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TS Ray Feb 2020
Walking down the empty road,
there was absolutely no traffic that flowed,
intrigued by this new journey as we strode,
wait, look around both sides of the road that’s what my mother always told.

It crosses my mind then and there,
we never can change what we wear,
I have asked for a new coat to buy from a fair,
I will stand here until I get an answer fair and square.

My mother told me the reason,
stripes are there on us all season,
for one-day when you runaway from here,
you will find us back with our peculiar fashion, do you hear?

Now, move on, stay in line guy,
she said with her head held high,
and count the other stripes,
I put my head down not showing my gripes.
TS. 2020. Zebra crossing on empty road.
If you ever attract a zebra,
remember they are wilder
than they look
patrolling the ice.

Remember that while you
stick around in your zoo,
they travel to other zoos
to do their business
and probably meet
other penguins like you,
and lions,
and tigers,
and every other animal.

Sure, the zebra will think of you,
that little innocent penguin,
waiting in her little zoo
for him to come back to her
for another game or two,
but remember, it’s not just you.

It probably won’t be
as he caresses her and her.
It probably won’t be
as he doesn’t mention
you to any other animals
except for his zebra friends
who probably have penguins
just like you
whom they leave behind.

Because Omaha isn’t your zoo.
Buffalo isn’t your zoo.
Atlantic City isn’t your zoo.
Philadelphia isn’t your zoo,
and you aren’t his one and only;
You will never be his only one.
Silverflame Apr 2017
I’m a healer; not a feeler,
a traveler with loss of passion.
Pipe dreams are clear when day is gone,
then I spawn stories you can’t imagine.

I’m a wanderer; but I am not lost,
burn the human manufactures.
The sky is bleeding poor man’s gold,
drowning lunatic dream-catchers.

I’m a winter child; but my heart is fire,
it's a roaring black hole of ancient lullabies.
Follow the zebra through the midnight woods,
I saw glimpse of amnesia in its eyes.
This is based on a dream I've had recently.
It's quite random, which dreams tend to be.
Beau Grey Apr 2017
Sunlight pirouettes
through a window.

Translucent zebras
dance upon the stage,
dance across
a little honey bee.

Petals of paper
weaving through
the day.
Like tiny footprints
to lead the way.

Lead a zebra,
lead a honey bee,
to a delicate daisy flower
where they might sit
in silence
or discuss
how peculiar it is
that a honey bee
just might fall
in love with a zebra.
Vexren4000 Mar 2017
Does the zebra know?
If it is white with black stripes,
Or black with white ones,
Does it consider its pattern?
When dashing from the ravenous lion.
Or looking upon another one if his kind.
Does the zebra know,
He is a symbol of the duality of life?

Harly Coward May 2016
How am I aware?
When did I become aware?
What is aware?

Does a lion know they are a lion?
What do they call themselves?
Does the Zebra know it is only a Zebra?
Does it know it's cause of death is a Lion round the neck?

As it bleeds does it remember it's family?
Does the Lion remember its first ****?
Do the buzzards have an opinion on the situation?
As they argue over dinner do they also debate?

The birds squak " if humans are aware,  why aren't they aware of us?"
The giraffes chime in " why do they pretend our home is a wasteland?"
The monkeys holler "humans build concrete caves to hide from awareness"
The hyenas laugh " what stupid animals!"
The leopard whispers "aren't we all?"
Just thinking about consciousness
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