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gia sanchez Dec 2019
The way you hold me and make me feel
sometimes i pinch myself to make sure its real.
i know i can trust you and that's hard for me to do
but i see one person that's right for me and that's you.
i spent so many nights telling myself to stop,
stop loving you and putting you on top.
whenever i try to get unattached
You draw me back in and you secure us with a latch.
you make me mad at you sometimes and i just want to hit you,
but i cant get mad for long so ill kiss you.
your my light that will never stop shining
your the love i needed, it just took too long to find it.
this is about someone i really do love. I cant believe it too this long to find someone who actually loves and cares for me.
gia sanchez Dec 2019
you are beautiful
you are unique
you are special
and never weak.
you can do things that they can't,
you have goals and you have plans.
you are independent
you are divine
you are patient  
you are kind
you don't care what other people think
your life's your own story and here's the ink.
You can get triggered
You can get hurt
You can get heart breaks and oh, do they hurt
but you are strong and never deceiving
so never stop your dreaming and believing.
words i describe myself with.
gia sanchez Dec 2019
If i stand tall,
Would you try to break me?
If i said i wouldn't,
would you try to make me?
these are the questions i ask myself
questions i implore so i don't feel like a book on a shelf.
questions i ask myself
gia sanchez Dec 2019
What's the meaning of life to you they ask?
The meaning of life to me is forgetting about the past.
Whatever mistakes you have made
Learn from them and let them fade.
Whatever you dream to do
do whatever it takes for it to come true.
For you are in control of your life
So take the wheel and go for a ride.
The only person who can criticize you is you,
so never let anyone come in between the things only you can do.
i sit in my bed wondering what the meaning of life is only to find out the meaning of life is what you make it, not anyone else, everyone has their own life and own purpose so use it to your advantage
gia sanchez Dec 2019
songs with different expressions,
one can make you cry and one can teach a lesson.
dedicate my life to music and writing,
both of which keeps me fighting,
for a better life that i hope may appear,
please help me lord, I hope that time is near.
See, what they don't understand is Writing is a big part of my life's plan
Writing takes me to a whole different world,
Where i can pretend and express myself evermore.
I write what comes from within
and most things i say are never pretend.
what i love to do.
gia sanchez Dec 2019
The only thing that makes me happy is my family.
We may argue everyday but when i'm hurt their my remedy.
They always have my back
especially when i tend to lack.
I might not have the best relationships with them
but i treat each one of them like a gem.
so special and unique in their own ways
and they all glow on cloudy days.
My family is my breath of fresh air
when i need a little guidance, i know that they will always be there.
just a little something i just came up with. i hope you like it.
gia sanchez Dec 2019
forgive, forget
i don't want to do that yet
i forgave you, might you forget
but you did the same thing and had no regrets.
if you were sorry why would you do it again?
i was hurt that you decided to pretend.
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