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Tsunami Sep 15
The creak of a door,
A sliver of light
Slips and illuminates the evergreen tops.

A sigh of relief echoes between our two walls.
I hear the flick of a lighter.
An orange glow appears.
Floating about an arms length away from a dark shadow mostly hidden
behind the evergreens i always complain of.

We end up mimicking each others actions
Swimmers in a line,
Diving in at the same time.
Synchronizing the timing of raising
our separate cigarettes to
our separate lips,

It’s a small solace,
Two strangers, simultaneously trying to **** themselves just a bit quicker
The only form of intimacy we know at this point in life.

Ash, take a drag, ash, take a drag
Rinse and repeat
The wash cycle is almost over
We puff away together
Until one of us tires or hits the ****.

I once again, hear;
The creak of a door,
A sliver of light illuminates the tight knit needles.
I hear a gentle slam,
In his own way, a goodnight
we have an intimacy no one can mimic
A B Faniki May 12
I lie, awake listening to the rain and wind;
Playing music on my roof, the melody is as
Enchanting as a siren songs.

The sky is blue, the trees are dancing in the rain;
Waving their leaves while the rain-maker cheer them
On with lightning and thunder.

Is the rainy season, my roof and the road to my
House will have a shower: they will look as clean
As the cloud that wander aimlessly on a sunny day.

I can smell the season in the air, as the rains pours
Down; what a delightful smell; it fills my heart with
Joy like the seas are filled with water.

I too must join the trees in their rain dance, for
This season is the season of life and wild flower.
This poem is about the raining season which bring earth alive whenever it start.
We are saving water,
We are saving paper,
We are saving trees,
Why the **** no one is trying to save me?
I read it somewhere that "We all have to do our bit of saving and in the end, if we drown at least we would know that we died while trying."
Crystal Freda Feb 11
Blue, vibrant skies
over colors so divine.
Making them so bright
that they shine.

Paved bridges
take you to this escape.
Making you feel warm inside
that make you feel safe.

Every color
bleeding on your eyes.
Making everything beautiful
with those blue, vibrant skies.
Crystal Freda Nov 2018
Her eyes pressed on all
the colors, textures, and dyes.
The motifs of the trees
glistens as the wind flies.

The blowing causes
a cough in her throat
as she tightens the sash
of her lined, tan coat.

She stands amazed
by the tinges of the lake.
The ripples propel swiftly
causing the bridge to shake.

She glazes at her reflection
in the waves as she walks away.
Still intrigued by blossoming
coloration of this display.
Alexander Nov 2017
How cruel is it for God to give me wings.
Amongst all the other petty things?
And still bind me to the Earth,
Avoiding my death, same as my birth.

Three times I fell,
Three times I broke into hell.
A fourth one there shall not be.
No more, will the night listen to my plea.

As heavy rains poured from the stars,
I swore that this world would be ours.
My lies were too well glazed.
You left my insides completely razed.

These lungs can’t hold any more water.
My blood boils, and it’s only getting hotter.
Ice can hold only so much,
My soul is also, such.
The trees dance to your madness!*

Dancing, dancing, dancing.
Crashing, falling and collapsing.
They dance to*  **your madness.
This is simply part three of my Storm collection. I just really like relating human reactions to other natural forms. Kindly follow me/share my works for more. :)
Phoebe Hynes Dec 2015
I love the way rain looks when it melts the pavement into glass.
All the trees and lights cast back the tangled road.
Looking out the window during a storm
and bringing your eyes from the street
to the window,
all the water droplets move along to their own rhythm like land *****, ending up a puddle in a stage of full maturity.
Reyna Nov 2014
Even though you’d search six feet under the ground
It’s never deeper than this hole in my heart
You can’t patch this up with stumbling apologies
And misguided avalanche of cracked voice

Where in the forests
You can read the words I etched in every trees you’d walk in
And you’d wonder if ever it’s meant for you
But then I know you’d figure it out, I know you’ll know
It’s meant for you and you alone

You can’t drown yourself on the ocean by falling in
Just because I jump through it like a winged mermaid
They said I could finally breathe after having to swim
But when you told me, “Stay”
Everything went high tide again

So, would you wait for me by the shore?
While I’m away in the vast depth of the ocean
Cascading in the midst of storm every time you try to be my achor
Sailing across the unbeknownst ?

Would you tell me how you loved the whispers and hushes
Of the wind that runs a distant rhythm and the leaves that stutter together?
Wold you go to the north and west where dense forest lie in a valley with mountains
Full of birds mimicking the way you sound when you said my name?
i **** at making titles, really.

— The End —