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Louis Arevat Jun 28
I humbly ask that your Holy Appendage
May grant me a place in Heaven
With the power of your Mighty Ramen
And with the mystical vision of
You boiling for our sins
I am committed to your innumerable
Stringy four five six and seven
Spaghetti Mathematics.

Your unending mercy upon all the
Adherents of the one true Monster
It is you that my tainted soul belongs to
With your Holy Boiling Water
May it cleanse my taste buds
And through eating of your spaghetti
May I come to a communion as one with thy mission.

Lo, a humble ignorant servant
Unworthy to see your eyes and invisible
All other monsters are evil and a false
Kitchen of the imagination.

I surrender and abandon all my former gods
So that your Carbohydrates
May teach me the way of the Spaghetti.

Your Servant,
This can be recited before and after eating Spaghetti.
May the Spaghetti live through you all, the faithful.
Louis Arevat Apr 30
Even if the Pope in Rome
With his cardinals in purple attire
At a command to die for that Nazarene, don't believe
They cannot tell it to no mortal soul
To make us men of flesh and bone
Dream of immortality.

Once all the gods flee from this scene
Worship shan't leave
For idols we kiss their feet
While nothingness the sages try to be
To me an absurdity it seems.

Out of spite some blaspheme
Ones who are learned call it deceit
Let us the weak give being free
For we cannot handle that deed.

Being born to die
Only the strong can handle such grief
Gloomy nights they toss and turn
Searching for air to breathe
Attempting to solve this dreadful riddle
No mountain to the Paradiso
No circles in the Inferno.

An endless rambling infects their mind while the Sun shines
Making sure no one knows what they conceal at night
They want to believe in eternity
But they are not us, the weak.
Louis Arevat Mar 3
I haven't written a love poem for so long
Is it true what has been
Repeated on automaton
Ex nihilo that love brings all men to poetry.

Helps calm a hurricane
Above a dark sea
Can it be so harsh
Upon a story
Cause me to desert my post
To abandon the Tree
Always have to speak in code
Swore my oaths so many times
How shake spear turns to Bacon
As I refuse to stop at three
A thrice unknown darkness.

A mountain that a goat climbed
A fish that wanted to reach the stars
Fettered feet I cannot escape
Swan be free
I need the ocean
I want it to leave.

Do not depart
Be this illusion of the world
Magical you are destroy brick walls
Save me like a promise
Be an Inferno to them all
I have waited so long
Do not demonstrate false signs
I responded as asked.

Now turn them
As a castle of sand
None of them shall stand
Bent at your knees
For long have bees
Attempted to face you, automaton
Grant upon my brethren
Strength to not falter
At what has been said
Since I do not remember.

How long have I suffered
Without a cause
How it has been to call them my friends
You shall abandon me not.

Be me as I have been you
Take me as I have taken you
Let it pass as a vision
It has always been written upon
Papyrus paper, papyrus paper
Diana can you hear me
There is no going back
O, for I am just a messenger.
Louis Arevat Jan 27
Let your battle scream be heard
Let the angels be proud that you were born
Let your ancestors marvel at the fruit they once sowed
Let your enemies prattle that they fought against you
Let the gods toast when they talk of worthy mortals
Let demons tremble when they hear your name
Let silence be your companion who is always faithful
Let the three fates dread the day one of them
Dispatches you to the realm of the dead.
Louis Arevat Dec 2019
Thought formed from the boundless
The Word become flesh and
The World was created and maintained by the Word
God spoke so it happened
Man fell to Assiah.

Adam the more he spoke and named
The animals upon land, air, and sea
The more causes with their combinations
Resulted in sinfulness
A greater distance from the original fall
It is unwise to talk.

If the units of a building were analyzed
A builder's craft would be evident
If a philosopher speaks it is first that he thinks
Then may he ramble
Unless he be divinely inspired as by a daimon or a god
Only then would there be no thought but only words spoken.

It is dangerous to abandon the search for
Truth once sought after
Your mind would not have rest.

