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Ikigai Poet Aug 3
I am still in awe..
How could a heart as small as
Our own fist,
Can provide love
To the world which is so big.
-Ikigai Poet
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
I am the memory of someone gone
foreshadowing of someone to come.
-Ikigai Poet
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
Moon taught me to be a gentle light in subtle darkness.
-Ikigai Poet
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
Life will teach you ,
Not everything is worth your
-Ikigai Poet
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
You are an integral multiple
of the beliefs that you
-Ikigai Poet
Ikigai Poet Jul 25
Let's laugh in the silence
For the world shouldn't know
That we're together.  
And when the sun sets  
Let's paint the skies with  
Darker shades of purple  
And let's fade into forever.  
Let's paint our hearts a little darker
So that they don't resemble the broken ones
We're not broken, nor our hearts are  
We're complete and unified as long as we're together.  

Let's run on the sand  
That takes us to nowhere  
I'm too sure that we'll reach
The place where we always wanted to be.
Let's call this night our own
And just feel each other  
Cause this is where we're supposed to be
Cause we've been here before.  
When the silence hits us
And Hush takes all over the place  
We'll know where to go.  
Let's walk a little bit faster
Let's scream with our footsteps  
Which are a bit too chained
We'll break those chains  
Those cage, those constraints  
We'll not call it a home.  
Let's be the music
Not what everyone expects us to be
But the one we wanna be
We don't know the music but we'll change the lyrics  
And call them Hope.
Let our heart beat a little faster  
Let's sit on the moon  
And let's chase those Shooting stars
For I know we'll always chase the infinity  
And at the same time we're infinite.  
Let's count the breaths  
That we never took
And dance on tiptoes.
Before we swoon  
Let's get drunk on the night
Chase the madness  
Trip a little and stop.  
Let's just be as we are  
Our flaws, our scars
Our laughter, our Chaos.
Tonight let's chase who we are
And fall for each other.  

-Ikigai Poet
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