin of  divinity infesting their beloved town.

3 years past

And The old white church
That lingered for years beneath
The mossy trees
Rose in flames lapping at the night air
And there they saw only her dark silhouette standing in the door.
And then
She was there no more.
Grace E Oct 2020
History rarely repeats,
But it often rhymes.
Grace E Oct 2020
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,
But mighty in God, for pulling down strongholds.
Carnal= Carne= Flesh
The weapons of our warfare are not in our flesh, but in God, to pull down the strongholds in our hearts and lives. Are you addicted to *******? God can help you pull that stronghold down. Are you addicted to your phone? To social media? To fake love? Jesus can help you pull down those things rotting in your heart and making your life sour. You only get one life. Choose to live this life for the next one, the eternal one, the one that doesn’t end.
Grace E Mar 2019
I decorate my black & white life
In red & blue lights
With an oath to uphold integrity
To balance wrong and right
I’m married to lady justice
My instincts, ready for the draw
I am a servant of the people
But I am also their law
Many people don’t give police men and women the respect they deserve. They see the worst parts of humanity every single day and one of their occupational hazards is not coming home to their family.. I appreciate their exsistence and respect what they do.
Grace E Mar 2019
Ladies and Gentlemen!

My next act,
Is one of mind bending originality.
Using only mirrors and shadows,
Allow me to contort your reality!
I employ the pledge to invite,
The turn excite
& the prestige,
To make you question,
What’s wrong & what right.
But remember, dear audience
Keep your gaze transfixed on the light
As I defy physics, stay in your seat
Lest you **** the illusion.
Please scream & throw roses at my feet.
You came here, after all
To have your intellects ruled.
& you let me do it
Because you loved to be fooled
Poets are word magicians
Grace E Feb 2020
I crave an abundant life.
I crave good company,
Passionate kisses,
True joy and peace.
I crave freshness
I crave new perspectives
I crave movement, fluidity
And thankfulness.
I crave life.
I crave an abundant life.
Grace E Apr 2019
Is a handsome man
With blue skin
Wears a black suit
And a sympathetic grin
He’s deceitful
He’s charming
And evil
And he loves me so much
At least that what he says
Wants me to get in his hearse
And run away
Wants to break me out
Of this painful
But he’s lying to me
He’s lying to you
Lying is the only thing
He knows how to do
Politely decline his offer
As good as he makes it seem
He leaves you as soon as you decide
It’s time to make yourself “just go to sleep”
That’s where he wants you
Broken, lame
“It’s everyone else’s fault”
You’re playing his game
It’s you. It’s you. It’s you.
Only YOU can save you
He’s a villain and he’s in your head
Don’t entertain him
Because he’ll laugh when you’re dead
Grace E Apr 2019
The beautiful warrior
Arranged her hair
And painted her lips cherry red
Her battle paint
She’s ready
Grace E Feb 2020
In conclusion,
He gave me many material comforts.
And he gave me bruises on my body.
He would lend me his good will,
Not from love,
But for control.
I should have ran the night he pointed a gun at me.
Loaded or not. It should’ve been the end.
I’ve strove with him so tirelessly.
Given him second and third chances so preposterous it’s laughable.
I’ve waited patiently for him to be patient.
I’ve trusted him with heart, despite his brutish ways of stomping on what I give.
And the most maddening thing,
Is how he turned it all to make it seem like I was the only one at fault.
In conclusion, this is our conclusion.
Good night old friend.
Grace E Mar 2019
There’s a sudden chill in the air
The darkness looms, heavy
My skin tingles in fear
My forehead spikes in perspiration
The ghost hovers in my corner
My past is here to haunt me
Grace E Jul 2019
I just want to kiss his tear stained face,
And show him the type of love that could save someone from their darkest oblivions,
truly does exist
Grace E Jun 2019
Emancipated I looked on,
The world below me spun.
The last breaths of the day slipped away
Fleeting with the setting sun

Then, as if mirroring the stars above,
The lights of the city lit,
I opened my arms about to fall,
But decided against it.

