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SMN Oct 2016
"Why didn't you tell anyone?"
*No one asked...
this is not mine, but so so so important
SMN Oct 2016
i'm at this point where
i need something bad to happen
so that i can talk to someone
because there is no
apparent reason for me
to feel the way i do right now
so i can't talk to anyone about it
i can't tell how devastated i am
or how much i'm hurting
it feels like something is eating me up from the inside
and it hurts more than ever
but nothing happened
so i'm just gonna sit here
in the dark biting my tongue
hoping that someone will come
hold my hand and tell me that it is okay

SMN Oct 2016
She saved my life
and I have no clue how to thank her properly
I don't think she really knows
or how much she means to me
nor how much she's done for me
and when I try to explain it
I sound foolish and can't get my words to sound right

SMN Oct 2016
You* saw the storm in my eyes
You heard the silence in my voice
You noticed the heaviness in my heart

It felt like everything was gonna be okay
once I opened up and started talking to

SMN Aug 2016
there can be several reasons for my silence
either i didn't sleep much last night
maybe i just don't have anything to talk about
i might be over analyzing things
maybe i'm upset, worried or scared
i could be falling apart inside
but most of the times it's just all of the above

SMN May 2016
Thank you*
For reaching out to me when I needed it the most
For making me feel safe when talking to you
For being there when no one else was

Thank you
For believing in me when I don't myself
For allowing me to cry or just stare into the wall
For letting me sit in silence without having to say a word

Thank you
For listening to me for hours to end
For giving me the space and peace I've needed
For being the reason I got up and fought a little more

Thank you
For being more understanding than anyone ever before
For opening up your home to me even though you didn't have to
For holding my hand and assuring me that everything will be okay

Thank you
For all your support
For not giving up on me
For being with me through some of my worst times

Thank you for your warmth and all your hugs
I honestly wouldn't have made it this far without you
I'm truly grateful and forever will be
Thank you for saving me and for everything you've done

From the bottom of my heart, thank you

SMN May 2016
some days i feel nothing and others, everything
last night i felt everything, felt it all at once
my mind was filled with negative thoughts
so many thoughts and feelings at once
i didn't stand a chance against myself
my entire body felt sore and my head was pounding
i cried uncontrollably and stared blankly at the ceiling
i couldn't breathe -- everything is a mess
so sick of never feeling good enough for a slight second
yesterday was horrible but though i barely slept
i managed to drag myself out of bed this morning
covered up my pinching eyes and took off
just like any other morning

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