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To truth, sigh
blinding focused
edgy path light
to left, to right, to left
left no more...

Heart emanating..
radiating to a fallows
becoming Anew...
renew the ground's

In the Sea we travail,
the people, toil tire
weakened in arms; descending
orange, pink, purple
Into Deep....

Wintering slopes of sadness.....
Tex Dermott Jul 2015
Israelites would not bow to Baal.
They served God.
This is based on what God told Elijah when he was fleeing from Jezebel.
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
This day your either caught up in Baal, Baphomet or Bethel.

Since I was a kid they was trying to trip me in a fairytale..
Dragons are Good and alittle magic won't ****.
So far from the truth but some say who's gunna make these scars go away... Well tell me where did the scars come from?
Cause we know evil is bad and good is the truth!
If your caught in a lie dosent that mean that God told you?
Certainly not!
It came from baphomets mouth, so why are listening to liars mouth?
Dragons are real and so are unicorns
But dragons destroy and it takes a sword and one man to overcome him..
Maybe it's me?
Maybe it's you?
I just wanted to show you Baal is what we create for fantasies and selfish ways.
Baphomet is the Devil who lies right in your face.
Bethel is a holy place that keeps truth as it's king and good as it's God.

Wake up!!! For one day we will be on one side or the other...

It's hard to tell the truth and love someone who dosent know Good, but it's easy to fall and give up for a lie and at the end never notice that lies were getting life from you.

Forgive me.
Good is good and bad is bad

— The End —