Not today, not in this way
No, there’s still beauty left to behold
I trembled as I stepped down
And shivered in the deathly cold
Grace E Aug 2019
You left me to bleed,
You left me alone
I needed you
Grace E Jul 2019
I’ll never forget. How could I?
After the way you let me live and love in pure, reckless freedom?
And when everything fades, every tender touch becomes a snapshot memory, hung in some unattended gallery in my mind.. My heart will always remember you, darling.
The heart ALWAYS remembers.
Grace E Feb 2020
She looked to the earth
And then to sky
The ground was too dull
She longed to fly
She pulled on her coat
And her soul spread it wings
The air in her heart
Grasping for higher things
Her hand reaching for heaven
And though she met her untimely fate
Her courage lives on in the hearts
Of all those who attempt to do something great
Grace E Mar 2020
Sometimes becoming an angel
Means you gotta go through a little hell
Grace E Jun 2019
We descend a little deeper
Into the dark vaults of each others minds
The shameful promiscuity's
We’ve encountered in our time
The recesses of drunken escapades
We’ve long since escaped
Kissing prostitutes
And laughing in Gods face
Yet how the years have broken us
How we found each other in the dirt
How fiercely we love each other
Because we’ve both been fiercely hurt
How the years melt away
In the cool evening of our love
How a garden blooms in our heart
A garden that grew out of death & mud
Grace E Apr 2019
I try my best to make it a “morning ritual”
Not a “morning routine
My “routine” has notes of mindless repetition
My “ritual” is a sacred sequence in which you do things mindfully, intentionally, and thoughtfully.
This life has too much magic in it to live it like it’s a routine :)
Grace E Jul 2019
we fought.
my emotions splashed into a million waves of chaos and catastrophe.
my heart sunk beneath the waves swelling up inside my ribs and into my throat
I was drowning my love. I was drowning.
Where were you?
I was tossed and tormented by our dispute.
when finally I reached out of the waters for the door **** to reconcile, I found you there.
How calm your world was,
when mine was apocalyptic.
Nice to know you care so much. Problems of being the passionate one. They will never write poetry for you, when all you do is bleed for them.
Grace E Feb 3
Suddenly I get it
A certain sweet love made me see
It’s nothing that I can quite describe
It’s something special you do to me

I’m perplexed
You’re so self-controlled, yet so raw
I just can’t name what it is
A genuine je ne sais quoi