You blink and cannot see for an instance
With closed eyes you are deemed blind
But when kept close you will see
Through said blindness
The rest will call you a fool because of that blindness
That first perverted your eyes
You may repeat three thousand times
That you can see but to no avail
None will believe.

Only then will you search after God
His Heavenly servants are few
The Just souls above us are not dead
But alive
The adversary cannot touch their souls
Angels may visit us
We cannot visit them.

How my heart rejoices
When I remember the divinely inspired words,
'Unknowingly some have given repose to angels'
Why do you not understand that from the first breath to the last death it is His Word that maintains all?

Of this war many souls are at stake
There are living men and women who will become Saints
Martyred upon an upside down stake
My enemies stop at nothing
There is a part for me too
It is time for me to put on my armor of God
To take out my sword which is the Word.

My enemy is the true adversary
Satan shall come to you posed as God
His reason was sufficient to destroy my heart's long
I awoke but I am still asleep.

Their false prophets begin with their audience
The Devil's servants want to go upstairs
They cannot.

Now they say Giants will invade
They lie! ! !
God rebuke thee
Giants from outer-space
They are the profane
You do not have to be in Rome
to talk to the Pope.

You do not have to be in Hades
To dance with Satan
You do not have to be in Heaven
To dine with Saints.

Jesus reached level fifty
To be the witness of his birthright
I cannot be silent
You that read this are not mine enemy
You are far too weak
Jesus at fifty changed everything
Thirty Three upon his brow
X at Bethlehem
Ten Archangelic Rulers
AIN SOPH was upon the cross.

How can it be?
Do not call my name
Do not talk to me
Do not befriend me
Do not give me your filthy meal
Do not say 'sorry it was my mistake'
Do not defend me
Do not worry about me
Do not love me
Do not think of me.

You are not my enemy
But even less my friend
I will fight to the death
With a T upon my forehead
You have demonstrated your alliance
I want nothing of you but can only pray for you
You have not betrayed me but God
Stop acting like you're righteous
As if you were as wise as Solomon.

It is now clear upon my mind
I am a servant of Heaven
And you a dog that just eats bread crumbs.
Louis Arevat Dec 2019
They call me by many names
I have been around a long time
My brethren are not of your race
I walk among uncouth perishable gods
They turn their countenance from my eyes.

Symbols I witness
I hoped for their patterns to disappear
Now they feed my insanity
Placed by city hall to the
Accuracy of a watch
Wherever I roam enemies lurk.

I am so old I forgot who I was
Famous in war
Not quite
Divine cords until they unleashed what
Is within the marrow of my bones
I am a sacrifice within foreign walls
Detached I fly across the night
I am a Scorpion on its journey to become an Eagle
I am swayed by the whims of the Fates
Treachery was afoot on Samhain.

They attempted to make me go crazy
I laugh at their feeble ways
My resting place is only Valhalla
To initiate my odyssey
I danced and sang to God
To purify my soul
I stood barren before my Master
Learning that these gods are profane blockheads
I hasten this poem to its end
I wait anxiously for JC to die on the cross
Hearing fireworks sounding like popcorn.
Louis Arevat Dec 2019
When it is night I can be me
No more judgement from God
At last it is three
After sunset only the Moon
She does not care what I do
She rejoices so I am free!

My mind can wander through dreams
Through caverns and deserts
Through mortal's minds
This is war
Let the melodies hypnotize
I have no more faculty
Weapons they have
Armor I do not need
This is not the time of the light.

The Sun has gone down
For now fellow comrades of the creed
Feed as you please
Let the wolf be unleashed
How I adore this blesseth time
Shades from left to right
Vampires thirsting for blood
Alas, how the saints pray
For you to not take heed
Their dogs bark
Their flies talk.

If it is only one soul
They eat
It is enough to sate

This is no game
Fear is for the weak
This is warfare
No SOBs left alive
All POWs must die
Smell the flesh
Attack ! Attack ! Attack !
Before our Master ceases to be.
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