I’d never give myself away
But I have deep feelings, it’s true
You are so very different
Make a girl want to cook and clean for you
Grace E Aug 2020
She wore wisdom and war
Behind the veil of her eyes
A piercing discernment
Her eyes were a monument
Of the undercurrent
Swelling in her soul
Grace E Feb 2019
Your love was like
An atomic blast in my heart
I wasn’t expecting that kind of power
Nor that kind of destruction
Grace E Dec 2019
I feel like an Audrey
In a world full of Marilyns
Grace E Feb 2020
She was dangerous because she knew her power
She knew her power to heal from deep pain
She knew her power to withstand a storm
She walked through fire and came out alive on the other side
She knew what she was capable of enduring
She knew she had gone through everything that was meant to destroy her and lived to tell the tale
She was dangerous because she was unbreakable
And it’s hard to control a woman like that
Grace E Apr 2019
You want perfection,
But aren’t willing to put in the work
To achieve it.
You get upset and say
“You’re burning down my paradise.”
But “your paradise” is dry enough to burn
Because you haven’t watered it.
All in all
You’re a bad gardener.
Grace E Mar 2019
Pointed toes
Touch the stage of life
The curtain opens
Delectable first step
The wind section of the orechestea ushers me in
I am the music
I am the audience
I am the dancer
All in one moment
Second step
The brass section barges into my being
I am the brass
Stomping with elegance
Storming with poise
I am the storm
I am the victim being flung around by wind and by brass
And silence
Ethereal skirt twill above my ankles
Passion and hate
Love and peace
Caught in the spot light
Beaming on stage
Chasing me like a criminal
Caught in a pursuit
I am the criminal
I am the law
Black. White.
Torture. Pleasure
Sailing through gravity
Raise a trembling hand to the light
Grace E Jul 2020
The tragedy of binary stars is
No matter how long they orbit each other
They will never merge
Destined for eternity to admire each other
Locked in a spin around one another
Yet never able to touch
Just like you and I
He stares at me. I stare at him. We smile at each other from across the room. We wave at each other, but that is all we will ever be able to do. We are like binary stars.
Grace E Jun 2020
My guitar has a big ol’ black hole in its chest
I think that why we get each other
Looks at guitar. Observes hole in center “me too bud. Me too”
Grace E Jan 2019
She spun her web
Lured you in with her long legs
Injected you with her poison
And ate your heart out
Grace E May 2019
Sticky, sweet nectar
lying like fresh dew
dripping and drizzling into our soft soil, dense & nurtured
our love was good ground
where two fragile buds felt elated to bloom together
Grace E Sep 2019
He abused himself
So of course he could abuse me
Grace E May 2019
It’s Friday, and tonight
I’m gonna sparkle
More than my champagne
Grace E Feb 2019
I traced the texture of your words
Like my heart was blind
And your voice was braille
Grace E Nov 2019
Behind the veil of gauzy show
Gaze into the eyes that house the soul
Behind the masks we all wear
Inside the pain we all bear
There is a common thread
Woven through us all
Behind our facades
And our socially acceptable wall
We are all in need of something
Something greater than us
We all have holes
That need to be filled up
We all share wounded innocence
Behind our outward features
So be kind always
To your fellow broken creatures
Grace E Feb 2020
it is surprisingly lonely
to be a passionate person.
as if no one cares to match your pace
no one feels as you do.
it seems as if you are burning alone
Grace E Jan 2019
The Sunshine State
With a golden lure
From her staggering mountains
To her playful shore
For a melancholy heart,
She’s a certain cure
May she bloom forever more
Grace E Aug 2019
Deep beneath the pines and firs
Looming in darkness, a mountains soul
Where the eagles make their roost
And the foxes dig their holes
A fire crackles to keep us warm
A blaze standing tall and bright
The forests darkness dims
And flees on the wings of firelight
Grace E Jun 2019
Drive with me
Hold my hand tight
I’m about to put my foot down
And we’re gonna disappear into the night
No cares no worries
No eyes to see or know
What I’m gonna do to you
When we park in a deserted canyon road
Kiss me deep, kiss me true
Kiss beneath the wavy blue
Empty sky, what will we find
Come with me
and I’ll blow your mind
Grace E Jun 2019
Sun dipped kisses
‘Neath a summer sky
A honeysuckle’s scent
Gently wafting by
You look so handsome
In your Wednesday’s best
My eyes dance under your gaze
In my soft pink dress
Picking wildflowers
In the dimming light
You kiss my hand
Under the cashmere twilight
Grace E Nov 2020
Adversity is a powerful teacher
You’ll never grow in comfort
Challenge will stretch you beyond where you ever thought you could go.
Grace E Nov 2019
One can’t help but notice the staggering amount of people
Going broke,
To prove to other broke people,
That they aren’t broke.
Yah, the stupid purse cost three months rent, but at least my other broke friends don’t think I’m broke.
Grace E Feb 2019
Attack me with
And I’ll conquer you
With my peace
Grace E Mar 2019
If you truly love someone
You will delight in
Covering and healing their deepest shame
Never will you exploit and expose it more
Grace E Oct 2019
Only a truly weak man would try to prove his strength by hurting a woman.
Men that hurt women need some real men to show up and beat the sh*t out of him :)
Grace E May 2020
Your voice was a furious ocean
Your words were sound waves
Reaching my listening shoreline
Crashing on my ears
Grace E Jun 2020
He spoke
And light erupted
Trillions of stars scattered
They fixed themselves like diamonds
In the thick black firmament
Gasping plasma into their regal frames
Their massive weight curving the fabric He wove for them to sit upon
They are like the princes of the night sky
Singing of the Kings glory
All creation declares what He has done
Grace E Apr 2019
LA air
Invades every window of my car
Rolled all the way down
One hand draped free out the window
One hand firmly griping the steering wheel
My hand glides over the air
And rolls up & down, up & down
The purple mountains loom
In the distance
The sun reaches its last dying flares over the peachy plum sky
And bids goodnight to this side of the earth
I turn the refrain of Free Bird all the way up
As high as my volume will go
Step on the gas as hard as I can
And drive into the rising California stars
Grace E Aug 2019
Eternity’s a long time,
May as well dance tonight
Friday Night
Grace E Jun 2020
Deep thinkers often tend to have dark inclinations
Shallow water is always bright
The deeper it goes the darker it gets
Grace E Feb 2019
The stars begin
Their battalion march
With their banners raised
They ascend over the earth
Singing and twinkling
Healing yet piercing
Comforting yet penetrating
Darkness inspires once again
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